I Don’t Lie, I Embellish!

by Mary Boalt

Do you get excited by the unexpected addition of hardware on clothing? Perhaps something unusual for closures? Or something ordinary used in an unordinary way?  I’m a sucker for all of it. The weirder the better. I love those clever details that make a garment unique.

Let’s start with some images from Pinterest and go from there. I’d love to know what kind of staples these are. I would definitely start stapling my clothes together.

Or these! What cool buckle/clips!

And now let’s move on to grommets with a kind of jump ring to connect the pieces. Or not.

Or laces.

And this from Diane Ericson. I’ve used grommets before but not quite like this. This darling idea is going on the list of things to try very soon. This type of grommet is extremely easy to install. You can find them in the drapery section at Joann.

And now for things that I have tried. These parachute clips will be revisited on another garment. They were easy to add and I like the way they work.

This is Butterick 6381. I added the hanging pocket.

This one keeps the hanging pocket closed.

This is a Marcy Tilton pattern from Vogue. #8934.  It’s a preprinted stretch denim that I found at an outlet store in San Francisco a few years ago. The idea to use carabiner clips came from my friend Helen. She has been known to sew door hinges onto her garments!

The back features a giant “snack pocket” with the upper flap piped with zipper teeth.

And speaking of zippers…..I found these zippers at the same place I bought this fabric. My sister, who lives near Phoenix, takes me to SAS fabric warehouse. We humorously refer to it as the Topless Bar Fabric store since it is around the corner from….you guessed it, a topless bar. But hey! Fabric can be purchased by the pound there! What’s not to like about that?

Zippers closed.

Zippers open.

Again, zippers used as trim on the outside of the pocket opening.

I bought this bicycle panel from Diane Ericson and then went to work adding the hardware; zippers, brass jumbo hook and eye tape and iron on metal dots.

This is the zipper that goes to no where. It’s just trim.

This is jumbo hook and eye tape. And a shirt “borrowed” from my husband.

Grommet tape down the sleeve.

No piece of zipper goes to waste. This extension is inserted in the collar and wraps around and snaps in place to keep the collar closed.

This is The Peony Vest from The Sewing Workshop.

Interesting button found at Ben Franklin in Grass Valley. It’s layered with a copper button that was gifted to me.

And the addition of grommet tape with jump rings. This comes in black or white at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop in Grass Valley.

Here’s another of Diane Ericson’s fabric panels. This time the Snap To It Jacket pattern from Louise Cutting was used. Along with lots of snap tape and the addition of another hanging pocket. Yup! Gotta love those hanging pockets…..an idea gleaned from a Diane Ericson pattern. Can you say “groupie”?

Snap tape in the split cuff.

One more. And yes, it’s another Diane Ericson jacket. The Ventana. I used cafe rings and clips for the front closures as well as for the side flaps that wrap around to the front. It’s a very interesting pattern that just screams for cool hardware.

Have you been inspired to put some hardware in your next garment? Use zipper teeth as piping? How about some drapery hooks or grommets. Although I can’t quite bring myself to use door hinges, there is some garter tape in my stash that’s calling my name.


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Lie, I Embellish!

  1. Even though I’ve seen all of these before, you never cease to amaze me! And yes, I’m going to the topless bar fabric store today. Because I can. Love you!!!!

  2. What an impressive collection, MB! So many great ideas. Thanks for this post, interesting to see them all together.

  3. And aren’t we glad you create such fabulous wearable art to inspire us all? I’m on the lookout for weird and wonderful closers!

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