The End of 2016

by Sandra Bruce

The year is almost up! Did it ever go by fast, in many ways. I have been reflecting on all the ways I am thankful for my year, in all its ups, downs, triumphs, and lessons!

First, thanks to the 22 guilds who invited me to come teach and lecture this year. I enjoyed the traveling and experiencing the shops, scenery, the quilters, and their quilts. I taught Material Matrix, Color Dance, with a little polymer clay thrown in the mix. Here’s Genelle, Radean, and the group from Pacific Grove. Big smiles!

img_1097 img_1340

img_1061Each location has quilt shops, history, and museums to be proud of, and of course restaurants. I think my favorite museum was the Getty in Southern California.img_0433

I would be at a loss to count all the quilt shops I went into this year!img_0377

I had the privilege of working on some really interesting and creative quilts this year from my long-arm customers. Traditional, art quilts, and many in-between.img_1698img_1289

I took a couple of workshops myself. There’s always room to grow and learn something new. Judy Coates-Perez was especially fun with Heidi, Christine and Mary at my table! I really liked the end product of my class, a collage to be stitched.


And speaking of my co-horts, there was the day in July (also my birthday!) when we drove down to Meet the Teachers in Fairfield  and got stuck in a horrible traffic jam, making us very late. Well, we managed to go with the flow and were still able to present to the group.


I did manage to squeeze in some polymer time to make buttons, they’ve been very popular when I go teach. I acquired a pasta machine with a motor….wowie! Is it a pleasure to use!



Our retreat at Lake Tahoe, was of course a highlight of my year. We’ll be announcing next year’s plans very soon, yay!


I marvelled at the power of social media all year. I posted a photo of my quilt, “Winston”, completed in the Spring on my Sandra Bruce Creative page on Facebook and was amazed to see so may shares, comments, and people reached.

Version 2p1010988

6 months of this year was devoted to making “Lemon Tree in Tuscany”. Of course the work time was sporatic, but slowly and surely it was finished. I put the grid on the diagonal, just to try it. That, plus the amount of detail proved to be really challenging but rewarding. Next……………….


……I have begun “Sushmita”, from a photograph of a young girl by Howard Koons, taken in India. I keep going back to faces, they intrigue me the most.

Of course, the Houston show was very much a highlight! Heidi’s “Terrific Tabard” vest pattern also did a lot of traveling this year 🙂img_1800

I was really happy to have the opportunity to see a show of Chuck Close’s work, in northern Washington. I took a road trip with my son, Matteo, and it was wonderful to see Chuck’s work with his young eyes and comments.

Version 2

We did make it to the top of the Space Needle, with my CODA friend Kathy. Space Needle selfie!


I am thankful that the fire we had this summer in Grass Valley was put out pretty quickly. It was the closest that a fire has come to our house in 26 years and I don’t care to repeat that experience. We have brave and smart firefighters who risk their lives when fires occur. Heartfelt thanks to them.


I’ll sign off with wishes for all our readers a safe and joyous holiday season and New Year. I  have sincere hope for our planet and the people we share it with, for peace and understanding. See you in 2017!

Version 2


7 thoughts on “The End of 2016

  1. Sandra….I really have enjoyed reading your positive news letter. So much has happened in only one year. We are strongly considering returning to the retreat in 2017. Looking forward to hearing what will be coming up. Absolutely want to be in the loop. With any luck, I will bring you my finished quilt.

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