Are You Ready? September 7th-11th, Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2

by Heidi Emmett

Last week my husband and I did our last volunteering for the summer at The Bear Necessities Gift Shop at Zephyr. And even though the paddle wheel boat makes three trips everyday from Zephyr Cove to Emerald Bay and back, I have to stop what I am doing and take a look. I never get tired of the views of beautiful Lake Tahoe. But, back home now and it’s time to get everything ready for Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2, on September 7th. DSC_0025

I was able to finish a new Whisper Blouse ahead of time for some shots at the waters’ edge. I am sooo excited! The tissue patterns are on the way!! No more taping all the pieces together (unless you want to). So in honor of those tissues (here’s hoping they come before the retreat), I had to make a new Whisper Blouse.


Do I dare say, it’s my wildest one yet? Oh yes it is! I can’t wait to show you all what I have done to make it extra special.

As the day at Zephyr and picture taking of new designs winds down, this is the last sunset shot you will have to look at until you too are up at Zephyr Point and can experience them for yourself!!


Sandra, Christine, and I are working hard these last days before the retreat, to make each of our workshops something special. We can’t wait to meet you all in person.No more posts until September 18th. Please visit my blog: for information on a NEW pattern. Rafiki! (it means “friend” in Swahili).

We’ll see you soon for, creativity,fun, and friendships. Hugs, Heidi

“Art on The Wall, Art to Wear”- Fun Ways to Use Large Prints

by Heidi Emmett

Do you have large prints languishing in your fabric stash? Do you say things like, “Why did I buy this, what will I do with this, WHAT was I thinking?” Bring it/them up to my workshop, “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear” and I will show you some fun ways to use them. Below is my Art to Wear vest pattern, Terrific Tabard (aka Skinny Vest) using one large Aboriginal print (and a bunch of other fabrics too). NIK_2670 DSC_0831

I love my Ayala Bar pin as my button closure. I like to tweak things whether it’s in a quilt, a garment itself or with unusual closures. DSC_0933

In Marcia Derse’s second fabric collection she had one large print (printed in squares). Perfect for another version of Skinny Vest/ Terrific Tabard. DSC_0228

Yikes, I forgot, you will see issues with the stitching. Get your machine in good working order. I stupidly waited and caused a further succession of issues.  DSC_0673

Another great use of large prints is using them in my “Whisper Blouse” pattern. The blouse below shows large prints, a different one in each panel. I have EXCITING news regarding Whisper Blouse: keep scrolling down to read. NIK_2657 NIK_2569


Below is a pattern piece from Whisper Blouse. There have been two ways to get the pattern pieces off of when you buy my pattern, tiled (as below) or large filed to put on a thumb drive. “Tiled” comes off your home computer and each pattern piece has separate pieces to tape together to form that particular piece. It isn’t hard, just takes time. My exciting news is that TISSUE PATTERNS are ON THE WAY!!! I am so excited.  . Yeahhh! Available at Zephyr Point.





Love this large print by Anna Marie Horner. See what I did with it at our workshop. DSC_0803

O.K. this Whisper Blouse below will be pretty wild, guaranteed! I just finished cutting it out yesterday and will sew it up today. Check out the large scaled print in the center of this pile of yumminess. This one is by Alison Glass. Wait until you see how I use it. I want to open your eyes to a great world of large-scaled prints.

This gouping is made up of all prints that I have collected for over 30 years (yes, you read that right!) of Liberty of London and Tootal prints (also from England) and my beautiful lace collection. Check out that large stitched flower to the left. I cut it out of a t-shirt. DSC_0461

And then I spied this large scaled print. Hmmm… the ideas are percolating. A new Whisper Blouse, put some of these on the one above, acckkk! Too many ideas, so little time!!!DSC_0465

Oops, I saw a Squirrel (a term many of us use when we get side tracked, and in my case, ask my husband, it happens quite often!). Isn’t this Gladiola pretty? I have a whole vase full and I just had to stop everything and take this picture. DSC_0452I love what I do and I love showing you how easy and fun it all is. Wont you join me at Zephyr Point in early September to create, relax, create some more, and laugh and play with fabric? Hugs, Heidi