It’s Super Spiralicious

by Heidi Emmett

Oh the things we can create when using a strip of bias fabric.Join me in my workshop, Art on The Wall, Art to Wear. We will be making different types of spirals that can be used on a quilt, a bag, a pillow, on a vest, or how about a denim vase?  DSC_0548DSC_0546

This is the back view of Calypso Vest, one of my patterns that will be available up at Zephyr Point. Or you can purchase it at 

I really enjoy the color combinations and different fabric patterns that are available. Oh, the black with fuchsia background piece is eyelet fabric from a skirt (on the dollar rack) with my solid color choice behind. DSC_0310

We just might be spiraling so much that we arrive at a Deep Space Sparkle planet.

DSC_0102Let’s explore at least 5 different spiral ideas from this wallhanging alone. Do you have a fabric panel that you just had to buy but thought later, “What will I do with this?” BRING it to the workshop and we will make it pop with some fun textural additions.



Back Earth side, Super sweet Spirals make a little dance across the bottom of a skirt.



Great take along project. Some sewing, and some hand work to this technique.




Let’s work on some upcycling of denim. I will supply the denim. You will make a little bag that is actually a vase. Why not? This workshop will open your mind and hands to new ideas for your quilts and clothing projects.




I hope to see YOU in my workshop at Zephyr Point. I am on my way up to Zephyr Point soon to check out our “new digs” for this years retreat. Everyone will enjoy this side of the Point I’m sure.

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit with Kirsten Juhl who owns Patchwork Koelderen, and Ilse Iversen quilter and quilt book author. They are both from Denmark. I showed them some of my work and sent them on their way with a few of my patterns. The plan is to make samples so my patterns can be sold in Kirsten’s quilt shop. Also, a teaching gig could be in the works! We’ll see where this all leads.

Two of my leaf projects for the Stitch E-book are coming out this month.  E-book is a new venture for Stitch and me too. So it will be fun to see. And I just proofed my Fall Leaf projects for Stitch. It is always interesting how they picture my projects. My projects will be in a section that features Exotic jewel tones. We’ll talk soon. Hugs, Heidi