With all my “gigs” canceled or postponed, I’m seeing it as a great opportunity. The purging and cleaning part, JUST DO IT! I am starting to feel that I can accomplish more within my creative life as the slate is being “wiped clean” so to speak.

I just “purged” my email account. Oh my! I was going to be so good to keep that one up…I have 4 categories in my email account and just to give you an idea of how many emails I keep around, in the “Updates” category alone, I had 20,639 emails. Whoo hooooo! All gone! (I did save important emails but, I might have missed some). So if you don’t hear from me and you wrote to me via email about something, try again.

It is so hard to work from home people! And that brings up something else, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, can really take a chunk out of ones “working” time.  I only really use Pinterest and only in the mornings, 15 minutes, well it has stretched to 40-60min. ha, ha.  I don’t message on FB, Pinterest, or Instagram. I honestly don’t know how and have no time for it (I know, your saying, she’s too busy on Pinterest). I’m not saying these platforms aren’t good, I like them for my business’ sake but not for messages.

Email me if you want to ask me a question or whatever. And now that I have cleaned out my emails I will see your email that much faster. So, JUST DO IT! I know,email is so “last year” but it is MY way of communicating. Here is my email address: hmemmett@gmail.com  P.S. I do respond to my blog post comments.

   AA Logo1

I am so excited to tell you that, I JUST DID IT!, my Etsy store has been UPDATED to now include every one of my patterns in a pdf/digital format. Now you have two choices, “hard copy” (everything in a plastic sleeve), or pdf/digital (cheaper but you print it out at home).  You can always buy directly from me as well for either a hard copy or pdf. Email address again: hmemmett@gmail.com   ESPECIALLY good for overseas orders. I can save you $ in shipping charges.  

I have also been looking into creating on-line classes. I want them fun and informative. They will be technique oriented. I’m very excited about it and now I have time so I will JUST DO IT!

And I have a couple more patterns that need to be finished too. Heidi, JUST DO IT!

Please peruse through my “Art to Wear” pattern line below and to get more information about them, tap on the Etsy icon (sprinkled throughout this post).  Remember, my patterns are all “blank canvases” for you to use your own techniques, fabrics, and color schemes.

     AA Logo1



     AA Logo1

Having a year off from  the Artistic Alchemy Retreat is going to put new ideas into the mix to truly make 2021 the best retreat ever!  So keep coming to our blog (tap on the icon in the “lineup” of icons above). We will continue to bring you things that are happening in all 3 of our creative filled lives that make up the whole idea of ARTISTIC ALCHEMY.

It’s time people! JUST DO IT! Get your creative going this weekend in the garden, at your sewing machine, with your knitting needles, etc.

I leave you with these thoughts: Wherever you are today, may the sun shine on you. Whatever you do today, may it give you a sense of peace and completion…Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God!

Hugs, Heidi

7 thoughts on “Let’s JUST DO IT!

  1. I am so impressed that you were able to clean out that many emails! I am still fighting with 5 or 6 hundred and keep a few oldies for nostalgic reasons only. Now I have to set a few new goals. Thanks.

    • Ohh, Kathy, Thank you! I’m glad I’m NOT the only one. Yes, yes, keep old ones definetly! in your folders. I’m going to shoot for clearing out every Friday afternoon. Pretend that I’m leaving my office for the weekend. Hugs, Heidi

    • Oh my! I haven’t yet made a pattern, BUT, it’s the first one on my list! Really! I wasn’t sure where to start. Thank you, thank you for your question. Be on the look out, and I will let everyone know when it’s ready. Hugs, Heidi

  2. Heidi, great post!
    In keeping with your thoughts, I’ve had the time to reflect on why I’m hanging on to all those “one of these days” sewing projects. I went so far as to complete some, and then wondered why. Just because they were there turned out to be no good reason. They were not what I envisioned, not particularly attractive and a waste of time. Like you, I feel the freedom of letting go and it is mighty fine.

    • Hi Patty, If my telling about purging my emails helped someone make decisions regarding other areas of ones life, well I think that is just wonderful. I appreciate hearing from you about this. Hugs, Heidi

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