It’s Super Spiralicious

by Heidi Emmett

Oh the things we can create when using a strip of bias fabric.Join me in my workshop, Art on The Wall, Art to Wear. We will be making different types of spirals that can be used on a quilt, a bag, a pillow, on a vest, or how about a denim vase?  DSC_0548DSC_0546

This is the back view of Calypso Vest, one of my patterns that will be available up at Zephyr Point. Or you can purchase it at 

I really enjoy the color combinations and different fabric patterns that are available. Oh, the black with fuchsia background piece is eyelet fabric from a skirt (on the dollar rack) with my solid color choice behind. DSC_0310

We just might be spiraling so much that we arrive at a Deep Space Sparkle planet.

DSC_0102Let’s explore at least 5 different spiral ideas from this wallhanging alone. Do you have a fabric panel that you just had to buy but thought later, “What will I do with this?” BRING it to the workshop and we will make it pop with some fun textural additions.



Back Earth side, Super sweet Spirals make a little dance across the bottom of a skirt.



Great take along project. Some sewing, and some hand work to this technique.




Let’s work on some upcycling of denim. I will supply the denim. You will make a little bag that is actually a vase. Why not? This workshop will open your mind and hands to new ideas for your quilts and clothing projects.




I hope to see YOU in my workshop at Zephyr Point. I am on my way up to Zephyr Point soon to check out our “new digs” for this years retreat. Everyone will enjoy this side of the Point I’m sure.

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit with Kirsten Juhl who owns Patchwork Koelderen, and Ilse Iversen quilter and quilt book author. They are both from Denmark. I showed them some of my work and sent them on their way with a few of my patterns. The plan is to make samples so my patterns can be sold in Kirsten’s quilt shop. Also, a teaching gig could be in the works! We’ll see where this all leads.

Two of my leaf projects for the Stitch E-book are coming out this month.  E-book is a new venture for Stitch and me too. So it will be fun to see. And I just proofed my Fall Leaf projects for Stitch. It is always interesting how they picture my projects. My projects will be in a section that features Exotic jewel tones. We’ll talk soon. Hugs, Heidi



“Off The Grid”, The Vest That Everyone is Talking About!

by Heidi Emmett

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I’m  fine tuning my new vest pattern and will be publishing it on as well as making it available to mail to you. There are many comments by many women who have tried it on and can’t wait for the pattern. I have found a winner of a design in  “Off The Grid Vest.” The main colorful fabrics in this vest are by Marcia Derse and the grey ombre is found at Christine Barnes’ website.


I am most excited that I will be able to offer it to you as part of my “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear” workshop at Zephyr Point in September. Click the register button and sign up soon before the workshop fills up. We only take 10 students per workshop.


Dress it up or down, but skinny black jeans or leggings, and a black-T are always a perfect pairing.


If “off The Grid” the vest, is a little more than you want to get started on, we will learn the  techniques that make this vest unique AND you can turn it into a “Skinny Mini.”


What’s a Skinny Mini? It is like one of the panels in the front of the vest, long and lean. It’s just what you need in that space on your wall by the front door. Or I love it on an entry table or on a dining table as a table runner.


These are some of the fabric choices for a different  Off The Grid vest. The colorful batiks (yes they ARE batiks are by Allison Glass for Andover Fabrics). The grey ombre is by Fabri-quilt (in my stash). Grey ombre is a must for just the right background look to showcase your absolute favorite prints.


The vest will require about 9 different “off set” log cabin blocks. A Skinny Mini only takes 3 or 4.


Oh the colors of the water in Lake Tahoe. We have a color of fabric for THAT! Check out our  “store” when you come to the retreat. “Gradations” is the ombre fabric with these exact colors.Own a little bit of Lake Tahoe when you put this fabric in your Off The Grid, Skinny Mini wall piece or vest.


Come on go Off The Grid and join me, at my workshop,  “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear.”   Hugs, Heidi

P.S.  Zephyr Point is over there on the right side of the picture. This was taken from the first stop on the gondola at Heavenly Valley.

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by Heidi Emmett

Rafiki means friend in Swahili. Below is my original Rafiki skirt. DSC_0046 (2)

DSC_0103Rubix!! Get out of the picture!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe original Rafiki skirt was made by the beautiful young ladies that you see above.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove is my friend, Judy Stokes who has worked with many lovely young women, who are either orphans or widows. Judy is involved with the Rafiki foundation. Please look them up: Judy’s job for 7 years was teaching these women to sew to enable them to earn a living on their own.She worked in four different African countries in orphanages and schools all built and run by the Rafiki Foundation.

When Judy would come home for a few months she would always bring clothing and accessories to sell. I bought the skirt that is in the first picture. The beautiful African fabrics make it unique, but so does the figure flattering design. I especially like the flirty, flared bottom edge. Whenever I wear my Rafiki skirts I get compliments. I got 2 from men while walking with the original one on in the Denver airport.

In talking with Judy she said she had to develop patterns for the women to sew  that were fast and easy to make and did not use a conventional tissue pattern (unheard of in Africa).


She taught me the process and above is my proto-type. It is too short and not enough of that flirty flaring at the bottom (I still wear it because I love the Marcia Derse fabrics). So I tried again. This skirt pattern, as well as all the clothing and accessory items that you see at the Rafiki Foundation Store (GREAT gift ideas) are mostly Judy Stokes’ designs.

DSC_0037And a close up. I used more Marcia Derse fabrics. They have an organic look to them that reminds me of African fabrics a la American feeling (is there such a thing?).

DSC_0036I made yet another one to perfect that flirty flare at the bottom. Christine has that one.

I talked to Judy some more. She is back in the states permanently but travels to Florida twice a year to write curriculum for all these women. They have to know how to take care of and repair their own Singer Sewing machines (you know the black, straight stitch ones). They also learn about sewing garments without using patterns. Sewing is just one aspect of their life changing classes and new ways of life learned at Rafiki.

I am so excited to be able to help Judy in this worthwhile cause. I told Judy the pattern for this skirt must be made available to ladies everywhere. I asked her if we could call it The Rafiki skirt. I have been working on getting it to and will be finishing it up in the next few weeks.


So look for “Rafiki Skirt” soon on Look under clothing patterns, skirts, and type in Heidi Emmett or Designs by Heidi. 90% of the sales will go to Rafiki Foundation so YOU will be helping too! Have a great, creative rest of October. Hugs, Heidi

Artistic Alchemy Retreat, Zephyr Point, September 2-5th, 2014, SUCCESS!

DSC_0638Here are some of my ladies in the “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear” workshop taught by me, Heidi Emmett. They are working hard. Go to to get some in-depth pictures of our techniques. I’ll bring some pictures to Artistic Alchemy too, at a later date.

DSC_0730Margaret Vodika brought a couple of fun quilts for show and tell. She was my student too.

DSC_0715Kathy McDaniel, my student as well, created this quilt using a “piece as you go” method. Delightful.


Margaret showed another fun, challenge quilt that she made. Check out that Tahoe view.


Another “Piece as She Goes” from Kathy McDaniel. You saw it last week as a stain- glass quilt. All our students showed great things. More next time from other students.


Here is Carey Daly, part of the O.S.(open studio) group. Look who is right behind her. Pinto, the resident cat. She would sleep by her every day. She has the touch!


Heidi and Christine showing off Sandra’s beautiful quilt.


Christine with one of her cool Circles quilts.


That’s me, showing how I can twirl in my Whisper Blouse. Buy this pattern at Type in Heidi Emmett and my patterns will come up.

DSC_0680Showing my “Mommy & Me & My Quilt” , a new pattern to be on Craftsy very soon. Easy for Mommies and their daughters to sew.



That’s us! Your Terrific Trio of Teachers. Thank you all for coming! I have been working with Zephyr Point for next year, our 2nd Annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat. Tentative dates are Tuesday,September 8th – Saturday, September 12th. Keep your fingers crossed that we get that extra day. So far, it looks like your T.T.of Teachers will each be teaching the same workshops. We want to keep the fun going. Mark your calenders and tell your friends. What a great way to kick off the fall season. We will keep you posted! Hugs, Heidi.