Workshop: Sandra Bruce



I am very happy to be teaching polymer clay at Zephyr Cove for the first time with Artistic Alchemy. I have had requests to teach this for a long time so here is your chance to make some fabulous polymer creations! The emphasis will be: making buttons, jewelry, and art objects, such as books. Please let me know what you are interested in making.img_9361

Some of the techniques we will be exploring are: cane work, Skinner Blend, using an extruder, Mokume Gane, faux techniques, foils, and beads of all kinds. I will demonstrate many techniques so you can try as many as you want.

Cane work is the “backbone” of polymer clay and we will be making many kinds.


Here’s a beautiful example of Mokume Gane.img_8211

I will share my supplies and bring ovens, pasta machines, and lots of cutters and tools to share. I will also bring jewelry making supplies and my Dremmel drill so you can leave with finished pieces. I suggest if you want to make buttons that you bring some garments with you that you want to make buttons for, so you can get colors and sizes right. You can even bring a piece of hand-dyed fabric and make buttons to go with!img_8733

Make a purse and then create a button for it!

I will have limited jewelry making tools and metal earring makings. Email me with specific questions or requests.

IMG_7537 copy

Charming books can be made from polymer clay, easy to do and they make great gifts.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Come to Zephyr and play, whether you’re new to polymer, or have experience. Email me if you have any questions!


I will be bringing, to share:

  1. Pasta machines (brings yours if you have one)
  2. Toaster ovens for baking
  3. cutters and marking tools of all shapes and sizes
  4. foils
  5. jewelry making supplies (metal earring findings, wire, etc.)
  6. sandpaper, Dremmel and finishing supplies for buttons
  7. extra polymer for sale


  1. a pack of 3 Nublades
  2. a surface to work on, a sheet of plexiglass/acrylic is best, approx. 15″ square
  3. a roller or brayer for polymer clay
  4. wax paper, aluminum foil
  5. anything you have that would make an interesting mark or textural impression in clay
  6. a package of baby wipes
  7. a light for your area
  8. Your clay (see below)

CLAY: Two 12.5 ounce (large) blocks each of Kato polymer clay, in white and translucentand one large block of black. I suggest you also buy large blocks in colors you know you like and will use, and sample packs and smaller amounts of other colors. Metallics are great and you will want some of them, especially Pearl. We will be mixing colors too. Buy these at (Donna Kato’s site) for good prices and reasonable shipping. The 12.5 ounce blocks are around $8 each. I will bring extra clay to sell you if you need it, but to be sure of colors you want bring as much as you can. Please do not bring Sculpey brand clay (too soft), I recommend Kato Clay.

If you need advice on what to buy please contact me. You will not need to order until August, so that your polymer will be nice and fresh. If you can condition at least your basic colors before coming to the workshop you will not spend lots of time doing that but can get right into creating. This conditioning should be done just before coming to Zephyr. If you are not familiar with this, there are many places online that tell you how to do this. Google “how to condition polymer clay” and lots of sites will appear. This is a good way to get familiar with the clay if you are new to it.

Join me in September, you will leave with some wonderful pieces and a new or renewed love for polymer clay!