Whatcha Doin’ This Saturday?

Mary Boalt

Do you have plans this weekend? Can I whet your appetite, pique your interest or tempt you to come out in the rain?

Heidi and I will be participating in a wearable art pop-up sale. You read that correctly! Wearable art clothing, jewelry, bags and more will be for sale at the Lincoln Public Library this Saturday April 7 from 1:00-5:00 pm.

This is a group of 30 wearable artists from Grass Valley, Nevada City, Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville. There will be hundreds of items for sale. Come early for the best selection.

Perhaps you saw this photo of Sandra and Trish wearing some of my favorite jackets they purchased at my personal sale last year.

I’ll try to entice you with some snippets of what will be available should you decide to put us on your calendar for Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “Whatcha Doin’ This Saturday?

  1. wOwwOw!! If I lived a little bit closer, I’d be there in a split second! These are so irrestible I wish I could be there – You’ve such a tremendous eye for color and design – this is going to be a fabulous success!

    • This is the first time our group is having a sale like like this. We all hope it goes well and provides a template for future shows. Do you have groups like this in Spokane?

    • Yes, that would be quite a trip for a Saturday afternoon! Thanks for being a reader of Artistic Alchemy despite some local news items.

  2. I would be there in a minute too, but Washington is a bit far away. Mary, are you the one who sells stamped fabric that you created? If so, how does one go about seeing them and purchasing?

    • Hi Doreen! Yes, Washington to Lincoln, Ca. would be quite a journey for a pop up sale. But it was a huge success and we will do it again this fall.
      Yes, I am the one who paints on canvas. I publish photos of these on the Artistic Alchemy blog site so that students for our Zephyr retreat will see what they will be doing when they sign up for the class. I provide all the paint, canvas, stencils, stamps and silk screens in the hope that the students will play with them all and find what speaks to them. This year I will give each student a pattern and ideas for their tote bag.
      It takes me about a day and a half to paint one 36”X 28”inch canvas. I do sell them at the retreat. They are 70.00 each. My students can get up to three canvasses painted because they do not have to stop and clean up after themselves. Another service provided in the class! I have not begun to sell my canvasses on line. But when I do, I will make them available through this blog site.
      Thank you for your inquiry, your interest and for following us.

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