Plan B

I recently revisited my toddler years. Emotionally, that is. An invitation had been extended to my sister and me to take a class with Kayla Kennington. We were all signed up, my expectations were high, supplies purchased and my excitement level had reached a new level of “off the charts”.  And then……the dreaded flu/cold/fever/body aches/sore throat/headache/sinus issues settled in. A trip to the doctor confirmed that I would continue to feel lousy for another ten days. Noooooo!!!  I could feel the frustration and disappointment building. That class was going to teach me some really cool techniques and it was to be the subject of this months blog. My inner bratty child began to surface. The need to cross my arms, frown with deeply furrowed brows, pout, snort, harrumph and kick things became my dominant mood. For three days I was whining on the inside like a deprived two year old. I stopped short of throwing a tantrum. Or suddenly becoming a picky eater.

So, here we are at Plan B;  What will be the subject of this months blog? Sewing. After the flu symptoms subsided and became easier to deal with, I settled into the sewing room. So here we go!

I love a lightweight, loose linen dress in the summer. This fabric came from Marcy Tilton last summer. Yesterday’s email informed me that she has more of it. It’s a bold contemporary print and I used a Marcy Tilton pattern that I cannabalized a bit. It’s Vogue 9193, lengthened and sleeves borrowed from Vogue 9237.

I love this pattern simply for the pocket. Although there is a seam across the low waist/high hip, there is also an opening for a pocket that is folded in. It’s ingenious and so relaxed. Slightly slouchy but hangs neatly. This pattern will stay with me for a while as that pocket gets worked into many other garments.

Here’s another linen dress in navy. More fabric from Marcy Tilton. This was made from the Helga shirt pattern by Tessuti Fabrics. I lengthened it quite a bit, left the collar off and used covered buttons that you can’t see!

The angles at the bottom of the side seams give this dress a new, unexpected look.

My sister gifted me the most beautiful and unique pieces of silk fabrics. A gorgeous blue print and a sort of acid green pleated panel. I can’t remember the last time I made a pair of pants but Christine suggested these as I did not want the green next to my face. 
They are made from, you got it, another Marcy Tilton pattern! Vogue 8499. View B. Yes, the baggy cropped pants. It was with great reservations that I made these but after they were done, they are SO comfortable. They have large pockets high on the legs that blend right in. 

And there are pleats on the lower leg. Because I didn’t have quite enough fabric, another piece of fabric was pieced onto the lower legs to get it to the cropped length. It looks like part of the pattern. I like it and would probably add that on again just because it looks cool. 

My button stash supremely surprised me when I found these metallic glass buttons and pin. They match perfectly. The shine in the buttons pairs well with the shine in the silk.

The silk piping came from a trip to Mood in New York a few years ago. Also a perfect match. It’s as if my sister had gone through my treasures and made the perfect fabric choices. Thank you, Patty. Who would have thought all these colors would go together. The jacket pattern is, again, the Helga Shirt pattern from Tessuti Fabrics. I lengthened the original pattern only a little for this look.

OK…..only one more thing. Because I’m training for another run in the Wharf to Wharf race, I needed a new fanny pack, waist wallet or whatever they are being called now. This one has a place for everything. Two water bottles, my phone,  a removable pouch for my dogs remote and a removable zipper pouch for tissues and chapstick. And a partridge in a pear tree.

I think I got this fabric from the freebie table at one of my retreats and I designed the pack simply from what my needs were. Soon it will have wheels and travel behind me!

One last word about our upcoming Zephyr Retreat. I’ve had a cancellation therefore I now have room for one more student. So it’s not too late if you’re thinking of joining us this year. We’d love to have you. Just tap the workshop button at the top of this page to read up on the class.


8 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. And we really missed you with Kayla Kennington. Love, love, LOVE all these looks!! Each so different, but so you. Those pants with that pleated fabric are so fabulous. I’m so inspired, but right now the only things I’m making are going on the stage – acres of late victorian ball gowns. I’ve got some wonderful fabrics as well from Marcy Tilton, but they are languishing in little boxes around the sewing room, just waiting to come to the party too! Maybe in a couple weeks after the show is up. I wanna see these close up and personal this next retreat – so good!

    • I’m sure your acres of Victorian ball gowns are beautiful. Can you show pictures of your workroom? I’ll bring the pants and jacket in October. I think I’m the last person to get on board wearing these Marcy pants. I’m sure they would look adorable on you!

  2. As always, your work is exquisite, Mary! You have such a refined sense of design, and your combinations are perfection. We are all so lucky to see your garments. (Love, love the ensemble you brought yesterday.)

  3. Hello Mary:

    I am interested in the opening for Zephyr if it’s still available


    On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 8:09 AM artisticalchemyblog wrote:

    > maryboalt posted: ” I recently revisited my toddler years. Emotionally, > that is. An invitation had been extended to my sister and me to take a > class with Kayla Kennington. We were all signed up, my expectations were > high, supplies purchased and my excitement level had reac” >

    • Hi Chris……did you receive my email to you about the retreat availability? Yes, I still have one space left if you are still interested.

  4. Hi Mary winners all again. Patty and I went to the Rusty Barn show in PHX together this Jan. I had bought some of this gorgeous silk last year and made a great jacket that is perfect nearly year round in AZ. This year I bought more including the pleated green fabric. Haven’t cut into it yet as I have been working lately on pattern fitting. Now again you have inspired me. Pants! I never thought of using this fabric for pants. They are just gorgeous. One question if I may, did you line your silk pants? If you did what lining fabric would you suggest? Thanks again for your blogs. So many great ideas.

  5. Thank you. I hadn’t thought of pants either as I never sew pants. And I did not think to line them either. I think they would be too hot with lining. Patty asked me to bring them when I come next month so you can see them. Both pieces of fabric are just beautiful and I will be anxious to see your jacket. See you soon.

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