Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

Who’s up for some bathroom cleaning? Yard work in the heat?

Having only scant material for this blog, these tasks have gone to the top of my to-do list.  I’m sure you’ve been there. There’s something you don’t want to do so you’ll do almost anything else. It’s followed by the inevitable procrastination! The excuses! The denial! The bathroom gets cleaned! Yup! It’s blog writing time and I’m dry!  I got nuthin’!  My cupboard is bare!

To help, my husband referred me to a blog he reads written by Seth Godin. On this day, the subject is how to become a writer. How to catch your readers attention in the first ten words. So, “who’s up for some bathroom cleaning?” will now be the first words seen in the caption every time anything from this post gets reposted, such as on Pinterest. Sigh!

So here goes……

Our presentation for the ASG in Roseville was a huge success. We led the morning with a show of wearables and quilt art. We were then treated to a lovely brunch followed by an afternoon of demonstrations by each of us. To accommodate the 80 women present, they came by our tables in four rotating groups of 20 people. It was quite the challenge to repeat four to five different painting, stenciling, stamping and silk screening techniques in 12-15 minutes! Stop! And do it again! And again and again! Whew!I managed to take a couple of early pictures before everyone arrived.My demo table before the explosion of activity.

Afterwards we all had items for sale. I brought some painted canvases, bags and journals with reusable painted covers. Here are some canvasses I painted before the big day.

Here are some journals.

These reusable journal covers have been an unexpected pleasure to make. Each one is different, a little jewel of ideas. They all have elastic page holders. Some have extra pockets and a slot for a pen. They make great gifts. I’ll have more for sale at our Zephyr retreat.

In the meantime, my project for this weekend is to have a garage sale. But it just might be time to clean the bathroom again.

I hope you’re all having a great summer and creating marvelous things.

8 thoughts on “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

    • Thanks Jo Ann. I hope it made you smile! The journal covers have proven to be a real surprise. Each one can be an individual piece of artwork. Now you know what to do with your painted canvas.

  1. Chuckle, chuckle! You make us all smile at our shared human behavior, and then WOW us with your creative brilliance! Can I just be more like Mary B? Love , love love your blogs! Kari

    • Hi Anny! Yes, the ASG show was special and we so appreciated being invited to be their main event this spring. We would love to have you at one of our retreats….keep it on your list! Mary

  2. I share Kari’s thoughts. Terrific blog! Makes me want to ignore all the chores calling my name, and instead play with my toys. Thanks.

    • Ahhh yes! I can’t wait to get back in my studio and sew….right after the dreaded garage sale! Hope you make something incredible!

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