Let’s Customize a Purse/Totebag with Your Favorite Fabrics!


I’m calling this FUN FRIDAY! So keep reading and enjoy this post!

Awhile back I did a guest blog post for Imagination International(they license Terial Magic).  I changed things up a bit (added more pics) and want you to see this fun idea.

Take one Cross-body purse and one tote and  add some pizzazz! These are easy, peasy to make and are great idea for gifts too. And perfect for beginner sewists and advanced alike.

I would pick out the purses/totes FIRST, and then go to your stash of small to medium sized prints in 100% cotton. 1/4 yard each of 4 or 5 prints should work just fine.

Hi Rubix, No I’m talking about cats at the end of this post. I know you want to help, but…..

The fastest way to treat your fabrics with Terial Magic for this project is to lay a piece of muslin (big enough to cover the ironing board)onto the ironing board. Working with one piece at a time, lightly spray the fabric piece. With the iron on the dry setting, iron it dry. If you notice a few places that have no “Magic” spray them and keep ironing.  Just like a piece of paper now! LOVE this!!
After they have all been prepped I look for glasses with the right size for my circles. Each finished piece has only 2 layers. This larger circle is 2″ in diameter. Mark around the glass, I used a pencil.
The smaller of the circles are approx. 1 1/4″ in diameter. Mark and cut these out too.
Now it’s play time. Stack them any way you wish. If any of them feel  a little limp, another spritz of Terial Magic and that dry iron again, will do the trick.

Whirr….whirr…start sewing from the center, and work your way out to the edge. Use a regular sewing foot, no glue or pins needed. Very light touch on your fingers on the outside edge. Looking good.

The next step is to glue the stiffened, sewn circles onto your purse/tote. I use, quite often, a product called Fabri-Tac. It’s clear and super tacky. Make sure you put the glue on the outer edges. Fabri-Tac is expensive so make sure you close it up tightly when done using it.  ENJOY YOUR FUN, AND FANCY NEW BAGS!

O.K., now for the dog part. This came off of a tea towel I purchased for a friend. I think it’s hilarious.

And now for the cat part.


Canopy Cat Rescue is a site YOU MUST LOOK AT! I tried to get a picture to bring over to my site, but I couldn’t get it to work. I saw this group on the Hallmark Family show. Oh my gosh! Two guys climb 175 ft. trees to rescue cats. Did you know that Washington state has the tallest trees in all the lower 48 states. And a slow month is 30-40 cat rescues. Whaaaatt! That’s incredible. Go and see what they do. It will make you feel good (even if you don’t like cats that much).

Thanks for stopping by today. Things are shaping up for our Artistic Alchemy retreat. Check it out here.  I have just a few spots left in my workshop, and Jane has some in her workshop as well.  As I keep saying, “Make it up, make it fun, and get it done! Hugs, Heidi

P.S. My next post on Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com will be June 21st! My yard and veggie garden need some major attention.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Customize a Purse/Totebag with Your Favorite Fabrics!

  1. Hedi, Jane, Mary and Sandra Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed seeing you all and having the 4 of you present the program for ASG luncheon at Sun City Roseville this last month. I thought it was the best I have attended and I have really enjoyed the other meetings as well so thanks again for doing your presentation and I look forward to the retreat in September
    Sharon Crowder

    • Hi Sharon, I’m so glad you enjoyed our presentation for the ASG luncheon. It was a joy and a privilege to be invited and we have certainly appreciated all the positive feedback. The other three are pros at these events, having participated in many similar presentations. I, on the other hand, was really nervous. But your group made us feel so welcome and interested in what we do that my insecurities were gone by the end of the day. We, too, look forward to having you in our group in September. Thanks again! Mary

  2. Heidi: Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. And, for sharing the Canopy Cat Rescue. What great organization. I live in Western Washington and we do have tall trees on our property, and cats. A few years ago, a neighbor’s cat was stuck way up in a tree and it was difficult to find a tree guy who would come and rescue her.
    I am sharing this website with lots of friends.
    Thank you, Heidi!

  3. Hi Heidi it is me again. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy these posts Your idea to dress up a tote or bag is inspiring. I really look forward to posts from Artistic Alchemy
    Sharon Crowder

    • Thank you Sharon. I think we are a very creative group of teachers at Artistic Alchemy and love sharing what we do with all of you! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Tell your friends about us! Hugs, Heidi

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