The Houston Show 2016

by Sandra Bruce

I’m still pinching myself after my return from the Houston Quilt Show. It was the most fabulous collection of quilts I’ve ever seen! Trish Morris-Plise and I went together, very fitting as we both had Matrix quilts hanging in the show, side by side, in the “Hands All Around” exhibit. This collection of quilts, around 30 in number, will travel around the world for the next year, showing at other quilt shows. Trish’s “Portrait Noir” and my “Chuck Close Two” hung together. Also my quilt “Claire” was accepted in the Portrait Division.

I’d like to show you some of the many pictures I took over the 4 days. I apologize firstly about 2 things: the quality of my “old” iPhone, and the fact that I cannot identify a few of the quilts. I have very limited space on my phone, and there’s no way I could have taken pictures of all the name tags as well as the quilts.

We stayed at the Hyatt which was a good choice, not to far away from the show, only a quick bus ride away.


Here we are in front of our quilts.


The show was hung and presented beautifully. Here is Claire.img_1800

The place was huge!!

img_1532 The vendor area was the size of 9 football fields, and it took me a whole day to walk systematically up and down each aisle. We had to rest our feet after so much walking!


For the rest of this post I’m just going to show you quilts to feast your eyes on. Many are just jaw-dropping. Enjoy!img_1621


“Baltimore in Bloom” by Sally Magee of Texas


“Old Denim Square”, by Noriko Nozawa of Japan


“The A-E-I-O-Ewes” by Janet Stone of Kansas


“Suwon Hwasung”, by Mikyung Jang of South Korea


“The Venetian”, by Jan Soules of California


“Cynara” by Susan Binachi-Himmelman


“Unknown Man”, by Maria Landi and Maria Azara of Brazil


“Flowered and Feathered Frenzy” by Susan Cleveland of Minnesota


“Fire in the Stone” by Kimberly Lacy of Colorado


“Moonflower” by Molly Hamilton-McNally of California


“Another Weekend” by Martha Wolfe of California


“Paint the Town Red” by Diane Rusin Doran of Maryland



It was sure tough to leave……….back to reality.img_1628

16 thoughts on “The Houston Show 2016

  1. Thank you so much for sharing you photos, Sandra. One of these days we will go back o that show. Who knows, perhaps my Matrix quilt will be accepted!!!! 😊 First thing first – got to get back to it just as soon as I finish organizing my work station. (Soon). Both you and Trish’s quilts are amazing. No doubt you could easily fill a classroom of eager learners. I feel so grateful to have spent some time with you and all those wonderful people at Zephyr.

  2. OMG!!! In love with all of them!! But mostly the “Paint the Town Red”. How in heck did she achieve the translucency in the layers??

  3. I was at the show in Houston too and thoroughly enjoyed it all. The special exhibits are fabulous. Your quilts, and Trish’s, all showed so well in that big venue where the viewer can stand way back to enjoy them, and then “zoom in”. Congratulations to you both.

  4. Thanks for the photos and congrats on having your quilts at Houston. I went to Houston in 2000 and 2001 and it was a fabulous time. We stayed at the Hyatt too. The first year I went with the Bend guild for $750 and paid over $75 for taxis; the second year we thought we could go cheaper with the Sunriver Guild but it cost more about$1000 and I did more walking. Wonderful Mexican restaurant called Erma’s within 3 long blocks. I still have some material I bought there. Betty Vincent

  5. What an honor and privilege (and hard work) to be included in this show. And great fun to be featured alongside Trish! Hope you had a blast.

  6. It was so much fun to meet you and Trish and Susan and see all of your wonderful work in the exhibits! You’ve got to go back next year 🙂 Thanks for including Another Weekend here. Look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

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