Workshop – Heidi Emmett: “Pick a Pattern”


By Heidi Emmett

Pick a pattern and create your own unique, “Art to Wear” piece while at our Artistic Alchemy Retreat 2017.

Choose a pattern from the Designs by Heidi collection (featured below) or choose from the 8 featured projects in my upcoming book by Leisure Arts (the book will be out in JoAnn’s stores in early spring) . The book contains 2 different vests, and 6 different accessories (including totes, bags, and jewelry).  I am not allowed to show anything until its debut! This fact really makes me sad, BUT, I did sign a contract.

I will be giving plenty of one on one time for each student. We will concentrate on fit, design, and implementing the techniques that create the different vests/accessories. The goal will be a finished vest/accessory to wear home.

In between sewing your art to wear, we will take a break to make an accessory piece (never before seen idea, just for you, my workshop students). I will bring all the supplies. It will be fun and easy to make, guaranteed.

Even though you haven’t seen the book yet you can “Pick a Pattern” as late as July 25th. I will update my workshop page as soon as the book comes out. Once you decide what pattern you want to use, and tell me, I will send you the appropriate materials list.


Terrific Tabard


Off The Grid



Mommy & Me & My Quilted Vest and Quilt


Whisper Blouse is perfect with quilted bodice pieces for a distinctive “Art to Wear” piece


This lace vest can easily be made with quilted fabric. Make your own or start with Kantha cloth (pre-quilted) and add raw edged applique.

Below are some possibilities for accessory pieces(if you choose not to make a garment)- You will have time to make several I’m sure.


Triangle Tote from my Modern Patchwork project, Winter 2015


So fun and easy, you’ll want to make several.


I’m showing Rafiki Skirt as an “accessory piece” because it is fast and easy with no fitting! You will learn to make your own pattern.

Basic supplies to bring are:

Sewing machine, foot control, cord, and all sewing accessories. Bring a table lamp if you like to sew at night.

Patterns/book will be available for purchase at the retreat. If you want a pattern before the retreat, email me and I’ll take care of it.  Also, use this email address if you have any other questions about the workshop, or whatever.

Just think of it, days and days of uninterrupted sewing fun, learning, making new friends, and fantastic vistas to soak up! I hope to see you in my workshop this September. Hugs, Heidi