Claim to Fame Part Deux

by Mary Boalt

The time has come for another major house purging. It gets to feeling claustrophobic when the closets begin to regurgitate their contents. Or the drawers won’t close. Although we can still park our cars in the garage, staging for this garage sale may change all of that as the boxes of discard items placed in the narrow strip between the two cars continues to grow. Soon the only way to exit the cars will be through the sunroofs.

I sew….a lot! What does one do with all these clothes? The Kon Mari method of clearing out clutter asks you if the item “sparks joy”? Most of my stuff sparks emotions but joy is not one of them. When I clean out my closets I ask questions like, ” Really? What was I thinking? Will I ever wear this again, if I ever wore it at all?”  All of this brings me to “The Vest”.

“The Vest” was a joint effort with my sister. It was at her insistence, uh, encouragement, that we entered this into the newly launched Belle Armoire magazine in 2001. They were requesting submissions and she though it would be fun. I admit it was. We had just started to get interested in fabric painting. The results were not what we planned or expected but we entered it anyway. Patty did the painting and I did the sewing. It’s made from black silk matka with black cotton lining. The lining is also painted using stamps.

Some close up views of the paint, stitching and beading.

Asian coins and loops were used for closures on the sides.

So, this is my second claim to fame. Last month I blogged about my self portrait published in Quilting Arts Magazine. Thanks, Patty, for pushing me to do this with you. It was fun. But  that was fifteen years ago and it remains in my closet. I think “The Vest” would enjoy some time in your closet!

I’m happy to show pictures of some finished painted canvas bags. These women took my class at last year’s Zephyr Retreat. Their bags show how these canvasses take on a new life when they are cut up and sewn back together. They look totally different and so cute. Thank you, Lynda and Kari for sharing these. I love them. Here are the befores and afters.

I still have one more opening in my class this September. A great group of women have signed up and I know you would enjoy yourself. In the meantime, I hope you are all having a wonderful summer traveling, vacationing, relaxing, creating and enjoying family and friends. Or having a giant garage sale as I am.

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