Workshop 2019: Jane Haworth

Jane Haworth

Travel Journal Quilts

Welcome to Travel Journal Quilts. This will be my second year as part of the Artistic Alchemy faculty and am excited to offer a new workshop at Zephyr.

Our Maine Event by Jane Haworth

First Travel Journal Quilt I made

Travel Journal Quilts is a fun workshop that will give you an opportunity to work on a unique, personalized project. Perhaps you have been on a great family vacation or trip and brought home lots of wonderful memories, photos, souvenirs and other ephemera then wondered what to do with them.


In the Travel Journal Quilts workshop you will be able to preserve these memories by learning how to combine maps, photos, journaling and other saved items into a unique, personal wall hanging.


The fun part about making this kind of quilt is that you gather a number of elements, combine them into a successful layout, and then put the quilt together! We will paint a map for the background as focal part of the quilt, use journaling written onto postcards or directly onto the quilt itself, and design and print elements that relate to that theme.


Before the workshop you will need to do some preparation at home so that you bring parts ready to include in the wall hanging. Some such prep will be printing photos onto fabric. Other ephemera from your trip like brochures, tickets, city maps can all be included whether you print them onto fabric or use them directly onto the wall hanging.


As a fabric collage artist I like to include a piece or several elements made in fabric collage. This adds another dimension to the quilt. Above I used the photo of the kayak, made it in fabric and included it in my quilt about Kayaking on Lake Tahoe. So bring photos and fabric ready to learn how to make raw edge fabric collage pieces.

Journal quilt by Jane Haworth

Finished quilt approx 30” x 26” illustrating our kayak trip on Lake Tahoe.

Time spent in the workshop will progress as follows…the first afternoon we will settle in and look over the projects to be started. Day 2 will be the mixed media day when we will paint the map, experiment with lino cuts, and make mono prints using a gelli plate. Over days 3 and 4 days we will combine the gathered elements and put the quilt together. The final morning students can continue to work on their quilts or I will be bring materials that we can use to create other travel journal ideas.

Our Maine Event in progress

Lucky I noticed I spelt Island wrong before I finished this quilt!

In my quilts I like to use lettering to add the name of the destination and perhaps the date of the trip. I will bring my Cameo Silhouette electronic cutter for students to use.

If you don’t have a trip or vacation to commemorate for this workshop, you will be just as successful working to a theme i.e. a person, animal, plant or place. Below I made a similar kind of quilt combining various elements to convey the life of Rachel Carson.


Any questions feel free to contact me here or by email and look up my website to see my work.

Travel Journal Quilts on QATV

On the set for Quilting Arts TV in Ohio. Recording ‘Travel Journal Quilts’ for Series 2300

Materials List for Travel Journal Quilts

Bring souvenirs, maps, tickets, postcards, ephemera from your vacation. At home print onto fabric any of these you might wish to include.

Photos and postcards printed onto fabric. A good size are 5’’ x 7’’ or 3 ½’’ x 5’’. I use Jacquard fabric sheets available from Amazon.

A map. You may wish to enlarge it to about twice its size for use.

Photos of any elements you might wish to make in collage.

Fabrics that relate to the theme. Fabrics for the collage. I encourage sharing of fabric so you don’t have to bring your whole stash!

½ yd to fat quarter size pieces for the background and for borders, that are not too distracting. Approx. 2yds

½ yd of white fabric for painting the map onto.

Batting and backing fabric

Sewing Machine and basic supplies. Neutral and colored threads. Monofilament if you have it.

Paintbrushes if you already have them, large round  ½’’ to 1’’ work well. I will bring a selection

Sketchbook or notebook

Black permanent markers in a variety of thicknesses, Sharpie fine and ultra fine will work. Pencil and eraser.

There will be a $20 material fee that I will collect in class to cover the cost of paints, lino cuts, prepared fabrics, serial magic, freezer paper and use of the electronic cutter.


I hope you can join me for this fun workshop at a great location surrounded by other creative and inspiring people. Any questions do contact me, Jane