Terrific Tabard, AKA, Skinny Vest. Check it out!

Hello everyone,  I have been taking a 3 day class on Thread Painting. Every class I take, I learn at least one new thing! This time I have counted 7 new things I didn’t know about. And that’s what I want to do for you, when you sign up for my workshop! I want to show you new techniques and learn new things that translate into an “Art To Wear Piece.” Below are several examples of my Terrific Tabard aka “Skinny Vest.”
VP1 Marcia Derse Fabrics for this vest below. DSC_0228Below is a Terrific Tabard using Aboriginal fabrics. This vest was made for Beth Watts of Fabric Chicks in Minden, Nevada. You can see this and buy Whisper Blouse Pattern or Terrific Tabard from her at different quilt shows up and down the west coast. Her booth is AMAZING!DSC_1710DSC_1721DSC_1730

Below is “Tree of Life” (lots of collage), and “Aussie Angle” using large scale prints. DSC_0303 (2) Fronts and backs and now some close-ups. DSC_0302 Tree of Life, the tree. DSC_0023 Isn’t this fun, a pin instead of a button? Lovely comments every time I wear it. This pin catches the eye because it’s different. DSC_0317 DSC_0825

Let me show you some tricks to help fit a vest just for you. Terrific Tabard or Off The Grid. You choose!DSC_1726

Take a chance on something different. Leave my workshop with something you will actually WEAR! You will look good and feel great for every compliment you receive. I showcase “Off The Grid” (please look at past posts by Heidi or under “Workshops”) but if you would rather create your own “Terrific Tabard,” that’s great too.Let me know which one you prefer when you sign up for my workshop.

Please see my personal blog for more ideas: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com and see my patterns at Craftsy.com/sewing patterns/DesignsbyHeidi

Have a very creative weekend wherever you live. I tell everyone, find 15 minutes everyday to get your “creative” going. Hugs, Heidi


Continuing the “Kaffe Extravaganza!”

by Heidi Emmett

I am the other half of the Trunk Show we gave to the Pine Tree Quilt Guild in Grass Valley, CA on Feb. 2nd. I opened a “full service” (meaning, everything from sewing machines, fashion fabrics, home dec., quilting fabrics, etc.) fabric store in Grass Valley in January of 1983. Kaffe’s first book, Glorious Color came on the scene in 1985. I used it for inspiration at the store for all sorts of projects. In it were the most beautiful knitted garments I had ever seen. The richness, and intricacies of the patterns intrigued me. Below is a picture of “Jack’s Back Stripe.”  DSC_0199

I began using Kaffe’s books as jumping off points for my garments and quilted garments that I made as samples at my fabric store. Kaffe was exploring needlepoint too and what soon followed was a huge explosion into the quilting world and quilting fabric. Let’s enjoy a few more of his beautiful knitted garments and design ideas. These are from his “Circles” collection.DSC_0201 DSC_0200

In 2001, Kaffe partnered with the company, Peruvian Connection. He felt they had the same vision that he had with his depth of color and luminous yarn and pattern choices. Look them up. Sign up for their catalogs. There aren’t as many Kaffe sweaters available today as in past years, BUT, you can find them for sale as I did on Ebay. Below, is a sweater I purchased from the Kaffe’s men’s collection (my husband would never wear this, oh too bad for him, I never bought for him in the first place. Don’t tell him that, ha, ha.)



Below is one I purchased on Ebay too. The intricacies of this pattern are just wowafying (is that a word?). DSC_0115

Uhhh, yes, here are a few more Kaffe sweaters. All right, all right, I consider them pieces of Art (even Peruvian Connection calls them that). They are “investment” pieces. Kaffe has been around for decades but his designs are as fresh and new as ever. They are timeless. If you are in the San Jose’ area anytime from March 12-June 28th, you must visit the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.Look them up as a wonderful Kaffe collection is coming their way.  DSC_0170

While Christine mainly uses her Kaffe fabrics for her quilts, I work in the quilted garment area. I also tend to be a Kaffe Fassett purist. I love his prints the best, and his Shot cottons (his version of a solid, where the warp and weft threads are different colors) and his Indian Stripes (because they are made in India to Kaffe’s specifications). Below is my Tuffet pincushion that I just made in Jill Schlegeter’s class. And the center button I got from Sandra Bruce (her polymer collection).


Below is my Kaffe scrappy, striped, quilted vest. DSC_0148

And the pincushion sitting on the back of my Whisper Blouse pattern.

And my Whisper Blouse pattern made using all Kaffe Indian stripes. DSC_1229I have just started gathering Kaffe prints and stripes for a new version of my “Off the Grid Vest”:  my workshop for our Artistic Alchemy Retreat in September. You can create your own piece of Art to Wear in my workshop.

Enjoy this weekend. And take some time to pull out of your stash, some Kaffe fabric and see what you can create! Hugs, Heidi