Home Stretch

Hello race fans and welcome to the 2018 Zephyr Derby!  In the starting gate, ready and raring to go, are our four contestants; Material Matrix, Pet Portraits, Upcyclin’ Heidi and Creative Canvas. And they’re off!  They are quick out of the gate to prepare their classes. The early lead goes to Material Matrix. With many wins under her belt, a pro in her field, she easily preps and is ready to go. Coming in a close second is Pet Portraits. She’s a frequent racer familiar with the track. Her car is loaded and full of fuel for the short drive to Zephyr. In the back stretch we have Upcyclin’ Heidi and Creative Canvas. Upcyclin’ Heidi is gaining ground after a brief stop at the thrift store. With an abundance of energy, she easily multi tasks her way to the retreat. And bringing up the rear, Creative Canvas will need to put some blinders on if she wants to stay focused and finish the race. They are rounding the corner and coming down the home stretch. And here comes Cinderella from the outside to give her sister, Creative Canvas,  a leg up.  They are now head to head. It’s a dead heat! They will cross the finish line on Labor Day!  All will be winners, ready to meet their students.

The blinders have been on and the to-do list is getting shorter every day. Here are some of the things I’ve been working on.

A new demo bag.

Hardcover protective folders for each of my students. Inside are instructions and a fool proof placement guide/pattern for their totes. Thank you, Gayle, for this idea.

Some bags to sell.

Seventy two nozzles to de-gunk for free flowing paint.

And why don’t I start prepping earlier for Zephyr? You’ve heard it said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”  Here’s a peak into the last few months with some random pictures to fill up the blog today!

A King snake in my compost pile surprising the daylights out of me.

A HUGE thank you to my young friend who came to relocate it the next day.

My husband and I ran a 10k in Santa Cruz. We love the entertainment along the way.


He was ”mooooore” than happy to pose for pictures. He was worth the 30 seconds off my time to stop and take a picture.  And then there’s yard work.

I grew one peach. One.

Along the trail I run, I found this hive up in the tree. Isn’t it cool? I’ve never seen one except in Winnie The Pooh books. After seeing it, I understand the description of a beehive hairdo.

This jacket was entered in the Nevada County fair and received a couple of ribbons in the Wearable Art division.

A trip down memory lane. I saw this picture of my first serger. It was passed on to me from my mother when she upgraded hers. I do believe it is the prototype to all sergers! All metal. Just had to share that.

And a trip to visit my sister and channel some aliens! I love this hat. I always wear it when I’m with her. But not out in public! She won’t let me! I don’t know why!?!?

So those were some of my distractions lately. But my Cinderella sister will be here soon to help me out.

To those who will be attending Zephyr: we’ll see you in ten short days! To the rest of our readers, I hope you were entertained by today’s installment of the Artistic Alchemy blog.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer! And win a trophy for creating something beautiful!



14 thoughts on “Home Stretch

    • I am truly impressed. I never had any problems with it but was gifted a newer one many years ago and now own an air threading serger by Babylock. But that picture just brought back so many memories!

    • Hi Joan. Yes, it is Vogue 9287 by Marcy Tilton. If you go to the Artistic Alchemy website and click on “blog” at the top, then scroll down the right side until you see “Marcy Tilton patterns”, click on that and then an old blog of mine comes up and it discusses how I made the jacket. There are some better pictures there. Enjoy!

    • I’m glad you like the demo bag. You’ll get to inspect it up close and personally! And yes, my front yard looks amazing for about a month in the spring. And then the show is over. Patty will be your Cinderella too. She cleans up after you so you don’t have to stop painting! You’ll get two to three times the painting done because of her! See you soon.

  1. Hi Mary, nine days and the countdown has begun!!!! Love the demo bags!! I am with the upcycle gal this time around..see you soon.

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