“Hip To Be Tied” A New Type of Belt using Terial Magic

by Heidi Emmett

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I recently saw a belt in a catalog that was very wide, embroidered, tied once on the hips, and looked fabulous! It was also $148.00! So, I decided to see what I could put together that looked just as good and at 1/10th of the price!


1/3 yard large scaled print and 1/3 yard of a smaller print fabric for the lining.  Both fabrics should be quilting cotton weight.

1 bottle Terial Magic spray.

Thread, same thread top and bobbin.

Optional, beads and fabric glue

Sewing machine and supplies.

Finished belt size is 5″ wide x 84″-90″ long (Depending on the width of the fabric).

Directions: Prepare the fashion fabric and the lining fabric with Terial Magic according to their directions.  In case you didn’t know it, I love, love, LOVE, Terial Magic for its many creative uses. 

1.From both fabrics, cut 2 strips, each strip being 5″ x width of the fabric. Seam each piece together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press the seam open.

2. Place the two pieces wrong sides together. Pin in a few places to hold together. Thread the machine with the same colored thread both top and bobbin. I put an open-toed embroidery foot on (so I could see where I was sewing), but did not lower the feed dogs. Use a straight stitch and sew all over. I sewed from the center portion out in long meandering lines. Some of my stitches (as seen below) are larger, but with all the other stitching, they aren’t noticeable.


Trim off the excess fabric along the edges. Cut along one of the stitching lines for an interesting shape for the belt.

The Terial Magic makes the two fabrics stiff enough for easy sewing.

The Terial Magic gives the belt “body” so that when it is tied, it will stay in place. But you can easily rinse the Terial Magic out for a softer look and feel. 

Tie the belt right on the hips. What a fun way to use some of your favorite fabrics. 

Of course, I couldn’t stop with just one belt! Check out this “house” fabric. I like to use another colorful fabric for the lining, just in case is shows.  Craftsy-Logo InstagramAA Logo1Pinterest-Pinnedetsy

No worries where the stitching lands. It’s easy and relaxing stitching. 

This belt calls for some subtle bling. Look closely at the bottom end of the belt. 

Here’s a close up. I didn’t have time to hand sew my large seed beads down. I wanted the holes of the bead to show. Using  fabric glue and using a pair of tweezers, drag the back of the bead across some glue. Set in place.  

Wear this belt all year round with dresses, skirts, or pants. Make a bunch for gift giving too.

Visit Heidi Emmett at her blog: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com for more fun ideas.;Orrrr….if you are already here at my blog, you might want to visit Artistic Alchemy at: Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com and read some of the past posts. There are four of us teaching at our retreat this September 4th-8th.

One more time,  I love Terial Magic and use it for so many of my creative sewing projects. See my latest projects using Terial Magic in my new book, “Fashion Quilted Accessories” by Leisure Arts. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

Winter 2017 Artistic Alchemy Update


Welcome to all the new and returning people to our blog for Artistic Alchemy! We appreciate you stopping by. Today, our “Go Live” for our Artistic Alchemy Sept. 2017 retreat is……….delayed. Aarrrgghh! Technical difficulties.Part of the technical difficulties are missing pictures from past blog posts by me, Heidi Emmett, and ALL pictures from our newest teacher, Mary Boalt. So please, allow me to re- introduce myself: nik_2670I have been working with all things fabric since I was 7 and have developed many talents in the fiber arena:  I have been a full-service fabric store owner for 16 years, a quilting teacher, an “Art to Wear” pattern designer(see my full line of patterns at Craftsy.com/sewing patterns/designsbyheidi), a magazine project contributor, a blogger (designsbyheidi.wordpress.com) a guest blogger, a retreat creator/organizer (Artistic Alchemy, yeah!), and just recently, a book author on my Art to Wear! I love to, “Make it up, make it fun and get it done!”

My workshop for Artistic Alchemy is titled, “Pick a Pattern.” Don’t be afraid of wearables. You have made plenty of quilts – it’s time to WEAR some of your creations!

Together, with easy techniques, we will make one of my Art to Wear patterns to fit your body shape. Below are two examples. “Off the Grid” vest (requires little to NO alterations – ask my past students, it’s a miracle vest!)


Two versions of “Terrific Tabard” vest pattern (also know as “Skinny” vest).

dsc_0308And as a newly minted “author” of a book, there will be two sweeeet vest patterns in the new book by Leisure Arts, of which, sadly, I can show you nothing right now. The book (no title yet either), will debut on the shelves of every Joann’s store by early spring.Then, it’ll be picked up by independent fabric and quilt shops around the world. I am beyond excited!!  dsc_0100

Barring any other issues, our “Go Live” for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat, 2017, will happen next Friday, February 3rd. Mary Boalt will reintroduce herself on Feb. 10th with all new pictures of some of her newest, never before seen, painted pieces! Sew ready, set, go, and kick your “artistic alchemy” into high gear this weekend. Hugs, Heidi


Happy New Year! 2017

This day in winter dawns with a storm a comin’.  They’re talking snow by New Year’s Day!
dsc_0279Before the storm rolls in, all the critters are snug by the fire. dsc_0247O.K., I admit it, both pictures of “the critters” are two years old (Sweet Sparky dog is gone now) but the snow, and by the fire, that is all really happening this New Year’s weekend. And I love these pics. They are awwww…. pictures. dsc_0245

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 Find me at the icons at right. DesignsbyHeidi

Are you looking to make a Show Stopping Terrific Tabard Vest? This is one of my best selling patterns. I started with an allover large scaled print by M & S Textiles, an Aboriginal (it is 5th from the left). The other fabrics are cut into strips to work with that  Aboriginal. dsc_0552

This vest took a few days of walking back and forth, looking, moving, sewing, ripping, placing, taking pics…don’t be in a hurry. Relax and have fun with the process. I also cut up the large scaled fabric in interesting ways that could be used in the Terrific Tabard  (see below). I played and played with this one aboriginal and decided it needed a 2nd bold piece to go with everything.dsc_0555-2

Testing the first print, I like it so far. Hey, those gourds look good in the mix don’t they? dsc_0647

Do you see it? It’s the more blue toned (another Aboriginal) large scaled piece in the middle of the picture below. It was an “aha” moment. When making the Terrific Tabard using the view called “Aussie Angle” you are starting with a blank slate. Always key off your favorite large-scaled fabric and you will have a great palette to work with. Have a second or third large-scaled fabric at the ready, just in case. Notice the tissue piece on the right side of the picture. I often lay the tissue pieces over what I am working on so I don’t sew morestrips and pieces together than is necessary. dsc_0074-2 My VERY FIRST QUILTING project on my “new” (to me), Sweet Sixteen by Handiquilter!dsc_0093 A whole new world has opened up to me with this amazing machine. The room, the precision (well, I’m still working on that), the lighting, it’s so fun!!dsc_0095 Here’s one of the front pieces all quilted and ready to trim to fit the tissue pattern. dsc_0099

Adding the outside trim pieces (late at night, hence the poorly lit pictures). dsc_0159 Working on the shoulder strips (to cover raw edges) and bring the edging strip to the front of the vest. dsc_0165

Another MAJOR “aha” moment. How long have I owned this Bernina? Ohhh, since, 1986. See the picture below of the needle position, up or down? Pick down and you will have sooooooo much MORE control of smaller pieces that you are sewing together. We get used to things the way they are and don’t look at new ways of thinking.Hmm. this could be a New Year’s resolution: look at things from new angles! It will keep life interesting.  dsc_0164

Taa Daa! I love it. And Katie does too. dsc_0266

I made this vest as a thank you to Katie McCollum with Checker Distributing. Thank you Katie for getting my hard copy patterns in their “Art to Wear” pattern group for distribution all over the world! So exciting for me.   dsc_0269 dsc_0278

Happy New Year everyone. And a parting shot of Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Point in the early morning after a snow storm. Great things are happening at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat scheduled for September 4th-8th, 2017. Details coming the end of January. Hugs, Heidi


Has Heidi Emmett Done Anything since the Artistic Alchemy Retreat?

by Heidi Emmett

Fasten your seat belts everyone and I’ll show you! It has only been 7 weeks since the retreat at Zephyr Point and I have been busy, busy, since the day I came home!  Modern Patchwork has my Free-form Circles Pillow project in the latest edition. It just came out, Fall 2016. Get it NOW. Christine is in it too.
modern-patchwork-stories 20160924_120337-1Drum roll please………I LOVE these pillows and they are super fun and easy to make.
20160924_120349-2The day after I finished all my projects for the book I wrote, yes, you heard it right, I WROTE A BOOK (yes, I’m shouting it out!!)! O.K., deep breath, Heidi was asked to write a book on my Quilted Wearables and accessories. People, quilted wearables/wearable Art is becoming a BIG deal! And I’m going to be a part of it. So excited and honored to write this for Leisure Arts. Look for it in Early Spring. O.K. where was I, oh yes, the day after I finished the book and sent everything off, I went to PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) held in San Francisco area and picked up my first EVER!! sit down quilting machine by Handiquilter. It’s a Sweet Sixteen.
dsc_0674Feast your eyes on ALL THE ROOM I have (sorry, I’m yelling again, I’m so excited) to quilt a large Coat or Jacket, wallhanging, tote bag, and on, and on, I can quilt!
dsc_0678I had to get a new comfy chair. I can lean waaay back in it too. It is a Flintan from Ikea. And of course while I was there I checked out the fabric department that is buried in a corner of the drapery section. It was a feast of yummy fabrics. I bought a bunch for future wearable projects I have in mind.
dsc_0679Below is the very first project I will quilt on my Sweet Sixteen.
dsc_0661 dsc_0653 Terrific Tabard with a large scaled fabric as the start. Always take a picture of the fabrics you think you will use in any Art to wear project. Pictures help you see the other prints in new ways. I see a few that will have to go. dsc_0648 This is a “Thank You” vest for a lovely lady(thank you Katie McCollum) who introduced me to Checker Distributors, the largest distributor in the U.S. They are now carrying my “hard copy” Art to Wear patterns. In fact, my Terrific Tabard, “Aussie Angle” is in the Checker booth this very week in Houston. So, my vest traveled to Houston, but not me. Maybe next year! Months of working on getting all the behind the scenes details ironed out to begin this new journey of hard copy sales in a big way. Finished the final details a week before the book was due. Ohh boy, not much sleep for me. dsc_0647


Oh, I taught a Rafiki Skirt class. This was crazy fun! You learn to create your perfectly fitted pattern using your measurements. It’s the African way of making a pattern.
dsc_0539 Deciding on how the fabrics will look next to each other. dsc_0546

O.K. the skirts below ARE NOT FINISHED YET BUT WE RAN OUT OF TIME! So they don’t look so good in this pic. There I go, yelling again.That’s Terry (creator of Terial Magic) on the left and Trish Morris-Plisse on the right. This class was for “Jamboree” for the Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Grass Valley, CA. 



I also taught at the Mountain Star Quilt Retreat in Downieville, CA. Wow, what a lovely, gold rush town, and what lovely people that live there. I had such a fun time teaching.  bridge-and-carriage-house I love this stone wall on one side of the town Museum. Many of the buildings, homes, and businesses were all built in the late 1800’s. stone-wall museum My students worked on a Fun Fall Leaf Tablerunner or Center piece. I have many more pics I want to share on another post either here or on my own blog: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.comleaves This project designed and created by me, first appeared in Stitch magazine fall, 2015 and Stitch E-book . All my students and I decided these leaves could easily be used in a quilt or even on a garment, hmm… did they mean a camouflage garment? KIDDING!leaf-centerpiece silk-leaves orange-leaves

Phew, I’m exhausted but so happy. Creative and fun things are starting to happen for me. But I’m finally getting a weekend off and I will put myself in my new chair and quilt up a storm as big as the one we are having outside. We love the rain and it makes me cozy and happy to be inside quilting. Hugs, Heidi

Creativity abounds when you go to an Artistic Alchemy Retreat!

by Heidi Emmett

Sherri P., my student from Mission Viejo (she drove a looong way) said I could post pictures of her AMAZING Off The Grid Vest. We’ll start with the finished pics first.

I am bummed that this is the only picture I have of the front! What was I thinking?

Sherri had a different idea for the back of her vest when she first arrived. Then Fabric Chicks from Minden arrived and she spotted this amazing cityscape picture panel. She finished her entire vest while at Zephyr but chose to do the quilting around the cityscape on her longarm when she got home. Pictures Sherri, I need pics and would you get a full shot of the front for me too? Thanks.  dsc_0617

I love how she chose to cut it up and showcase it in her vest. What a wonderful idea. dsc_0619Here is a little closer view of the front pieces.
dsc_0403 Sherri learned to make her own pattern pieces, basically all of them are rectangles (they are on the wall to the left). It took Sherri (and others too) less than an hour to create her own pattern pieces. There are only 4. dsc_0404 dsc_0405

Yummy, yummy, rich, color scheme. dsc_0407 This really is a miracle vest in that little, to no adjustments are made to the pattern pieces. Read what others have said about the vest when they tried it on. Go to the home page and under “workshops” there is a page of quotes from ladies. dsc_0542

Look, the collar piece is almost finished.


And here are front pieces, almost ready to put the whole vest together. dsc_0550

Eeeek! We had a mouse in the house!  This is Sherri’s adorable pincushion.


And this beautiful pillow was a gift to ME from Sherri. While a thoughtful and beautiful gift,this pillow became the catalyst to send me on a quest for a Sweet Sixteen (Handi-Quilter) sit-down quilting machine. The day after I got home from the retreat, I FOUND one on Craig’s list. I will pick it up at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in October. It WILL CHANGE MY LIFE! Thank you Sherri for telling me why I have to have one (my husband needs a bit more convincing). I’ll tell you more next time we meet. Until then, dream up your next Art-to-Wear piece that YOU will create, and make it happen! Hugs, Heidi



A NEW “Art to Wear” Pattern in my Craftsy.com store

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by Heidi Emmett

Hello fellow quilting and creative sewing enthusiasts! Today I am introducing my newest pattern that is available on Craftsy.com in a pdf format (print it all at home) for $13.95 or email me at hmemmett@gmail.com to purchase a hard copy (I do all the work for you and you get tissue pattern pieces too) for $25.00(includes tax and shipping). Hard copies of all my Art to Wear patterns will be at the Zephyr Point  Artistic Alchemy Retreat. DSC_0004 (3)

The cut of this vest is so different that anything else you have made. I thought it up after reviewing a book of the 20th century designer Erte’.  I will bring another waaay cool version of this vest (in a wool boucle’) to Zephyr Point Artistic Alchemy retreat. DSC_0014 (2) DSC_0024 DSC_0073 DSC_0074

Below is a “flip board” series of Rubix the cat, trying on the little girls jumper/vest! Whaat? DSC_0037 DSC_0043 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0063

Awwww……..See you all soon at Zephyr Point. Guaranteed fun, fun, FUN!!! Hugs, Heidi

Art to Wear- Patterns, Retreats, & Inspiration!

by Heidi Emmett

The title says it all.  I’m Art to Wear, Patterns, Retreats, & lots and lots of Inspiration! I’ve been sewing since I was 7, made my own clothes since I was 12,and had my first show and sale of my “one of a kind” tennis dresses at age 18 (I made 27 for the show and half sold the first day, whoo hoo). I LOVE WHAT I DO!

Yes, I am older and wiser and have so much to show you, that you too can create your own art to wear piece and it will fit and you will feel great wearing it.

I don’t dress my age (59), I dress myself!

Students in my workshop have a choice of Off The Grid Vest, or Terrific Tabard. Below are some students past work.Off the Grid Vest (my miracle vest, see past posts by me, Heidi Emmett) The first one is Pat from a previous retreat.
Pat vest front open draped

Below is Trish, the only one in the entire retreat last year to walk to her truck after the retreat with a finished art to wear piece. Go Trish! The others were close behind. DSC_1039 A whole cloth Off The Grid. DSC_0087 (3) Wear it different ways. That’s what’s  fun. DSC_0309

A friend from New Zealand!New Zealand, Ca



Deirdre, working on her “Serengeti” vest. That’s what I’m calling it. She is using some terrific African fabrics. DSC_0025

Judi is using some great colors and fabrics that she keyed off of her large scaled fabric (the circles).  DSC_0026 One of my own Terrific Tabard vests using Marcia Derse fabrics. As Mary Boalt called it (in her July 8th post), a “TNT” of my TT vest pattern. DSC_0228

In case you missed them, Mary Boalt, a teacher this year at the Artistic Alchemy retreat made a “few” (5, FIVE!) Terrific Tabards. Reread and enjoy her post from July 8th.


Silk scrap bag vest. Who knew?! Mary Boalt.


Love this, she painted over some of the designs, and added hand stitching to compliment. Simple and elegant. Mary Boalt-T.T. vest using linen, fabric paints, and hand stitching.


A covered button is the finishing touch.


Here is the back of my cat, Rubix (he did that on command! ha, ha), and the back of Mary’s Terrific Tabard. Love the simplicity of the the painted circles and the stitched circles on linen. Sorry, the picture below is a bit fuzzy, let’s call it soft focus, ha, ha.


I’m working on a whole cloth T.T. I am trying different battings, threads, techniques. I’ll show you at the workshop.Machine quilting DOES take practice and more practice, I admit, I too am learning (the free form variety as below). I am quite willing to show my crude attempts. And no threads have been trimmed yet.  DSC_0159

And you thought I might have made my designs up (above pic)! This is the front. Tip # 1. use a whole cloth, large scaled print for maximum quilting potential. It makes it so much more fun to give it a try.


Egads! I even took a close up picture of my “practice.” DSC_0161

Inspiration is alive and well. It’s all around us. Come and explore some with me, Heidi E. in my workshop, Art to Wear.. See you soon! Hugs, Heidi

P.S. There is room in all the workshops. Sign up until late August.



It’s the 4th of July!

by Heidi Emmett

We would love to have you join us up where the air is sweet and the views are amazing! Come and learn and create. Make it real. There are four of us hard working, giving, generous, teachers who are excited to work with you. Workshops are smaller so you get the attention you deserve.

While the final balance was due on June 30th, that is for those who wanted sleeping rooms with a lake view.  We are taking new sign ups through July and August. Don’t wait!

There are so many who are new to our blog that I thought I would take this time to tell you what I am doing these days. Below is a stack of some of the things I have created. This stack is the header for my own personal blog. I would love to have you visit: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com


I have several teaching gigs happening for the rest of this year. Downieville in October, Grass Valley in late September, and Folsom. I love being home creating new “Wearable Art” patterns. Below are some of my designs. Timeless and really wearable. None of them are hard, basic to intermediate sewing skills are all that’s needed. Find them in a pdf format for sale through Craftsy.com/sewing patterns/DesignsbyHeidi  Or email me directly at: hmemmett@gmail.com to learn about getting a hard copy (instructions and some have tissue patterns and in a plastic cover).


I have some very exciting news: Checker Distributors, the largest distributor in the U.S. of all things quilting, sewing, patterns, and crafts (they are worldwide), has asked to distribute my hard copy  patterns. What a huge validation for what I do. I also hope to have 4 new hard copy patterns available by our September retreat.


Terrific Tabard is one of the vests you may choose to make in my workshop.


Off The Grid Vest is another pattern that you can choose from for my workshop.


The other thing I enjoy is creating projects for magazines like, Stitch, and Modern Patchwork. I recently finished a project for the Fall issue of Modern Patchwork. It should be out by our Retreat.


I have one more big project in the works.Hopefully by my next post I will be able to tell you all about it.  I just sent an editor of a different publication loads of sketches for vests and accessories. I love what I do, “Make it easy, make it fun, and get it DONE!”

Have the very best 4th of July! Take time to read the constitution, an amazing document for the most unique country in the world.    Below will be my view over the 4th.


We are volunteering at Zephyr Point (in the gift shop) and these are our digs. Sweeeeet!DSC_0354

Hugs, Heidi DSC_0283

“I Dare You!”

by Heidi Emmett

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Yes, “I Dare You!” to start thinking differently about a few things in your life. Color, line, and style in what you wear is a good place to start. Wait! Don’t leave this page just yet!I know, you say that you only make quilts. I recently attended a lecture by the ever famous Kaffe Fassett with Christine. Look at the following pictures and read some of his quotes.

“I go to museums and see collections of old fabrics to get ideas for new fabric collections.”

” I like easy approaches to actual techniques by using BIG presentations of color or design.”


“If the color is wonderful, does perfection really matter?”

sign 1

“Perfection has a place, but it has room for “play.”

Me and Kaffeus

I must digress a moment, the picture above is the only one we could get that would, in a teeny, tiny, way show Kaffe, that we WERE there with him! The book cover above, is the book I bought so I could actually stand in front of Kaffe and have him see me and sign my book. And I just thought (weeks later, of course!) if ONLY I had brought forward onto the table a panel from my Whisper Blouse (that I was wearing) and asked him to sign it! Now, THAT would have been cool. Oh well, but he did look at my blouse and said to me, “Ahh, someone really likes my stripes.” Be still my beating heart.


Here is the back of Whisper Blouse and the sweet lady next to me was wearing her own dress made from Alison Glass fabrics. Christine and I were some of the few that were wearing actual Kaffe Fassett fabric. Yes, we were “groupies” and proud of it!

My Back

“Accidental happenings give wonderful serendipity.”


“Close tones and harmonies of color, that’s how I work.”Kaffe three b Kaffe quilt 5 Kaffe two b

What an eye opening lecture for me. I was happy in realizing that I do, already, many of the things he spoke to. Kaffe has been doing this for over 50 years and YIKES, I just realized so have I. I am constantly building on what I have learned over the years and I love what I do. So yeah, “I DARE YOU!” to come the Artistic Alchemy retreat and learn and have fun by creating your own piece of wearable art. Be bold and step off the well worn rut you have been in. DSC_1224

Create a Terrific Tabard.
Sandra and Heidi Sandra & Heidi Orrr….how about Off The Grid vest. Let’s make it up, make it fun, and we WILL get it done (before you leave the retreat). Hugs, Heidi DSC_0598 DSC_0594

Artistic Alchemy goes to The Quilt Show in Grass Valley, CA!

by Heidi Emmett 

Visit my personal blog: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com  Also,see all my patterns that are available at Craftsy.com/sewing/DesignsbyHeidi/Heidi Emmett

How many fiber artists does it take to set up (this booth is a first for us) a 10 x 10 ft. booth? Four! Here we are: the intrepid group that makes up Artistic Alchemy; Christine, Mary, Sandra, and Heidi. Welcome to all of you who are new to our blog after visiting our booth!   DSC_1203

Sandra and Heidi are both wearing a Terrific Tabard vest. Don’t forget I am offering Terrific Tabard as an option to Off The Grid vest in the Art to Wear workshop I am teaching. DSC_1200

I like how Sandra added a “phone pocket” on her Terrific Tabard aka “Skinny vest.” DSC_1095

Below is the cute triangle mini bag you will make in Mary’s workshop. It’s from the Steam-a-Seam section of the workshop.


I love her new canvas pieces. She is always adding new techniques that will help you create your own one-of-a-kind piece of art work. DSC_1193

This is how we felt after figuring out our booth setup!DSC_1192 Over in the SWAG (Sierra Wearable Art Group) showcase, I showed my Off The Grid Vest in a pre-felted fabric.I  have the wrong side out at this show for a different look. It’s a miracle vest pattern, so many have said that! One size really DOES fit all. Read more under my workshop description in the menu bar of this home page.  DSC_1189

Loving how the colors of Sandra’s “Octavious”  quilt helps to showcase our booth and show everyone what we each do at the Artistic Alchemy retreat. DSC_1103

Yea!! What a success our booth was. Now many, many, more are interested in what we do and are considering signing up for a creative and fun, 5 days of sewing by Lake Tahoe. Each workshop is filling. Christine’s is the first to have a waiting list. Sew don’t delay to pick your workshop choice and sign up!
DSC_1106 Christine’s Crossover Collage Vest in the SWAG section. DSC_1188

Mary’s stamped and painted linen coat in the SWAG section. DSC_1187 Sandra’s “Chuck Close” quilt won a prize in the show.DSC_1165

Here is Sandra’s latest quilt, “Winston,” another ribbon winner. I zoomed in a bit on this quilt to showcase the depth of color. DSC_1162

Here’s the write-up on Christine’s  ribbon winning quilt!DSC_1159

Solid and Plaid Modules. Sorry, I just retitled it to “Dazzling Color Blocking.”

DSC_1158 Christine’s “Swizzle Sticks” was a ribbon winner too!DSC_1143

Thanks for coming along on our weekend at The Quilt Show. We love what we do. As I like to say: “We make it up, make it fun, FUN!, and get it done!”  Hugs, Heidi