It’s Almost Time to Start Packing!


As you make up your lists of what to bring to Zephyr Point for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat, one of the MAIN things will be your “CHILL” factor. We ALL have endured and dealt with many, many things over the past year or so. When I get on the road and leave my home for a trip of any kind I do these two things: I pray for travel “mercies” and then I open two windows all the way. I pull my issues, whatever they are, off of one shoulder and then the other and throw them OUT the window! Yell whatever you like to them as they fly past you and are OUT of your life!

So that out of the way, LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!

Awww… this is a chillin’ picture. I know it’s older by a few years (there’s snow on the mountain tops) but a good focus picture none the less.

Whether you are in a Workshop or Open Studio, don’t forget to bring a little project that needs finishing.

I brought this small one (small equals faster finishing and feeling GOOD ’cause you finished something!). a few seasons back. I had drawn a blank as to where to go in this project next. I threw some random stuff into my sewing bag that might work.

I like what I came up with in some quiet moments. Just the feel of fabric, needle and thread in my hand, and “stuff” to work with awww…I”m in my Happy Place. Please notice my paper clip flower petals (yes, from Staples that I reshaped.).

No words needed.

Maybe you will see a fabulous sunset view just like this when you are here at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat coming Sept. 6th-10th.

Time to start thinking about what you are bringing. Don’t forget to bring some Show and Tell! See you soon. Hugs, Heidi

5 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time to Start Packing!

  1. Remember your sewing machine extension table – I forgot once and was sad. 😦
    Also, a comfy, adjustable height office chair if you have room to bring it. It will put you at a more comfortable height for sewing.
    Can’t wait to meet new and long-time friends at Zephyr!

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