Dogs, Cats and Plenty of Students


Bernese Mountain dog – custom order

Hello this is Jane. I am currently staying in Warwick, Rhode Island getting ready to teach to the Narraganset Bay Quilt Guild but here is my post. Since the Artistic Alchemy retreat in September I have been busy traveling and teaching to quilt shops and guilds. Many of my classes have been my Love of Pets workshop. This really is the most popular class. You will see in my photos some works in progress and completed quilts that have been shared with me.

Dazzling Dogs workshop by Jane Haworth

Dazzling Dogs projects started at IQF Houston 2019

Just a few days after my return from the retreat I was packing for a visit to the Napa Valley Quilt Guild. The guild chose Succulent Love for their workshop. My weekend stay was wonderfully hosted by Kelly and Theresa the vice-presidents for that guild. I stayed in Theresa’s beautiful studio surrounded by her succulent collection, how appropriate. I presented to the guild at their Saturday morning meeting and then had the afternoon to explore. Kelly arranged for a wine tasting tour at the Whitehall Lane Winery. Rather than go alone I took Sharon Coker, who Is an Artistic Alchemy attendee. It was perfect.

Whitehall Lane Winery

Wine tasting at Whitehall Lane

Sunday, the class that was held in a large light filled room in a local mobile home park. It was well attended and I believe everyone had fun collaging succulents, drawing them and playing with paints. The results were great colorful and all very individual.


End of September I spent a long weekend teaching at quilt stores in the South Bay; The Granary in Sunnyvale and In-between Stitches in Livermore. I was lucky to stay with fellow quilter and teacher Mel Beach. It was wonderful to get to know Mel, her partner and puppies better and it made my quilt tour more personal.


Here are some of the dog and cat quilts that students have been working on and completed. I encourage students  to email photos of their quilts and love it when they do.

Winning quilt IQF Houston 2019

Blau de Colors – El Tubo by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco of Spain

End of October brings the International Quilt Festival in Houston and for quilters who have not been its a wonderful experience that I recommend you put on your bucket list. With acres of beautiful inspiring quilts, more vendors that you can enjoy in one session and international teachers offering a variety of workshops, it shouldn’t be missed! This prizewinning quilt, above, was so impressive, and as you look at it its just a log-cabin design!

Damss Arnoldi Sarzi-Sartori

By Damss Arnoldi Sarzi-Sartori I didn’t get the name of the quilt

This quilt was huge and equally impressive. The scale of it and use of unusual materials so cleverly done to create the different textures. It is made by a couple from Milano, Italy.


A fun event I attend on the Tuesday night is the announcements and unveiling (literally) of the prizewinning quilts. It was extra special to be there and to hear judge Ricky Tims announce his Judges Choice quilt. It was Jan Reed’s quilt ‘Paradise’. The story in this quilt resonated with Ricky and his recent experience of wildfire. Jan Reed is from Grass Valley and a member of Mountain Art Quilters and this quilt was made for the MAQ challenge.


I love meeting people at Houston. It can be quilting personalities that you follow and are familiar with on social media, other quilt teachers, or famous quilting teachers. Then there are those who are excited to meet me! I had a short on camera interview with Ricky Tims that I am sure will be out on social media  on The Quilt Show.  In one of my classes I had a real life astronaut! Those of us around her were star struck!

Better World exhibit.

Viewers enjoying Sandra Bruce’s quilt Yayoi

It is great to run into quilters and their quilts you know from home. I knew Sandra Bruce didn’t visit the show this year but I did share this photo with her. It’s in the Better World exhibit curated by Susan Brubaker Knapp and Lyric Kinard.


FYI. The same organization that puts on the Houston show is returning to their Long Beach venue in Southern California. I will be teaching two of my fabric collage classes, so an excuse for a short So Cal vacation I see in my future. You’ll be able to sign up for a half day Sunflower workshop or a full day of Dazzling Dogs class.


Now onto cats! I’m sure you’ve been wondering. My family has our first pet! Introducing KitKat who turned up on our porch one weekend, while i was away. My husband Martin feed her some freshly smoked salmon and she has stayed since!

Enjoy the upcoming holidays, be creative, enjoy family and get ready for the Artistic Alchemy retreat sign-ups that will open in early February


2 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats and Plenty of Students

  1. Jane, you posted you interviewed with Ricky Timms and I opened the Quilt Show and there you are! How exciting! Such beautiful work. I can’t wait to do my bull dog.

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