Everyone loves their Pets

This is Jane Haworth and it seems like these days I have been making many pet face quilts. This year I have been teaching at more guilds in Northern California and my latest and most requested class is Pet Portraits. I started by teaching Faces as I was intrigued by how to recreate a human face in fabric collage but doing this is tricky. It is more fun for students to work from their own photos of their own pets.

poppy full

Poppy the Black Lab

This quilt I recently made for my veterinarian friend who wanted to hang it in the lobby area of her animal clinic. When I make a quilt like this I usually use a plain background so the details in the pets face are  not lost in what is happening around it. This green hand dyed fabric is perfect as it looks like Poppy is surrounded by grass.

Original Bulldog photo

From this one photo I have gone on to explore a variety of ways this image can be made in realistic colors and fanciful color ways.

So however you wish to make your pet portrait there are really no rules and as I tell my students as they work outside their comfort zones is “that nothing is wrong in quilting!”

So if all these images make you think I would like to try that and have a great photogenic pet that would make a great subject to work on in fabric, sign up for the Artistic Alchemy retreat in September. I do have some spaces left in my class and these 4 days will give you plenty of time to embrace the technique, work out of your comfort zone and be creative. By surrounding ourselves with the beauty of Lake Tahoe and other creatives how can we not be rejuvenated and productive at the same time. So look under workshops Jane Haworth for details. I know some students already have photos prepped to work on Pet portraits. Also look up my website Jane Haworth for more details of my work.


This is an example of a students cat she made in my class in San Rafael.

The deadline to sign up for the Artistic Alchemy retreat is June 30th.  I am happy for you to share this page and encourage all your friends to join you.

Flyin’ On a Jet Plane to Portland, Oregon, for QUILT MARKET!

Hello everyone! When you read this I will already be in Portland getting ready for….

a book signing party at the E.E. Schenck booth! I was asked to be there to sign copies of Fashion Quilted Accessories, by Heidi Emmett (that’s me!) .  I have to tell you that I never, ever, thought I would be signing books at Quilt Market! It is held twice yearly for shop owners. It is a REALLY  BIG DEAL! People and businesses come from all over the world! It is AMAZING, BUSY, OVERWHELMING, and FUN! I’ll keep you posted  via Instagram and then tell you more via a post. 

Also, more news, Sparky Top is finished! Taa Daa! The tissue pieces arrived this past week. So, Sparky Top is also ready to show at Quilt Market. It too will be in the E.E. Schenck booth. Schenck is one of my distributors of my patterns and my book.

The week of May 28th, I will get Sparky Top onto Craftsy and into my Etsy store. If you want to purchase it directly from me, that’s fine too. A hard copy from me (all sizes includes  8-6x) will cost $16.00 (includes tax and shipping). Email me at hmemmett@gmail.com.

Perfect top for beginners and super sewists alike. Fast and easy. It is a blank canvas. Make it using all your favorite fabrics, even light weight knits. Here is a close up of the neckline trim and the front fabric (has cute little spiral circles (already sewn on. I did NOT do that myself). 

The one time it’s o.k. to press gathers (in the back) flat! There are so many gathers that the “flat” pressing allows for a smoother finished look.

The front and center back are made from a light weight, re-embroidered mesh  (acts like a knit). 

Some raw-edge stitching for a more decorative look (to cover a seam as I had run out of fabric). 

The next two Sparky Top samples are made from Double gauze scraps from Shannon Fabrics. You might see these on the Shannon Fabrics Blog in the near future. This fabric is a DREAM to sew!


The back shows that I really ran out of double gauze scraps. I found a re-embroidered cotton in my stash and had to add a little ruffle at the bottom because I didn’t have enough length. 

And the linen bits came from a skirt that I bought on the super sale rack at Stein Mart (love that store).  100% linen skirt I washed first to pre-shrink it. 

This is one of the side panels. I had so little to work with so major improve was going on. I could not follow ANY type of grain line, but it just adds to the charm. I would call this Upcycling, indeed. This is one of the things we will be doing in my workshop up at Zephyr. UPCYCLING! Oh yeah, what FUN! There are still a few spaces left in my workshop.

Maybe I’ll see YOU at Zephyr Point this year. I’ll tell you all about my adventures at Quilt Market when I get home. Take care and find a block of time to sew this weekend. It can be so relaxing and we all need some down time. Hugs, Heidi

It Was A Huge Success!

The wearable art pop up sale that I mentioned a few blogs ago was a great success. We had numerous customers from the email list as well as many women who were just passing through the library where it was held. A steady stream of customers all day long resulted in lighter loads on the return trip home.

I was amazed at the quality of workmanship in the art produced by these creative women. There was clothing, jewelry, felted silk scarves, bags and totes. This was the first time I had been exposed to the work of the Roseville group, Sew What. What talented ladies! The wearable art group that I attend is SWAG, Sierra Wearable Art Group. Together we make a great team.

Because it was so successful, we are plannng on a repeat performance sometime in early fall. If you couldn’t make it this last time, please sign up at the email address and get your name on the mailing list.


There were some fantastic stories shared while we were there. Above is a picture of me with Doran, a woman I met while vacationing in Hawaii with my sister last January. Doran and my sister met each other years ago through a mutual friend. Since she lives in Stockton, I thought she might like an invitation to this event. Lo and behold, she arrived with a friend who lives across the street from Heidi!  And then we heard of another seller, who after visiting with one of the customers, realized they were cousins who live in the same neighborhood. Such a small world and a wonderful venue to discover each other. It was just such a delightful day.

Our day as Artistic Alchemy at the Pine Tree Quilt show was another success. We received 5 new sign ups for our Zephyr Retreat. Welcome ladies! We are dwindling down to just a few spaces left in the classes. If you are on the fence, here are some things to consider; there is NOTHING in the creative world as satisfying as being with like minded people. It’s as if you have found your tribe. Your creative juices will be quadrupled by spending time talking and sharing with them. And our show and tell in the evenings will blow your socks off. The weather is beautiful that time of year and the crowds have all gone home for the summer. You will leave with some projects and knowledge you didn’t have before. Perhaps you’re designing something for yourself or just getting ideas for gifts. What a great time to enjoy yourself, make new friends and learn a new technique.

Carry on creatively,



My Process of Making Fabric Collage

Hi    This is JANE HAWORTH  writing this weeks post 

Sometimes coming up with the idea for my next collage quilt is hard but other times I am awash with ideas. Then having enough time is my next problem! A couple of years ago I saw a documentary about giraffes and I was shocked to hear that their numbers are really low and giraffes are on the endangered species list. The BBC documentary was Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants and follows the work of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Giraffe image from Pixabay.com

Giraffe Image

I was inspired and needed to make a giraffe quilt. I found this image on Pixabay which is a copyright free resource for images. I printed it out as a full page and then had to decide how large to make the quilt. This time I wanted it big, and I mean really big. I always get that feeling when I see one of my quilts out in the wild, at a quilt show, that the quilt looked so much bigger at home. So instead of increasing the size by 3 times or 6 times I decided 10 times. I was now making my giraffe image about 90″ x 70″.

Giraffe by Jane Haworth

Giraffe Tongue

My usual method of making my pattern is to draw a grid on newsprint. I drew 10″ squares and then transposed the lines from the 1″ grid that covered my photograph.

I began work on the tongue and that was 12″ long. The fabrics I decided to use for the giraffe included many upholstery and furnishing fabrics, as well as linen, burlap and regular quilting fabrics I had in my stash. I was not thinking about the background at this stage.



Working on a large scale was hard. On my usual worktable the collage would be falling off any chance it had and keeping all my fabrics close had its challenges too. I first completed the head as a single unit and then I tackled the neck, that would lay behind the head and then be glued in place.

Completed giraffe head by Jane Haworth

Completed head laid out onto batting.

Once the giraffe was made I was very happy and had now to figure out the background. I cut a piece of batting to the approximate size of the completed quilt and using my family room floor laid it out with the giraffe in it place. I decided to go with green patterned fabrics that I been setting aside and these included hand-dyed and over-dyed, batiks, African fabrics and other pieces I again found in my stash.

Work in Progress by Jane Haworth

Using the floor space in my family room.

To complete this quilt I made up my backing and taped it down to the floor. Lay the batting over the top, positioned the giraffe it its spot and then lay out my background fabrics. These I cut to size and pieced together as I went making sure they tucked behind the giraffe. Eventually all the batting was covered and I could glue the giraffe in place. I took my iron and pressed it all while it still lay on the floor, finishing with safety pins to hold the three layers together.

IMG_7072Quilting by Jane Haworth

Quilting using my Janome 6500

To quilt all my quilts I use my regular sewing machine and this quilt was hard work I will admit. I think using the heavier upholstery fabrics and burlap made the quilt stiffer, harder to handle, fit under the machine and generally hard on my body. So I do remember working for only a hour or so at a time especially on those tricky parts in the center of the quilt.

Finished by Jane Haworth

Finished quilt at the FQG Show April 2017

My husband decided the giraffe needed to be called Melman after the giraffe in the movie ‘Madagascar’. So the quilt is named ‘Melman, The vulnerable Giraffe’. I decided if I sold the quilt I would donate half the money to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. It was juried into IQF Houston in 2017 but didn’t sell and this summer it will be at Sisters, Oregon for their outdoor quilt show on July 14 2018. So he’s still for sale!

Having explained my process of making a fabric collage art quilt I must say making a smaller quilt is easier, fun, less daunting, and easier on the body. So join me at my workshop Fabric Collage Addiction, if you can, September 3-7 2018 at Zephyr Point for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat.

Artistic Alchemy will be “out in the wild” this coming weekend, May 5 & 6 at the Pine Tree Quilt Show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. So come down and meet us, chat about the retreat, hear about our show special and see what ‘goodies’ we have for sale. Here are a few of the things I have been working on for that sale.



Lake Tahoe is beautiful in September so combine a trip to the mountains with sewing and play time. Check out the 4 workshops on offer from Mary, Heidi, Sandra and myself, or just work on your own projects. What could be better than taking a break from the heat and surrounding yourself with creativity.

Sugar Pine Quilt Show

May you all be enjoying some beautiful spring weather. It’s going to be fabulously gorgeous this weekend and the four of us will be manning the Artistic Alchemy booth at the Pine Tree Quilt show at the Nevada County fairgrounds. We look forward to showing what we’ve been busy sewing, painting and creating this year. For those who live nearby, please stop in and say “hi” and ask about our show special!

Here’s a peak at some new canvasses I’ve been painting.

These are perfect for bags, Heidi’s Terrific Tabard, table runners or cushions.

Stay tuned for Jane’s blog post on Friday.

What Are The Sew Sistas Sewing?

The spring retreat of Sew Sistas has come and gone. As usual, it was a glorious time of sewing, showing, meeting and eating! After breakfast the mornings are filled with “bring and brag” also known as show and tell. Resources are shared, techniques are explained, new patterns are revealed and old patterns are revisited. And then there’s sewing. And lunch. The afternoons are busy with demonstrations for the curious and more sewing. Dinner is served at 6:00 followed by ……. more sewing! Many garments were started, completed and worn home. So satisfying.

Its always so exciting to see what the others are wearing during the week. What cool items of clothing made the cut for this trip? Here are some garments worn during our five day stay.

Here’s Laura in her darling knit top. This bright color is really so appropriate for the spring season.

Debra in her snuggly top, perfect for the cool weather we were having at the time.

Terry looks like she’s calling me out…but in her red top she looks darling while doing so!

And I’m a sucker for anything with text on it so this top by Sharon is a favorite.

Debra again, wearing this great bicycle blouse. Vogue pattern by Lynn Mizono.

And then there are the details like this button continuing the bicycle/gear theme.

Karen, looking magnificent in her black on black vest.

And now for some show and tell. Does this look familiar?

Yes, that’s Christine. I was so happy to share this event with both Christine and Sandra.

Sandra shared her vintage kitchen linens version of Heidi’s Terrific Tabard pattern.

Sandra also brought Dame Lorraine and worked on her tirelessly.

Sharon has just taken a marbling class and has found a clever way to join her pieces together by inserting single color strips. It works to make her new fabric cohesive.

I loved this bag using a new product called kraft-tex, a washable paper.

This  bag was made from a mans jacket sleeve. Clever! Sometimes we just want a small bag to carry the bare necessities. Or it could be a gift bag of wine! 

This is an excellent example of the steam-a-seam technique. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t capture just how elegant this garment is. Kari was gifted this beautiful jacket from her friend Patty and wore it to her son’s wedding. It’s one classy jacket.

This is my version of Marcy Tilton’s newest jacket pattern. Under black organza are some circles cut from men’s ties and some painted silk trimming the collar, front and pocket.

There’s always at least one hot item that everyone wants. Karen hit the bullseye this year with her out of print Issey Miyake apron dress. We were busy busy busy tracing copies for ourselves. It doesn’t hurt that it was made from the coolest piece of shibori indigo dyed cotton.

Debra contributed to the demonstrations with instructions for her Kantha cloth necklace. Cute, eh?

And Gayle brought her necklace of Kantha cloth square beads. Beautiful!

Here are some garments under construction. Wendy was experimenting with placement of embellishments and pockets. 

These beautiful fabrics are being considered for a garment by Christine. We all know she’s the master of color so there’s no doubt the garment will be stunning.

Then there’s Beachy Pat and Lori who sat side by side, sewed step by step and completed these really cute tops. Well done!

This out of print Sandra Betzina pattern, made in Marcy Tilton’s Kantha cloth, is the most snuggly jacket. Perfect for spring weather. I finished it at the retreat and wore it home…….and many times since.

The day we left, my sister and I met up with Suzanne, another attendee, in Pacific Grove at Back Porch Fabrics. They were having a display of bird themed quilts. These were my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the retreat and that they inspire you to try something new. There’s nothing like spending creative time together with like minded people. So if this appeals to you, we still have some spaces left for our Zephyr retreat this September. Click on Workshops. And continue to carry on creatively!