Cooped Up Inside

by Mary Boalt

Oh this rain!!! It feels like day 40 of The Great Deluge. The sun has not made an appearance in about a week now and I’m not one who enjoys going out in the “wetness”. What an opportune time to catch up on some sewing projects. The first one was the last to be added to the list. I just couldn’t wait to try out this pattern that my friend, Jenny, made from our retreat in October. It is absolutely the most snugly garment I own. Perhaps you remember these pictures from my fall blog.img_2759img_2754img_2755img_2756img_2760img_2758I love that this can be worn so many ways.

The first one I made from a reversible gray polka dot knit. Sorry, no pictures. I made it for a friend who admired it from the blog. The second one is made from a gray ponte knit which was printed from my ever expanding supply of stencils.img_3345img_3365img_3368img_3375Because this is a single layer of knit, I layed down a single strip of fabric so that the buttonholes would be reinforced. I did the same for the row of buttons.img_3384

And two patch pockets added on an angle.img_3385

If you are interested in this pattern, you may contact Jenny Freedman at It takes 3 yds at 60″. It’s a great blank slate for embellishment.

The next garment was made from my stash. This piece of fabric was purchased in Paris about two years ago. I just fell in love with it but decided it was time to get something made from it. The pattern is an oldie for sure. But I wanted straight lines because of the stripe in the fabric. I have not finished it yet. I am waiting for a third set of buttons to show up in the mail.img_3358img_3383img_3382I hope our readers are mulling over their choices for our next Zephyr Retreat. I have already received my first deposit from a student. I’m so excited. All the stencils you saw in this post will be available for use in my Painting on Canvas class. I’m up to about 65 stencils and about to order more!

I hope this post finds you staying warm, dry and possibly enjoying some sunshine.

14 thoughts on “Cooped Up Inside

  1. OMG Please bring the pattern for Lynn’s knock off to SJB. How much fabric did you need for it. Marvelous. LOVE YOUR STENCILING. YOUR ARE A WIZARD. XOXOX

    • Hi Terry, glad you like this version of the Lynne/Jenny sweater. I don’t think I’m a wizard but the stencilling was fun. You know…it had to look like Lynne’s.

  2. Have to say this gets compliments every single time I wear it and they come from women (and men) of all ages. Your version adds your tailored, slightly-rock-and-roll style. Your artistic visioning is inspiring. Love it and you, Mary!

    • Hey Lynne! I have. Newspaper print blouse that gets the same response. Mostly from men. Thanks for bringing your garment to be copied by Jenny. I just love it.

  3. I remember that top but forgot it in my frenzied month of October teaching. Love, LOVE, what you did. I’m emailing Jenny right now for the pattern. Wish I’d thought of it, ha, ha. And your jacket is stunning!! Of course, and fabric from Paris no less! You do such mighty fine work, girlfriend.

  4. Another fabulous post, Mary. Love, love all the applied design to the knit garment. And wow, the fabrics in the coat are stunning. It really pays to go to Paris. I want to take your class!!! But, sigh, I guess I’d better teach mine. 🙂

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