Are you a pluviophile or a heliophile? To all of you pluviophiles, your ugly days are nearing an end! And I will be rejoicing! To set the record straight, lest you think I’m some sort of morbid freak, pluviophiles are people who love the rain and heliophiles are sun seekers. I am so happy to have spring around the corner after these many, many, many weeks of clouds and rain…and snow. What a long winter this has been. Here are some pictures around my house.So in my effort to find the humor in it, I share these thoughts with you.I will finish this weather rant by saying that this cloud-induced-lack of creativity slowly came to an end as two garments were finally finished. Whew! 

The first source of inspiration was Heidi’s Rods and Reels Pillow featured in the Winter 2015 issue of Stitch magazine. Here’s a picture to remind you.

All of the fabrics for this top came from that Great Fabric Source: My Stash. It included men’s ties, scraps of dupioni silk and some polka dot fashion fabric, all set on a mystery blend of lightly corded black fabric. Rayon embroidery thread was used in a triple stitch to make the cardiac stitch over the strips of silk.

Always on the lookout for clever new detail treatment, channels were made in the collar for a drawstring made from the polka dot fabric. It loops around two stacked buttons attached with embroidery floss.

You know that little strip of fabric that keeps the back part of men’s ties in place? Here is a new home for it.

This pattern is an Issey Miyake from Vogue #1476. It is no longer in print.

Again, after scouring my stash of freebies, donations and scraps, I went back to my roots of wearable art. I sold pieced garments for about ten years and still am drawn to them. This piece includes linen, silks, men’s suiting, light weight upholstery fabrics and brocade. I love the mix of incongruous materials, all in grays and pale yellows.

This is a ”Franken-pattern”.  The same Issey Miyake pattern as above was used for the body but the sleeves are changed, the neck is made into a V shape and the front band is triangle shaped with the buttons placed down the center.

A huge thank you to Heidi for the pictures and our friend for the use of her beautiful yard on an unusually warm 72 degree day!  And then it dropped thirty degrees and rained!   Sigh!

And now for an update on our September retreat at Zephyr Point. I am overwhelmed, pleased and grateful for a very full class. Thank you. There are still a few spaces left in the classes for Heidi, Jane and Sandra. Be sure to read their class descriptions and be inspired. Click on Workshops under the home page banner.  We would love to have you join us for five creative days in the most beautiful place on earth where the weather is delightful.

Carry on creatively, Mary



  1. So enjoyed seeing your creation It is amazing what you can do with scraps. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the ASG luncheon here at Sun City Roseville May 18 and then so excited about the retreat at Tahoe in September
    Sharon Crowder

    • Hi Sharon! Yes, scraps can be a wonderful thing. I love making something out of nothing. It’s a challenge I give to myself and I like the look. I am busy getting things ready for the ASG show. It will be my first time to do a presentation like this. And I look forward to seeing what your project will be for the Zephyr retreat.

  2. Ha, ha, Mary, please tell us how you really feel about winter. Too funny–a great blog. Heidi’s photos capture your stunning work perfectly.

    • Ok… I HATE WINTER!!!!!! I’m glad you like them and Heidi is so much fun to work with. She always takes great pictures.

    • I always enter fall and winter thinking, “Ok…no yard work now. I’ll be stuck inside and I’ll get so much done! “ And then the brain shuts down and a general malaise sets in. I’m so happy to have gotten these two things done. I’ll bring hem next week.

  3. Stunning is exactly right! Wonderful use of color/design! Weather actually did u a favor; kept u inside & firing on all pistons. Studio St Michel ⚜️

    • Hi Donna! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. If you only knew how many starts and stops and how much time I spent trying to figure out these two garments. And the ripping! I was happy to have finished them. Looks like you have been pretty productive too! Enjoy seeing your creations on Instagram.

    • Thank you JoAnn! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and can’t wait to see what you’ve planned for your Sept. project. I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  4. From a fellow heliophile, I love both of your garments! Your creativity amazes me! And kudos to that intrepid little hummingbird—-neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of day!

    • Hi Rosemary! My fellow heliophile! You noticed the hummingbird! They visit all year as long as there is food in the feeder. They just hang out when it’s snowing. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Hope you’re doing well and makig great things!

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