Everyone loves their Pets

This is Jane Haworth and it seems like these days I have been making many pet face quilts. This year I have been teaching at more guilds in Northern California and my latest and most requested class is Pet Portraits. I started by teaching Faces as I was intrigued by how to recreate a human face in fabric collage but doing this is tricky. It is more fun for students to work from their own photos of their own pets.

poppy full

Poppy the Black Lab

This quilt I recently made for my veterinarian friend who wanted to hang it in the lobby area of her animal clinic. When I make a quilt like this I usually use a plain background so the details in the pets face are  not lost in what is happening around it. This green hand dyed fabric is perfect as it looks like Poppy is surrounded by grass.

Original Bulldog photo

From this one photo I have gone on to explore a variety of ways this image can be made in realistic colors and fanciful color ways.

So however you wish to make your pet portrait there are really no rules and as I tell my students as they work outside their comfort zones is “that nothing is wrong in quilting!”

So if all these images make you think I would like to try that and have a great photogenic pet that would make a great subject to work on in fabric, sign up for the Artistic Alchemy retreat in September. I do have some spaces left in my class and these 4 days will give you plenty of time to embrace the technique, work out of your comfort zone and be creative. By surrounding ourselves with the beauty of Lake Tahoe and other creatives how can we not be rejuvenated and productive at the same time. So look under workshops Jane Haworth for details. I know some students already have photos prepped to work on Pet portraits. Also look up my website Jane Haworth for more details of my work.


This is an example of a students cat she made in my class in San Rafael.

The deadline to sign up for the Artistic Alchemy retreat is June 30th.  I am happy for you to share this page and encourage all your friends to join you.

2 thoughts on “Everyone loves their Pets

  1. Your work is so neat!!! While shopping in Anacortes, WA a couple of weeks ago, I came across the work of an amazing local felt artist who creates handbags with images people’s pets! Really, the examples I saw are amazing! She’s worth checking out at feltedfantasies.com.

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