Workshop: Jane Haworth 2021


Mono printed fabrics

Mark-Making and Fabric Collage

This year my collage workshop will include a day of playing and experimentation. Using paints, inks, stencils and stamps we will be creating our own textured and patterned fabrics.

Little Frank Fabric Collage made using colorful fabrics.

I know everyone has different interests or ideas for the kind of quilt or project that they want to work on so I will be accommodating this. When you sign up for the class just let me know if you have a project in mind. I have a couple of people ready to make a portrait using a photo of their pet. My collage technique allows for your creativity to shine whether you are working from one of my patterns, from a photo that you love or making that portrait capturing the essence of your family pet.

The kind of project you could work on starts with an enlargement of a photo that we will turn into the pattern. The subject matter is limitless and is up to you. It could be your cat (see KitKat above) or a beautiful flower, animal, still life, bugs or birds. If you don’t have your own photo, it can help to look on Pixabay which is a copyright free image site. My advice is to crop the image as you want the details larger as in a close-up. Print it again at an 8 x 10” image and then enlarge it to increase the size by 200%, 300% or larger.

Day One

The first day of the retreat and is when we settle in, move all our stuff to our rooms and classrooms. We will have time to meet and discuss the projects we will be working on over the coming days.

Day Two

This will be our day to play. I will provide materials to facilitate this. Students will have access to gelli-printing, fabric paints for painting, stencils and stamps, we can make stamps, a variety of mark-making materials, and lino cutting. Once you start painting and layering texture, color and pattern you will be addicted. I will provide some of the fabrics and canvas to work on but I would recommend bringing some of your own as you will “just want make more!” See Materials List at the bottom.

Using fabric paints
Applying paint in a loose manner results in beautiful fabrics

Day Three and Four

Now we will begin to focus on our projects, making patterns for collage and starting to learn and embrace the technique.

If you don’t have a collage pattern idea or photo in mind students can combine their newly created fabric using some of the patterns that I provide or bring your own. Succulents, fish, flowers might be the theme you are drawn to, any of which can be made into a wall-hanging, tote bag or table runner.

Succulent table runner Jane Haworth

Using your hand painted fabrics, commercial prints, some free cut fabric  succulents in pots made in collage combined with some improv piecing and you’ll have a very successful table runner.

Another project I am experimenting with and would love for people to try is to make a fabric journal or junk journal. This is a way to combine some of those beautiful fabrics you have made or collected over the years and create a beautiful, tactile piece of art that can be shared and fondled.

This fabric book is the place where you include scraps, trims, textiles and other interesting ephemera you may have collected. I have random collage pieces that I made over the years but by combining them in my Collage Junk Journal it brings them all together. Here’s my opportunity to add some hand stitching and embroidery too. It’s the perfect thing to share as part of my journey in quilting.

Fabric Junk Journal Jane Haworth
Working to combine the pages of this Fabric Journal
DAISY BACK jacket by Jane Haworth
Black-eyed Susan’s on the back of this denim jacket

Another project idea would be to add your collage work to a wearable like a denim jacket or oversize shirt. I have a number of these and I love that I get comments and compliments wherever I go. Its a great way to share your colorful, creative work.

Heidi and her class will love what we are doing here!


Day Five

The final day we get to pack up and leave beautiful Zephyr Point Conference Center. We will have time to finish up projects, review what we have made and learn some finishing techniques.

If you haven’t been to one of our retreats before go back and read some of the blog posts about it. Lake Tahoe is beautiful in September and being with all those creative spirits is wonderful.

I will provide the paints, stencils, materials for printing, at least 1 yd of cotton fabric etc. for a charge of $30 per person. This should be included in your check when signing up for my class. The materials list I will probably update before the retreat but here are the basics

Materials List for you to bring..

Sewing Machine suitable for free-motion and supplies for sewing.

Apron and old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Fabrics to paint on; different textures, linens, light prints, tone on tone, newsprint  etc. These can be scrap or from your stash. I will provide white cottons. I recommend we decorate or paint small pieces approx 9 x 12”.

Any tools for mark making that you already have that we could share to create pattern and texture. Label them. I will bring a variety too.

Photos and enlargements for collage. I will send details of what is required after you sign up.

Fabrics for your projects. Since we are decorating some, plains, batiks, hand-dyes, textures are all good. Ephemera if doing the fabric journal. Embroidery stuff.

Fabric scissors and good scissors for cutting. I like Karen Kay Buckley 6” perfect scissors.

Fabric Glue. I use Alennes original Tacky glue but others work also.

Fabric marking tools; chalk pencils, pencil, pen.

Black permanent markers, both Fine and Extra Fine

Batting and backing fabric if you think you might finish the project.

Finally something for Show and Tell

Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions and I am sure I will revise the materials list a little nearer to the retreat date.