A Good Time to Start…….

by Heidi Emmett

A Good Time to Start, what? How about feeling better so you have more energy to get your creative going. I had a Sciatica bout 1 1/2 weeks ago. So painful. This is what my chiropractor told me: “You got this because, you don’t stand up straight, you sit waaaay to much and you slouch while you do sit. You haven’t been walking much either (I guess my strolls with mom didn’t count at all, rats).” All rightie then. How did he know all this about me? Duh, Heidi, he said much of his practice is Sciatica related. All that I was doing or not doing can apply to all of us at ANY time of life.

So put your “Fit Bit” on and set the alarm so that you get up after 15 minutes of sitting. Buy some really good walking shoes. I love my Skechers with memory foam insoles (like walking on pillows).And start walking, just good, fairly brisk, walking. It doesn’t have to be much, even 50 yards. And stand up straight and tall while you walk.



Drink a glass of water (8 oz.) after you wake up. You have just broken a fast of not drinking any liquids for about 8 hours. No, coffee or tea doesn’t count. Think of bathing all your cells to get them revved up for your day. I could not understand why I was light headed by 10 or 11 in the a.m. Started drinking that one glass before breakfast and voila, light head — gone!

Read labels. Avoid hidden sugars. Limit sugar to real sugar (nothing fake) and try to only eat something sugary,once a day. For me, my sugar is a glass of wine.

The rest of the pictures are pretty flowers (check out the Genesta-the yellow flowers) and happy brother cats




and an upcycling project I am working on. If you go over to Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com you will read more about the project.


Sign up for my workshop—-“Pick A Pattern” There is still room. I promise you will have fun and maybe even get to wear what you have created home!


How fun is that! Have a wonderful, creative, filled with lots of fresh air walks, Memorial weekend. And a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have in our great America!

Hugs, Heidi






2 thoughts on “A Good Time to Start…….

  1. Do yourself a favor and get an MRI of your spine if you didn’t already. My “sciatica” was misdiagnosed for years. Turns out it is a spinal stenosis that is so advanced surgery will not help. I go through agonizing pain as all the nerves in my legs are slowly dying. I have minimal feeling in my left leg and probably won’t have use of it in the next year or so. Severe arthritic changes in my spine don’t help either. If I had been properly diagnosed and treated years ago I wouldn’t be in misery and worried about not being able to walk now that I’m 62. It also affects my balance so I worry about falling. Please make sure that it is the correct diagnosis for you, I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have.

    • Ohhhhh WOW! I am so sorry! And after reading what you are going through, I have only a tiny taste of what you are bearing. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your battle. I will talk to my Dr. after I return home about what you have said. It sounds as if you have tried all the regular medical pathways. You might look at “Empowering Alternatives” with CriticalHealthnews.com I’m thinking about your arthritis. It’s worth a look see. Big hugs to you, Heidi

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