Look at This! Stencil Sensations Coming to Tahoe!

by HEIDI EMMETT Welcome everyone! Before I get started on my stencil segment, a little housekeeping. If you haven’t made your final payment for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat 2021, we need it ASAP. Thank you. Contact your teacher if you have any questions.

I was just at Lake Tahoe. It’s down about 3 1/2 ft. and affords amazing view of rocks.

Patty Park will be at Our Artistic Alchemy Retreat in September (Open Studio), and something new–bringing stencils with her.  Patty has been lamenting about the restrictive nature of commercial stencils for years. After some research, she purchased a Scan and Cut CM350 by Brother in 2018, and hasn’t looked back.  With the ScanNCut, stencils can be created, modified, re-sized and cut from any size up to 12″ X 24”.  Patty searched out Vendors from far and wide. India, Japan, New York, and Uzbekistan to name a few. With commercial-use permission, Patty is able to re-work, re-size almost any design for the perfect stencil for clothing and home decor.  There will be samples on display and a hands-on demo.  These designs are ALL LIMITED STOCK right now. Patty has binders filled with great stencils in various sizes for you to choose.  Everything from Contemporary to Art Deco, Asian, Word Fonts, Abstract Shapes, and beyond. Let’s take a look at some of them.  

These are the “masks” from the stencil below. Isn’t that cool! AND they are both included in the stencil package. I don’t know of any stencils available today that include masks.

Patty said “home decor.” Oh my gosh, How about pillows, edges on drapes, orrr…. a border on a linen tablecloth. In the corner of a linen dinner napkin. Acckkk…so MANY ideas…!

I’ve started some projects using Patty’s stencils. Calling this “Bubbles.” It is a prototype made with orange card stock.

Bring some of your favorite “paints and supplies” to the retreat and fabric too, so you can try out your newly purchased stencils.

After a little embroidery/hand quilting, I’m turning my “Bubbles” into a Sparky Top (one of my “Art to Wear patterns”).

Sparky Top “Art to Wear” sewing pattern will be available in my “store” at the Artistic Alchemy retreat.

Getting started using one of Patty’s custom made stencils. I’m layering the color on with Paintsticks. I am really enjoying using Paintsticks as the designs created with them remain soft and pliable (they almost look printed).

Enjoying some “slow stitching” out on the deck of our cabin at Zephyr Point. Turning this piece into a tote bag. I will bring it to the retreat.

Enjoy one of my latest sunset shots. Taken from the deck of Cabin 8, Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. June 20, 2021, 8:25p.m.

Can’t wait to see you all September 6-10th, for our Artistic Alchemy Retreat, 2021. Hugs, Heidi

Kaffe and Kaffe and MORE Kaffe Fassett!


Welcome to my blog post this week. Our Fantastic Artistic Alchemy retreat is still many months away and because of that, time is on our side for a “BEST EVER” event at Zephyr.

HUGE news up at the Zephyr Conference Center is the arrival of Chef Aaron! Laura(head of conferences) told me that their very first group for the 2021 season has had a fabulous week at Zephyr and go home today, April 16th. Two of the BEST things for this group was A. They actually all met and had a super time (a very large quilting group by the way) and B. Chef Aaron fixed fabulous food. Healthful and quality choices all around. Whoo hoo! I put in a word for all of us from our past experiences with the food that Chef Aaron is a very welcome addition.

Moving forward, lets all spend some time with Kaffe Fassett. Read on. And SIGN UP TODAY! And tell your friends too.

To sign up go to this link.

I “upcycled” this Coach bag 5 years ago. It had sad looking split leather on the bottom so I covered it with Kaffe fabric.
Using my Whisper Blouse pattern, I used ALL Kaffe striped fabrics for this one.
The back piece is a double needled topstitched Kaffe stripe with little squares attached here and there.
Here is the pattern cover for Whisper Blouse. Please visit my Etsy shop to see more of my Art to Wear patterns. My moniker for Etsy is: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns
And there I am with the man himself. Yes, I was a “groupie” wearing his fabric. I loved what he said to me. He signed my book, looked up and said, “My someone really likes my stripes.”
I could never wear this apron when it was finished. I don’t know why. Maybe a little over the top with the flower and all. So I sold it. Someone was very happy to purchase it I was told(I sold it at our local quilt show). Another Kaffe groupie perhaps.
A close up of the double needled Kaffe fabric and a cute little “Mini” Tuffett pincushion all in Kaffe stripes. It has adorable glass feet aka small drawer pulls.
A portion of my Kaffe (WOW I really have a love of his stripes don’t I) “Rods and Reels” pillow.
I made these pillows as a project for the now defunct “Stitches” magazine. The jean pocket is the back of the pillow.
Getting ready to make some fiber jewelry with this Kaffe fabric that’s called “Shirtings.”

I will be planting my vegetable garden this weekend. This is the first time EVER that I am planting before Mother’s Day. The weather has been mighty fine of late, perfect for digging in the dirt. The creative project above will be on pause until I get the veggies and the flowers all planted. Until next time, Hugs, Heidi

So What Are We Thinking Regarding, “Break out Sessions?”


Hello everyone. While I am taking a break from teaching a “workshop” this upcoming Artistic Alchemy Retreat, I really want to teach techniques in “breakout sessions” during the evenings. Here are some of our thoughts on them so far:

It looks like Jane will teach one (she’ll talk about it at some point), Sandra said not this year, and Heidi, possibly one a night starting Tuesday evening.

  1. We have decided they will be about 1-1 1/2 hours long.
  2. They will be hand work only (maybe some stitching by machine that can be done later).
  3. Each session will come with a (mostly) complete kit to work with.
  4. Basic sewing supplies as in, scissors, pins, thimble, etc. you would bring to the session.
  5. 10 kits for each session more than likely, a more doable size of class for all concerned.
  6. Bring your favorite refreshment and sit, sip, and stitch!
  7. Pricing/signups, all the little details will be posted probably in June maybe even July.
  8. The following pictures are IDEAS that I am THINKING ABOUT. That’s all. Just IDEAS.
You can most certainly bring your latest knitting or crocheting project to do on your own time. I think this lady and/or gentleman got a little carried away with their project.Ha, ha. It’s really the cutest picture and I had to include it (found it on pinterest).
Let’s make a really unique scarf?
Fiber jewelry maybe.
More fiber jewelry.
Fiber jewelry with a mixture of WHAT??? Rubber tire innertubes.
Ribbon yarn, ya gotta love it for fiber jewelry.
Hmmm…Fiber jewelry with beads, wire, and ribbon yarn.
This is a possibility, but wait those are machine stitched. Keeping it as a possible, thinking, I’m thinking.
This is a possibility from my book. My book is called “Fashion Quilted Accessories” Hmmm…again, there is that machine stitching.
Orrr….I can show you what I do with tiny fabric pieces. This one could really work!
The colors are so vibrant in this picture, I just had to include it. These are all Kaffe Fassett stripes. Hmmm…I could include a piece of double needle stitched fabric in the kit and do some handwork on the little squares to hold in place. Thinking, thinking……
I have a really super technique to create these fabric twisted pieces. These are bracelets.

Do you see my dilemma? Soooo MANY IDEAS. In the coming few months I will be testing them all out and others too. My motto in picking them out is: “Make it up, make it fun, and get it done! Hugs, Heidi


by Heidi Emmett

Welcome everyone! First a quick update on Artistic Alchemy Retreat, September 6-10th, 2021. We are on track to have our retreat as scheduled. Wont it be so fabulous to see each other IN PERSON! So a reminder that we “GO LIVE” on February 5th where you will get all the latest, greatest information on what’s coming for ARTISTIC ALCHEMY RETREAT 2021!

In the meantime, this is my week to chat about Designs by Heidi and what I’m up to.

Some New Zephyr Jackets and I want to Show Them Off!


Hello everyone. It has been a quiet teaching time these past months and months (as it has been for all of us in the teaching world) But many, Jane being the first of our group have been quietly creating a new niche market for themselves. Everything ONLINE! Classes, lectures, etc. Sandra has just finished creating her class too. Go to CourseCraft.com to see Jane and Sandra’s classes that are available NOW! Mine is started but you wont see the finished product until the first of the new year.

A quick word about Artistic Alchemy 2021. We on track for our Retreat at Lake Tahoe for September 6-10th, 2021. I have been in touch with Zephyr Point Conference Center and they want to be completely up and running in April, 2021. We will keep the faith.

As you know, I am the “Art to Wear” instructor for Artistic Alchemy. I want to get right to it this week. My Zephyr Jacket “Art to Wear” sewing pattern is the perfect topper for where YOU live.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201201_152158-e1606957057993.jpg
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! my newest Zephyr Jacket. I finally got with the program and have pulled out my “Kantha” cloth. It was time to cut them up. This was an inexpensive “printed” not pieced, bed topper.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201202_135441.jpg
A close up of a section of this “kantha” cloth. Kantha cloth is usually made in India. Know in advance that it is made of thinner cottons, two pieces and then hand stitched together with a thicker cotton thread (short staple cotton that shreds).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201202_135507.jpg
This is the back side of this particular Kantha cloth. It is a solid black.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201201_160021-e1606957584137.jpg
I like the wool (yes, I mix cotton and wool often) flat trim on the shoulders with a small piping that I added on either side of the plain wool trim.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201201_152257.jpg
I added pockets on this Zephyr Jacket. you can barely see them as the fabric is a little busy.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201129_150820.jpg
A better view of what the Kantha cloth looks like. Whoops, uhh…my pocket is NOT straight. I looked at it and asked myself if it would be worth taking it apart and re-make it. Nope. It would take too much time and I put it on the jacket and voila’ it blends right in. Crisis averted.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201129_150809.jpg
I wanted BIG pockets! To make these I put the Kantha and a lining right sides together, stitched all the way around leaving about a 2″ opening. Turn inside out, stitched opening closed and topstitched onto the jacket.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0076.jpg
My Zephyr Jacket pattern. Contact me at my email: hmemmett@gmail.com and hear about purchasing directly from me. ORRR….go to my Etsy shop and see all “Art To Wear” patterns. Etsy shop name: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0074.jpg
Purchase my patterns from me by contacting me at hmemmett@gmail.com OR from my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0521-e1606962216479.jpg
Zephyr Jacket can be layered (like a Bell sleeved sweater underneath), or made in a heavier weight fabric for added warmth. Yep, an older picture with me in braces! Glad I did it, but EXTRA GLAD it’s over. Ha, ha.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0519-e1606962362980.jpg
I like how it flutters to a longer length in back. This is the jacket pictured on the pattern back (that picture is really soft in color). The main body is a Kaffe Fassett fabric called “Turkish Delight.” They just brought it back and in some new colorways. Check your local quilt shop. The front pieces are made from a silk piece (o.k., o.k., I found a brand new pair of silk pants at the Thrift shop).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0508-e1606962453110.jpg
The quilting cotton weight is perfect for warmer days and evenings.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0015.jpg
Shoulder work on the Kaffe Zephyr Jacket. I explain it all in the instruction section.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0156.jpg
The body of this Zephyr Jacket is a heavier cotton/linen blend. An unusual netted “scuba fabric” was placed over the top of a turquoise green cotton and treated as one piece of fabric.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0157.jpg
I added length to this Zephyr Jacket by splitting the tissue pattern pieces across horizontally and added the same amount on each piece.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0159.jpg
Check out all the stitching I did on the back (and some on the front too). I used orange quilting thread. It is a running stitch BUT I cheated! I used my Sashiko machine. More about it below.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0165.jpg
The Sashiko Machine is a very COOL TOOL! It is made by Baby Lock. It makes the BEST “Shashiko” stitch (running stitch that looks hand done) and you can use different weights of thread. Sadly, it is a big and bulky machine (weighs close to 35 pounds).On the left side I added little tied pieces of floss on top of the scuba netting.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201002_111231.jpg
The body of this Zephyr Jacket is another Kaffe Fassett fabric. I like how the fronts fold back just a little to reveal a different parasol fabric.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201002_111502.jpg
I mixed silk and cotton and a rayon (the black background parasols) for a unique late summer top The solid aqua green silk came from a silk skirt . On the upper postion of the Zephyr jacket front I have a dragonfly pin.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20200611_120240-1.jpg
This dragonfly pin was a really fun find. I tried and tried to find a company name for you all but to no avail. My pin landed on a beautiful hand embroidered fiber/bead necklace. This necklace was my very first purchase on Etsy some 10 years ago from a shop in Australia. I’d give you her shop name in a flash but she took it down. Sooo sad.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1600f171bab006f2f61db21105290783.jpg
I leave you with this quote. Let’s all follow it. Hugs and much creative energy to you, Heidi

It’s Time to Take a Break!


Acckk.. I wouldn’t have to hear the bang, bang, beep , beep, beep(equipment going backwards. Don’t they EVER go forward?), the LOUD (and sometimes quite vulgar)talking and noise (they call it rap), and the smells (toxic paint products, instant headache, asphalt). For 32 years we have enjoyed an empty field on one whole side of our property. Well, not anymore. Of course the home being built “feels” like it is right on our property line, but it is very large. I needed to get away! NOW!

With the shutdowns here in CA we ventured to our favorite place (that’s only 2 hours away), Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada side. Nevada has lifted or at least really softened their restrictions. O.K. enough of all that, let’s go relax.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_130304.jpg
Our first full day, we drove up to Sand Harbor ( the most pristine and building free shoreline is the entire Eastern shore which is all in Nevada) and walked the new trail that stretches from Sand Harbor, 3 miles to Incline Village.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_130845.jpg
I am not faking the color of the water! I take all my pictures now on my “Google Pixel” phone. Best camera on the market right now.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_131857.jpg
This trail is wide and mostly level. We saw bicycles, people jogging, walking, and of course lots of “puppskies!” It was a doggie fashion show. We lost track of the different breeds. Wish we could have brought Mr. Riley. Believe me, he was “Living the life of Riley” at doggie day/night care. BUT, we have plans to do a day trip back to this trail (before the snow starts to fly) so we can show off our dog too.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_130304.jpg
Every vista is a treasure.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_134926.jpg
There is a spot on the trail that goes under the highway and goes up and up so the vistas become higher and broader.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_143113.jpg
A gust of wind across the water adds sparkling diamonds to the view.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_135703.jpg
All to soon the trail was reaching its end with the docks coming into view (this is the beginning of Incline Village). 3 miles one way. But WAIT. It’s all good because we just turned around and saw new vistas as we made our way back to Sand Harbor. 2 hours it took us to walk almost 6 miles. There were many many stops along the way.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201017_121422.jpg
Look closely. That’s my husband on board “The Professor.” And Captain Andy is at the helm. Robert’s going fishing! They are zipping along to find the Minnow traps that Andrew uses for bait. Live bait to a depth of 200+ feet. Robert texted me later that he caught the first fish. It was his only fish. 18″+ and a Mackinaw (native to Lake Tahoe). Captain Andy said the deep water fish and the clear water make for very tasty fish. There were a total of 5 people fishing + the captain.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201017_120047.jpg
After Robert went flying by the lower deck of our cabin I grabbed my “handwork” and went to the upstairs deck for some sunshine. First time EVER that I didn’t bring a machine of some type (sewing, felting, Serger,etc.). And not the usual 5 bags of paraphernalia to go with the machines. I brought one small bag of books/magazines and one bag of handwork projects. Perfect.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_205528.jpg
I almost took this scarf back to the Thriftshop (in a bag with other stuff to go to the TS). How boring I thought, it’s off white. J.Crew, super soft wool (no tag, but thinking baby Alpaca) and I like the crinkly look. Perfect for using some of my expensive threads that are ombre’ dyed. The running stitch was the “mindless” choice. And the crinkly fabric just adds to my wonky stitch work.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201016_205505.jpg
I am also using a tapestry needle for ease of going through the wool and the giant eye (for ease of threading). Ha, ha.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201017_132436.jpg
Check out this super old poster that hangs on the back of a door in our Cabin #8. Now scroll down one picture to see the same view today.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201017_150011.jpg
O.K. I really need to move to the right a bit. But if I did that I would be on a giant boulder that is now surrounded by shrubs and a couple of shorter deciduous trees and would I wouldn’t get the shot. Isn’t this a great Fall look? A couple of Aspens add the finishing touch.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_142942.jpg
On one of the 3+ walks a day. We’re on the dock at the private beach at Zephyr Point. Very few were braving the water (as in no one on this day). Brrrrr….
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_142417.jpg
Can you even believe the color of this water? It’s about 8 feet deep and I took it on the other side of the same dock . There are only rocks and sand at the bottom.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_143504.jpg
Walking up “Robin’s flight.” Only a gazillion steps (or so it seems at 6,300ft.) Blue salvia? Maybe?
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_143437.jpg
This one I know, California Poppy.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201017_154457.jpg
Project # 2. I wanted to make another pair of fingerless mitts(just like the ones I’m wearing). I chose yarn by Plymouth Yarns called, “Gina.” It is 100% wool. Lovely to work with. I chose to crochet (again, a mindless, project) using single crochet throughout. Ombre’ yarn is my favorite (ombre’ yarn in the mitts above (that yarn is by Noro). I guess it’s the lazy way to change colors. No make that the SMART way.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_153246-1.jpg
Awww….sitting outside on the deck with glorious weather and doing my mindless crocheting and listening to the gentle lapping of the water against the rocks.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20201019_153007-1.jpg
It just doesn’t get any better than this. So happy, happy, happy. I will trust that you will have a chance to get away from it all even if it’s only a walk. Breathe deeply, the clean air, and take the time to count your blessings. Hugs, Heidi

A “Kaffe Fassett Extravaganza” Trunk Show in Santa Cruz, CA

by Heidi Emmett  

Before I tell you about this fun trip, a word about The Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Zephyr Point from Sept. 7th-11th. I have been in contact with The conference center and while no one knows the future, we are VERY HOPEFUL to be able to have our retreat in September as planned. There is still room in all the workshops. By Sept. we will all need a BIG break and I can’t think of a better place to be than Lake Tahoe, with all our “stitching” friends. Going forward, whoever is posting for that week will keep you updated on the Artistic Alchemy Retreat-September 7th -11th, 2020.

I have a trunk show. It’s part of the repertoire of Designs by Heidi. It is called “A Kaffe Fassett Extravaganza!” I created it to do with my friend Christine Barnes. This past March 7th-10th we traveled to The Santa Cruz area of California to give this trunk show. The drive down was very rainy (which was good actually as we have had no measurable rain the entire month of February). We arrived in Capitola around 3p.m. Our hostess felt we needed a walk right away.She was right. The rain had stopped. Let’s go to the beach! The following pictures aren’t in any order. But can be enjoyed regardless.

A great view of the town of Capitola. The Capitola pier in the upper left. I forget what they call the row of colorful cottages.  But they a cheerful addition to the town.
Our hostess and her dog, Kahuna. Christine is to her right. You can barely see some hills straight ahead across the water. That is Monterrey.

A small walking alley going toward the beach. Sew festive and fun.

One of the colorful “row of cottages.” This one is on the end with an unobstructed beach view. I was told that it was for sale and snapped up by Oprah Winfrey for $4+ million.
We are crossing a bridge that goes over a river that empties into the ocean.
On the beach walk, there is a short sitting wall that faces the beach. It is lined with hundreds and hundreds of tiles that were all created by the villagers. I love, the umbrellas, some open, some closed.
We were a great walking group. Starting on the left: Linda (Christine’s sister-in-law)holding her dog Buddy, Christine, me, Lori (co-hostess of our grand time in Capitola), and our hostess Pat with Kahuna.
I made Lori put her hand near one of the Hen’s & Chicks succulents. I have never EVER seen these so extraordinarily LARGE!!
I did not have to get very close for my close up shot. Ha, ha. I think the shades of green are so yummy.
One of many murals that line the streets we walked. All graffiti free! This one is especially sweet and so well done.
There is some major erosion happening to the cliffs in the area (top left). Hence all the boulders below. Pat said it has been happening for the last 50 years or so. What was once a highway that followed the cliff edge has since narrowed to a foot path where 2 can barely walk side by side. Front yards (tiny ones)  come right up to the path.
A few more tiles to enjoy.
I just noticed the glass tile borders above and below the tiles. The seaweed tile (lower left) would make GREAT fabric. So would the umbrellas. I’m always looking at things as possible design ideas.

Christine taught a quilting workshop the day before our Trunk Show. It was based on her “Swizzle Stick” pattern. Her teaching quilt is above all the fabrics that this industrious student was auditioning for blocks. Check out Christine’s pattern here.
A few of Christine’s student work. Really lovely.  Swizzle Sticks, a pattern by Christine Barnes. I enjoyed being her “assistant” in the workshop.
A beautiful colorway with this block. The more I look at these blocks the more I see myself doing some on a vest, ohh how about Off The Grid? Heidi is thinking, thinking.
This block decided to angle itself differently. I like it. I like the colors/prints that were used as well.
Oh MY!! This student wore her “Persian Poppies” vest (vest pattern designed by Kaffe Fassett). Her mother knit it for her and if I’m not mistaken, made 6 more for other family members. Gorgeous colors. The night we gave our Trunk show, I had her stand up so the audience could see another Kaffe sweater.

This was one of Kaffe’s first books. It was printed in 1985. Find copies of this book on Ebay or maybe an Etsy shop.  Knitted pieces that Kaffe created are what I talk about in our trunk show. I also bring some of my own pieces to show that I have collected over the years.
The back cover shows the Persian Poppy vest that the student had. Kaffe is known to use 40-60 different colors in a sweater or vest or coat.
On the morning of our Trunk Show we are both seen wearing our own Kaffe Fassett sweaters. These were purchased from a company called Peruvian Connection. Kaffe and P.C. began a wonderful collaboration on knitted garments starting in 2002. Kaffe designed the sweaters and Peruvian connection hired Peruvian ladies to HAND KNIT each sweater. Any Kaffe sweater from Peruvian Connection is either made out of Alpaca or Pima cotton.
Kaffe also loves mosaics of any kind. At Gayle’s Bakery (41 years it has been in the same location) Gayle created all the mosaic tables. Don’t they remind you of a fabric or garment that Kaffe might have designed?These tables are treasures indeed.

And how about this wall mosaic behind the counter at Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola, CA Scroll back up to the picture of the two of us wearing our Kaffe sweaters and you will see this mosaic behind us and more mosaics at the ordering counter.
And this fabulous market painting! The colors and design elements. C’est Magnifique!
The French women are doing their daily shopping. Don’t anyone dare splash 1/2 and 1/2 on this piece!
This is just one of case after case of tres bon! pastries. All a feast for the eyes and taste buds.
I snapped a shot right after one of the cakes with the rose on top was sold. At least I got a picture of this one.
A close up of the funnest, bestest, valance treatment I’ve ever seen. Gayle made these using vintage table cloths. There is a lot of math(to get the proportions just right) in each of these treatments that are around the store. The plates above  the valance treatments are the finishing touch.

Even the cafe’ chairs are European and really comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your food. Oh, and the fireplace is in the next dining area. There is dining all around.
More succulents abound right outside the door. Such a cheerful yellow.
I bought this the morning we left for home. I made it last for 4 days. My husband wants me to get in touch with the bakery and see if they mail. He’s ready (and so am I) for more.
I like this picture. Pat’s dog is such a cutie pie. All of 12 pounds I think. Very nicely mannered and knows his commands. Of course he is 10 years old. THAT REALLY HELPS. And now you can see the back of my “Kilim” sweater designed by Kaffe Fassett.

Home again and I am trying to recreate the same lovely gentle walking with my dog, Riley. I am wearing a vest (called a jumper in England) that uses the pattern on the front cover of the book (Pictured above) called Glorious Knits. The pattern is called, “Outlined Stars.”
Acccccckkkk!…… Riley wants to go HIS way, NOT mine! Please note, this is NOT really happening. I am exaggerating for a fun picture. Riley is wearing what is called a “gentle lead” around his muzzle to help with training. There ARE times when Riley catches a scent and ALL bets are off! He is so much better though. The new commands are “Leave It!”and “Watch Me!”  They really work!

Take care everyone! Prayers going up for this great country we live in, and all the people  and beyond our shores.  We will all get through this surreal time. I’m sheltering in place in my happy place, my attic studio. Hugs, Heidi

Part of My Workshop Includes – UPCYCLING. Today, Let’s Upcycle a Skirt!

by Heidi Emmett:

Upcycling is SO FUN!! If you have been hesitant to get on board with it, today I’m going to show you a great project you could start with. First we need some inspiration.

Found this on Pinterest. I LOVE the way a beautiful dressy lace was paired with denim.

For me, Going to the Thrift shop is all about the fabric. I often buy a garment JUST for the fabric. This silk printed fabric is so great next to the denim in this skirt. Notice the top stitching on the denim and how it brings the fabric and denim together.

I like how this is a wrap skirt with interesting features on the front of the skirt.

THIS IS THE ONE! My skirt is so small that opening it up and adding pieces here and there like this skirt will make mine a perfect wrap skirt.

My thrifted skirt was so small but I loved the embroidery and the ragged hem, (the embroidery is the reason I purchased it, I new it would NEVER fit me as is.

The embroidery is machine done, but great colors and design.
O.K., snip, snip, snip! I cut it open all the way at the side seam opposite the embroidery.
Don’t forget to check out my cool slip on canvas tennis shoes. OF COURSE they are leopard. Remember, I said that Leopard is hot, HOT this season (in my humble opinion, Leopard anything is hot in any season).These are by Blowfish.  And so comfy almost right away.
I needed some other pieces to add on. Found this lovely woven piece in my stash. I decided to add a piece of fleece (try The Warm Company, made in the USA)  and a batik to the back of this woven.  And when I had to fish a spool of thread out of my trash bag, I found this perfectly colored piece of wool yarn.
I quilted my fabric “sandwich” together with different colored threads in an up and back motion that would show off the pattern of the fabric.
Arranging “stuff” to see if I can use some, all, or none. This is the fun part. Not sure about what you might pick out. “Test” them out as I did, by placing everything on the background of the starting skirt. Take a few pictures and look at your items objectively, through a camera lens.
Oh yes, I want this yarn and felt it down with my machine felter (mine is a Husky Star by Huskavarna). Check my past posts on “Fun Felting” to learn more.
It’s perfect.
The back side of this felted yarn is  pretty too.

It’s getting close to being finished. Think about which side you will add your quilted fabric piece to. How wide does it really need to be,and  how much of a wrap do you want? Maybe you will want to add more pieces than just the one as I did? All questions that will need answering and remember, it’s never wrong. Add something to it or cut it off and start again. I LOVE upcycling.
Check out my off-centered (ON PURPOSE, to reduce bulk, and I like how it looks) upcycled skirt. It is truly one-of-a-kind, just the way my clothing needs to be.
Maybe, I might add something else to this skirt. But right now it’s perfect as is.
Isn’t this fun! I am pairing this skirt with a red turtleneck, dark gray leggings, and my cool leopard tennies.

Upcycling is so freeing. As I said, you can do nothing wrong. I teach the upcycling portion of my workshop at the Artistic Alchemy retreat, on the first day. It’s a great warming up exercise to get your brain to start thinking outside the box and get you ready to work on one of my “ART TO WEAR” patterns later in the week. Please visit my Etsy store: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns, to get an idea of the sewing patterns I sell. Next years Artistic Alchemy Retreat is Sept. 7-11th. It’s not too early to be thinking about it. All the information for our 2020 retreat comes out the beginning of February.

Fall at Pope Beach at South Shore Lake Tahoe, Oct. 2017. Notice how faaaarrrr out you can see the beach. It was the height of our drought. This year, same color in the trees, but the water comes all the way up now, within a foot or two of the railing.
An Aspen tree at waters’ edge of Zephyr Point Conference Center.
A storm is moving in to Zephyr Point in October. Foaming spray and big white caps.
Color trees are everywhere on the grounds of Zephyr Point. It is a great place to visit any time of the year (they do keep all roads on the grounds plowed when it snows), but fall is my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by and maybe check out your favorite Thrift shop this week (I love thrifting because your money goes to so many different great causes) and you find FABULOUS STUFF!! It’s a win, win!

I leave you with a quote: Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. Hugs, Heidi

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NO POWER= NO Internet, landline phone, cellphone, t.v., nothing!!

By HEIDI EMMETT    Yes, I was one of the 800,000 P.G. & E. (Pacific Gas and Electric) customers to get power cut off because of high winds and fire danger.

All the above is back up and running.  I am so far behind  that I am dropping in some cool pictures from Pinterest instead of a normal post. I’m just loving my Fall Upcycling projects! I did not make these particular projects but I certainly want to. Enjoy!

Until next Friday then…… Hugs, Heidi

Driving into downtown Nevada City, California on Monday, Oct. 7th, 2019, 5:00p.m.

Driving over one of the (3) bridges in Downtown Downieville, CA, 12:30p.m.,10/7/19. Beautiful day for a drive.