Workshop: Mary Boalt

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Last year’s “Painting on Canvas and Painting on Steam-A-Seam” was a huge success. I am returning for a repeat performance and will be introducing a few new and surprising techniques. Get out your glue guns and gelli plates! Both of these workshops will give you an opportunity to explore and play with paint, stamps, stencils, resists and beading. If this is your first time to play with paint, be assured that there are no “mistakes” in these fun and easy classes. For those who might be returning, what better time to learn some new techniques to enlarge your bag of tricks.img_3324img_3326img_3325img_3278img_3302img_3279img_3276

Your finished painted canvas will be large enough to make a tote bag, wall hanging or perhaps a small floor cloth. I love to make one of a kind tote bags with them.img_3310img_3309img_3308

The painted Steam-A-Seam workshop will focus on using paint, Steam-A-Seam, stamps, silk organza, stitching and beading that will bring a new level of bling to your embellishments. This technique can be used for clothing, accessories, quilts, wallhangings, purses and gifts. You will finish a small phone charging bag complete with a large grommet for hanging.img_3227

FOR RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY: If you are interested in making a garment using the Steam-A-Seam technique, you are welcome to use this time creating your masterpiece. Please bring a pattern that fits you, preferably already cut out, with minimal seams and darts. Also be sure to bring enough black silk organza to cover your garment (available at Dharma) and lining. I will supply the rest of the embellishments. If you would like to bring your own additional beads, please feel free to do so.

$100.00 Supply Fee

I will provide: All paint, canvas, brushes, sponges, plates, painters tape, tablecloths, drop cloths, parchment paper, stamps, stencils, thermofax screens, Steam-A-Seam, grommets, broadcloth, silk organza (for first time students only and for those wanting to make the charging bag. See above.) beading needles, beading thread, beads, and bias tape.

Student to bring: Apron or shirt to wear while painting, sewing machine in good working order, scissors for paper, black thread for bobbin, variety of colored thread (Sulky embroidery thread recommended), Schmetz embroidery needles 11/14, some pins, 1-2 rolls of paper towels, glue gun along with clear glue sticks, one or two children’s drawing tablets from the dollar store (plain white paper, 8X10 or larger) and/or a few days of old newspapers, a 4″ rubber brayer, tweezers, flat head screwdriver, 20-30 Q-tips, one black Sharpie pen, freezer paper, any Gelli plate or Gel Press printing plate. I found the Gel Press brand on Amazon to be reasonable. I bought a 4″ circle, 6″ circle, a 3X5″ and a 5X7″. You do not have to buy them all! The circles are fun! If you buy a 4″ circle or a 3X5″, you will be able to mount them on an old cd case (please bring that). If you buy something bigger, go to a glass and plastic store and have them cut you a piece of plexiglass 1/2″ to 1″ bigger all around than the gel plate. You will find this extremely helpful.

Optional: Rubber stamps, stencils and thermofax screens you already have and would like to use. Gloves. Small seed and /or bugle beads. Table lamp for extra lighting. Extension cord.