Odds And Ends


Bulging at the seams, I decided to have one of those ” I’m-never-going-to-have-another-garage-sale” garage sale. This time I focused on my sewing room, fabric stash and racks of wearable art that wasn’t being worn. It was time to move on.

As most sewists would agree, we can become emotionally tied to our stashes. When thinking that a fellow artist will appreciate the potential in your pieces, it’s easier to part with it. But when “Mr. Helmet” arrives, it’s another story. A garage sale story.

Mr. Helmet showed up shortly before closing. He made his appearance by parking his old beat up van up on the street above our house and running through the bushes down to our driveway, setting the dog off barking. He was wearing a bicycle helmet, although driving a van with no bicycle attached, a midriff baring fishing vest with no shirt underneath, and some shorts. With his eyes rapidly darting from one item to another, he became fixed on a stack of fabrics. Not knowing their content he asked what they were. “Silk”, I coldly replied. And the next, “Silk”, again. These were 3-4 yards pieces each already reasonably priced. Off he went over to the barely used trampoline. Wanting to set the trampoline free from my possession, I agreed to let him use my phone to ask another party for further instructions. Suddenly my husband and fellow garage salers were on red alert. Receiving the “What were you thinking?” look from all of them, we stood there anxiously waiting for him to finish and return my phone, now needing to be disinfected. And as any good garage sale shopper does, he asked me for a lower price. I mulled it over and gave him a price. Asking that I call him sometime that night or next day, I decided the negotiations with Mr. Helmet had to come to an end. “No, we’ll be done at 2:00 and then our sale will be over.” At this point he said he might be back. Not wanting the unappreciative silk fondler to have possession of my stash, I scooped it up and put it back in the house. It was mine once again! And we never heard from Mr. Helmet after that. Only at a garage sale does one have these experiences. I’ll spare you the long version of the gentleman who provided about twenty minutes of comic relief when he told us that his wife made him wear baggy clothes because of his “man boobs”. His words, not mine. I loved him! It was a fun and successful sale and I’m never having another garage sale……until the next one.

Here’s one item I said goodbye to. It was a man’s large pullover cashmere sweater that I cut up, cut down, and added vintage kimono silk pieces to the front, back and neckline. A very appreciative woman purchased it. I’m so happy she has it.IMG_4004



Now for some more pictures from last year’s Zephyr students. They all did magnificent work turning their paintings into bags and wallhangings.IMG_3136IMG_3142

Here is a before and after story.IMG_2509


IMG_0673This spring a former student purchased one of my canvasses when Artistic Alchemy had a booth at the quilt show. I loved what she did with it.


A huge thanks to all who sent pictures to share their work with you. I am always so impressed and pleased to see what others make.

And another big thanks to all my fellow creators for supporting my garage sale. Oh by the way, I have some silk left!

7 thoughts on “Odds And Ends

  1. Garage sales are the worst! You find yourself haggling over pennies it seems.
    Silk? Yes please! Garage sales here consist of old Tupperware with no lids. 😦

  2. Mary, your posts always make me smile—and in this case, cringe as you described your “unusual” customer. Eeek! Loved seeing what your students have made from their creations. The table runner made from your canvas is fabulous—and belongs in a magazine spread!

  3. Mary, I am SO delighted you have silk left. I am interested in purchasing today!! And did that dresser in the background sell also?

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