2019 Zephyr Retreat Report

A few years ago a student requested that I teach a week long class about painting on fusibles. She wanted the full amount of time to design, embellish and complete a project. I hemmed and hawed and didn’t think it was a good idea at the time. But times change and, at the urging of others, I decided to go for it. To my surprise it was a hit and I was thrilled to have a full class with many ambitious, creative and hard working students.

It was wonderful to occupy Inspiration Point, one of the largest rooms we rent. It allowed us plenty of space for painting, designing, cutting out, sewing and ironing. All with a fantastic view of Lake Tahoe and perfect weather.

The ladies quickly settled in to paint. The first things they painted, just to get the feel of the products, were turned in to me to be used on the last day as a surprise project. Stay tuned.

Then they started to design their projects. I was so  impressed with such a wide variety of ideas. I learn so much from my students whether its color combinations or design style. Everyone brings something valuable and I love helping them accomplish their vision.

And then they embellished with machine stitching.

Followed by more embellishing with beads. Here are some finished and almost finished projects.

Friday morning was the surprise project taught by my sister, Patty. In a former life she taught paper arts classes with a focus on card making. We found a way to incorporate painted fusibles with window cards. Each student was handed their previously painted fusibles and here are the finished products. I love the way they turned out and everyone could take these home with them.

On Thursday afternoon we welcomed the students from the other classes to come and see what we had been creating all week. The room was full of curious ladies wondering how this unique embellishment is done.

With such a successful class accomplished, I’m offering it again next year. Stay tuned for our class list. It will be announced around the first of February. And don’t forget we have Open Studio, an opportunity to work on and catch up on your own personal  projects. Please join us at the most beautiful place on earth during Labor Day week 2020.

After our week at Zephyr is complete, we gear up for the next year with a photo shoot for new postcards. Here’s an out take to make you smile!

10 thoughts on “2019 Zephyr Retreat Report

  1. I so so so want to do this next year! Please put me on your list of folks to notify. Made my first pieced kimono last week and have a whole new appreciation and respect of the process. I love how you are incorporating art and design in the process. Excited to learn new ways and ideas. NZ

    • Hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog and that it sparked your creatives juices. Please sign up by entering your email address on the website so that you will receive all of our blogs and announcements. I got my start in wearable art by piecing fabrics together almost 30 years ago. And because I love Asian design, I would love to see your kimono! Stay tuned for more blogs in a couple of weeks. And thank you!

    • Thank YOU! It was a real treat to see how brave you are when you’re designing. I learned a lot and hope to be less afraid in the future when I venture into something new.

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