Heidi Emmett

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As a young girl it was simple Barbie clothes and fashion shows with blankets for gowns. As a teenager I began a 25-year career in all things fabric, with 16 years as the owner of a full-service fabric store. I have come full circle and feel blessed to be able to create clothing patterns, re-purposed garments, and accessories that are easy to sew and fun to wear. Piece them, quilt them, bead them, felt them—the possibilities are endless.I’m always working on my next pattern as well as projects for quilting and crafting magazines.

Jane Haworth

Sewing and crafting has always been in my blood and this only increased when I discovered quilting in the U.S. about 15 years ago.  My family and I moved from the UK nearly 20 years ago and we have really grown used to living in California.  We love to travel, hike and explore.

I started making art quilts after our first trip to Hawaii in 2003.  Have been teaching children and adults sewing and quilting skills for about 10 years. My quilts have been featured in Quilting Arts magazine and Quilters Newsletter and shown at IQF Houston, Paducah and Sisters, Oregon. Creativity is a big part of my life and I encourage my students to step out of their comfort zone, be creative and surprise themselves with what they can make.


Sandra Bruce


I have combined my 30+ years as an illustrator and letterer with my passion for quilting, wearable art, and polymer clay. Being predominantly left-handed and right-brained makes for a different take on combining tools, mediums, and design to make something unique. I teach both quilt and polymer clay workshops, they are equally fun and expressive! See the links below for more information and photos.

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by Heidi Emmett

This post is to let you know that as of the middle of December, 2022, this site will disappear. All of us, Heidi, Sandra, and Jane, are still creating and teaching, and selling, each in her own way. Please save all of the following addresses so you can keep up with all that we are doing. We thank you all for your devotion to the ARTISTIC ALCHEMY experience and wish only the very best in all of your futures.

SANDRA’S contacts are:




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email: hmemmett@gmail.com

Etsy shop: Etsy.com/DesignsbyHeidiEmmett


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