Workshop 2018: Mary Boalt

Mary Boaltbutton

Be your own fabric designer and create a one-of-a-kind functional customized tote bag.

You’ll have two full days to explore and put your artful conceptions onto canvas through the use of paint, stencils, stamps, silk screens and Gelli Plates. There will be time to finish two to four canvasses.  On the third day, I will supply you with your own goof proof acetate pattern that allows you to use your beautiful canvas to its best potential. Then you will be transforming it into a functional and personalized tote bag. This is a class for all levels of experience including beginners. REALLY!

Here is one that I just finished.  This is the canvas before.

This is the bag after cutting up the canvas.

The following are pictures from previous students who transformed their canvasses into works of art for everyday practical use.

100.00 Supply Fee

I will provide the following:

ALL paint             Brushes                      Painters tape

Stencils               Sponges                     Tablecloths

Stamps                Plates                         Parchment paper

Canvas                 Tote bag pattern        Drop cloths

Silk screens           Lining for tote

I also provide my sister as your personal Cinderella to clean all your stencils and stamps for you! This will save you time so you can continue to paint.


Student is to bring:

Sewing machine with the usual sewing supplies            1-2 rolls paper towels

Variety of colored thread including black and white         90/12 or 90/14 needles

Apron to protect clothing                                                 Scissors

Fabric marker or pencil                                                    One black sharpie pen

Here are some optional items:

1 yard cotton for lining. I will have this unless you have something specific in mind.

Straight edge, cutting mat, rotary cutter.  Although I will have mine, you may want your own to save time.

Table risers

Rubber gloves

Extension cord

Any Gelli plate or Gel Press printing plate. I found the Gel Press brand on Amazon to be reasonable. I bought a 4” circle, a 6” circle, a 3X5”, and a 5X7”. You do not have to buy all of them. I really like the circles. If you buy a 4” circle or a 3X5”, you will be able to mount them on an old cd case. Please bring that. If you buy some thing bigger, please go to a glass and plastic store and have them cut you a thin piece of plexiglass 1/2” to 1” bigger than the gel plate. You will find this extremely helpful. The gel plate just sticks right on to the plexiglass. No glue needed.  If you are going to use gel plates, you will need to bring a 4” hard rubber brayer. You’ll love it…it’s a must have.

If you have rubber stamps, stencils or silk screens you’ve been wanting to try, feel free to bring them.

Our workroom has a refrigerator. If you would like to keep some snacks in there, please bring them.

One last item. Please bring one or two items for show and tell. This can be anything. Sewn, knitted, jewelry, quilts………you’ll have an opportunity to share this with the group and it will be appreciated!