Pet Portrait Fabric Collage

Workshops 2019: Jane Haworth

Jane Haworth Quilt Artist

This year my workshop will be Pet Portrait Fabric Collage. This has grown to be the most popular class that I teach at quilt shops and to quilt guilds. I think having the extra time during this retreat will be valuable to students in completing their unique projects. My pet portrait quilts will be soon featured in the April/May 2019 edition of Quilting Arts magazine and my cat quilt ‘Tilly” was featured on the cover. This is quite an honor and hopefully it will encourage more people to look at my work and seek out my workshops.

Cover of April/May 2019 Quilting Arts Jane Haworth

Purple version of Tilly by Jane Haworth

Right now on social media you may have noticed that fabric collage is a really popular technique or method of quilting making. There are various methods of fabric collage being encouraged, patterns and kits to purchase and quilt artists to follow. The technique I use for fabric collage is raw edge, using no fusible product or pattern pieces and I describe it as “more intuitive”. In this class students will work from a chosen photo of their pet. A close-up of the head or face works the best. In my materials list I will describe how to print and bring an enlargement to the workshop which we will make into the pattern.

These are the type of image you would want to work from to make a successful quilt. All the unnecessary background has been removed and so the head or face is the center of the image. When this image is enlarged at 200% or larger 300% the pattern pieces will be a good workable size.

In this workshop students will learn; how to make patterns from photos, select great  fabrics to use for pattern and value, my collage technique, how to stitch and finish the quilt. On day one we will make our pattern ready for collage and  I will have materials available to experiment with and make our own fun, unique fabrics. We will use various mixed media techniques, including gelli printing, carving and stamping lino-cuts, and painting on fabric. Hopefully some of these can then be used in the collage. The rest of the workshop will allow students plenty of time to continue to work on their project both day and night if they wish!

Student work Jane Haworth

If you don’t have a pet photo that you wish to use you are welcome to choose another photo of something that excites you. I have had students in the past work on giraffes, lions, flowers and landscapes, etc. If you are looking for copyright free images I search on which has thousands to scroll through. Just remember that when learning this technique using  a close-up works great. Having three plus full days to work on this project will allow you to be immersed in this project for a successful outcome.

Student work Craft Napa 2019

If you did wish to work on a pet or animal fabric collage made using abstract, funky, bright fun colors you certainly can. See my examples below and the purple version of Tilly that was used on the magazine cover. Just remember when selecting fabrics to include some plains, include a range of values from dark to light and bring black and white fabrics also.

Finally please contact me if you had wished to sign-up for the Travel Journal Quilt workshop that I had initially offered.  We can make it work if that is what you are interested in.

Materials List

Choose a close up photo of your pet’s face. A photo with good contrast works best. Making a pattern of a black dog can be tricky so email me the photo for help.You may need to crop or cut down your photo and then enlarge it in color to 8 x 10” or ‘fit the page’. Take this photo to your local copy shop and ask them to enlarge it in black and white at 200% for approx 16 x 22” size quilt pattern or go larger.   * see below

Bring this enlargement and the 8” x 10” color photo of your pet

A variety of fabrics to match the colors in the photo. Small pieces and a few fat eighth size. Batiks, hand dyes, Kaffe, small patterns, unexpected colors. Small pieces of black and white. I also encourage sharing of fabrics.

Black Sharpie pen ‘Fine’ tip not the extra fine (it’s the fatter one)

Approx 24” piece of Tru-grid Pellon (sold at Joanns) or similar lightweight interfacing, does not need to be fusible. I will bring some for purchase if you have trouble finding this

Pencil, pen, Chalk pencil, disappearing ink pen or similar fabric marking tools.

Embroidery scissors, sharp and good for cutting small pieces of fabric. I like Karen Kay Buckleys blue 6’’,  and regular fabric scissors

Aleene’s Tacky Glue or other fabric glue maybe with a fine tip or tool for applying glue like a toothpick

Optional: painters tape, tweezers, Hera Marker, light box

To complete the project; Background fabric or fabrics. You might want to decide this after the portrait is made so bring a selection.

*If you have difficulty with the enlargement/print out you can email me the photo, I can do it for a $5 charge.