What Makes “Off The Grid Vest” so Special?



Off the Grid vest is special because there is absolutely nothing like it in the world of “Art to Wear” right now. Who knew that rectangles could go together in such a way that were both flattering and fun to wear at the same time?

With this “Art to Wear” piece, “Heads will Turn” as you walk.


But you say, “I don’t make clothes anymore, I can’t get them to fit!” I say, please read about the miracles of this vest under my Workshop. The way it fits all sizes and shapes with no alterations is truly a miracle.


Wear it inside out for another look. I first started in my life long sewing passion making clothing. Fashion Design was what I concentrated on at Sierra College. Don’t get me wrong, I love making quilts, but I admit, I need more instant gratification. So now it is quilted clothing, and accessories.


Sign up for my workshop, “Art to Wear, Off the Grid vest” and you will be hooked. Don’t hide your creative talent on a shelf all folded neatly away (as in a quilt). Wear it! Show the world what you can really do! Last year, one student actually finished her vest before the retreat was over! Yeah Trish!! The others were 90% finished when they left. I like those numbers.


Read more about this vest under workshops (on the home page). Follow me on Pinterest. See all the patterns I sell on Craftsy.com /Sewing patterns/ DesignsbyHeidi  And please visit my personal blog: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com  And for goodness sake, email me at hmemmett@gmail.com if you have any questions or if I’m not in my sewing studio, I’d even answer the phone 530-273-8067. Make it up, make it fun, and lets GET IT DONE!

Below is a glorious sunset from the gift shop balcony at Zephyr Point. Join me this September and experience good friends, good sewing, and good times. Hugs, Heidi



Fall Has Arrived at Zephyr Point!


My husband and I went for a week of R&R at our favorite place at Lake Tahoe, Cabin A at Zephyr Point. Colors were at their peak. It was a working vacation too. I made a trip to Minden, Nevada while there.  I went to visit Beth at Fabric Chicks. Fabric Chicks was the fabric store we had visit us at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat. What a HUGE, FABULOUS, brick and mortar store she has. 21 minutes from Zephyr Point and a beautiful drive. Check it out. I have exciting news about some of my “Art to Wear” patterns via Beth at Fabric Chicks! More about that in my next post.

I want to show you my last project for Stitch E-Parties via Stitch magazine. What a great run I had with Stitch. This was my 6th and final project for that magazine. Sadly, after the winter issue, Stitch is closing up shop. They were just hitting their stride too. Below are the Marcia Derse prints I used along with the Kaffe shot cotton for the center. This is a two different pieces project. DSC_0293

Below the Summer/Fall leaves  were made into a wall hanging but I like it on my front door to herald the beginning of Fall.


Wow, in a door at the other end of the house it has a stained glass look. leaves 2

I love Marcia Derse fabrics.


My leaves remind me of the beautiful Aspen leaves at Zephyr Point. I need to make a new batch of leaves in these yummy fall colors below.


Working on the set up for my “Summer Fun Leaves” projects. Oh my, I was too busy to clean up my other projects first.

leaves lined up summer on board

Watching me work on making a flurry of leaves was exhausting for Rubix. leaves Ribix

And there it is, I’m even on the cover for the Stitch Parties, E-projects book. Check it out at F&W.

And here is the 2nd part, a quick and easy leaf centerpiece or hey, it could be a placemat too.Leaves, Summer, Stitch in Vase

A wonderful, much needed storm, came flying through for a few hours while we were there. FYI, in a good year, the water comes to within 3 feet of the little boathouse (on the left).

A view on the side of the road on the Eastern Shore drive of Lake Tahoe. Aspens, rocks, water, three

Turn around and another great view. Beautiful Aspens close up

This golden, glorious view is only a 1/4 mile away from the major casinos. Amazing. We pulled over to the side of the road and click, click, click.

More Aspens in field

Have a wonderful fall weekend, and take time to run through the leaves. Hugs, Heidi