But It’s A Dry Heat

….and so is an oven! Despite the clever quip, I decided to visit my sister in Arizona during a record breaking heat wave. The thermometer shot up to 116* and, like a bad smell you can’t find the source of, it stayed around way too long. Dipping down to a less sweltering 94* at night was the real test for a Californian who loves to sleep with the windows open. By the end of the week, there were haboobs and windstorms with 60-70 mph gusts overturning patio furniture, uprooting trees and blowing down street lights. When I ask why on earth people move there, the reply is “You don’t have to shovel heat”.  But I admit to loving the rainstorms with lightning and thunder. And that’s how the week ended. Monsoon season had arrived. I can sleep to that!

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my sister takes me to a fantastic discount fabric warehouse. One without air conditioning. Sometimes they even pass out bottles of water to customers. We refer to it as the “topless bar” fabric store because that is exactly what is around the corner!
It was hard to choose from these pieced batiks but one of them made it into my basket along with four other cuts for my stash. Being limited by luggage restrictions prevented me from buying fabric by the pound.

Because Patty’s next door neighbor also sews, she made arrangements to take her with us. Brenda was a delight and is an excellent seamstress.Before we left, Brenda had us in to show us her beautiful quilts and wall hangings. Since most of you are quilters, you will appreciate the work that goes into her quilts. Brenda manipulates pictures on photo shop and then prints them onto fabric. The details she adds are so amazing that  I took a picture of each from a distance and then “up close and personal for your viewing pleasure”.And now my personal favorite because I love the way it glows.

Thank you Brenda for being so generous in showing us your beautiful and creative quilts. Each one is a masterpiece and reflects the time and thought invested in them.

Now that I’m home, the mad scramble to prepare for Zephyr has started. I’m busy ordering the long list of supplies needed for my students, cutting out patterns, filling paint bottles, serging stacks of canvas and checking my list twice! Do you know of someone who would like to fill my last opening to design their own canvas? How about repurposing thrift finds with Heidi? Or making a portrait quilt of their beloved pet with Jane? It’s just six weeks away. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, stay cool and hydrate.  I’m heading to the coast where it will be a refreshing 70* and there’ll be no chance of spontaneously bursting into flames.

And now I’ll leave you with this:

12 thoughts on “But It’s A Dry Heat

  1. Yes, monsoon time in the southwest. I was in Las Vegas and we had a very loud thunderstorm. Some of my fellow conference goers got caught in the rain. But, they loved it!
    Because Phoenix irrigates all that citrus, it’s not as dry as it used to be.
    Happy to see a photo of Patty!

    • We Californians are not used to seeing such severe weather. That was one of the few things I enjoyed about living in Kansas…..thunder, lightning and rain in the summer.

  2. You are a good sister to visit Patty in Arizona in the summer!! Nice to see Patty shopping for fabrics……
    I’ll bet that was fun!

  3. We moved my parents and loaded two trailers in 116 degree dry Phoenix heat. I know what it’s like there in the summer.

    • Oh Marlyn that sounds just horrific; to do that kind of work in that kind of heat! We spent a lot of time in the pool. And sewing inside with the a/c set to deep freeze!

  4. Well, I guess its time for me to shut up about the heat we are experiencing. Love your blog and the in creditable quilts!

    • Hey Linda! Yes, at least it cools down at night here and we wake up with a fresh feeling day in the morning! We loved the quilts, too. It’s always amazing to see how someone else’s mind works and the results of their ideas and exploration.

  5. What stunningly gorgeous quilting! Love the colors. Gets those creative juices flowing… And the last two “quotes” has me laughing out loud. Still laughing!

    • I’m happy to give you both something to laugh at and something to inspire you. Brenda’s quilts are just amazing. Both she and her husband are truly artists although they had careers in medicine. I admire people who can access so fully both sides of their brain!

    • We DID have fun! I bought as much as the other two combined and still managed to get it home in my suitcase and carry-on.

      We had fun at the race yesterday, did better than expected and stayed in a BEAUTIFUL house on Farley. See you in a few short weeks.

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