A Collection of Name Tags

by Sandra Bruce

Happy New Year everyone! The photo above is the classroom at Eleanor Burn’s Quilt in a Day shop in San Marcos, CA where I taught a few days ago. Great ladies and much enthusiasm there. And Eleanor is quite a lady, I met her. Such energy she has.

I’ve just returned from my first teaching gig last night, I visited the Surfside Guild and El Camino Guild in Southern California. We’ve been having incredible rainy weather here at home in Grass Valley, and it was merely sprinkling down south. I must admit it was nice to be in warmer climes, but am thankful for the rain we received, even if it was, well…..a whole lot!

I have had a lot of fun seeing the name tags that ladies wear at the guilds I visit. They are so full of personality. I started taking pictures of some of the ones I liked, and I’m going to make my blog post today about them.

I have a few myself that I’m quite partial to. This one came from a workshop years ago, that I saved. very simple, but endearing!

This one I wear to my local Pine Tree Quilt Guild meetings. You all know I love sock monkeys, don’t you? I had one as a child that I still have, put away somewhere. We need a sense of humor as quilters.


Kari Hannekel made me this one for me, isn’t it cute?


This one is super simple but I like it.


Who can resist this pieced one? It has a zipper at the top, so she can put stuff in it.


I don’t know how to knit or crochet, but this name tag impressed me for it’s delicate detail.


I love this one. Look at the cat’s expression. And those feet…..


Some ladies have fancy machines that can do this beautiful embroidery.


Here’s another fancy embroidered one.


Simple, but oh so sweet.


This one cracked me up….”A bird, a plane, no, it’s Jennifer”! Jennifer is a young pilot who had this one made for her.


Sewing machines are popular motifs. And putting on pins is common, too.


I guess some are made afresh each year!


This guild, the Citrus Belt Quilters, has a fabric lanyard in common that everyone uses, and then embellishes with their own name and goodies. Beth bought one of my polymer buttons and sewed it on right away!


You can see that some get pretty elaborate!


Simple embroidery, delicate and sweet.


Critters abound!


A big smile from a quilter with a very embellished lanyard. Quilters are just the best bunch of ladies (and sometimes gentlemen!)


By my next post I hope to have “Sushmita” done, my latest quilt. Stay tuned and have a great rest of January. Stay dry and warm!


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