Back From Zephyr: Snapshots from my Matrix Workshop

by Sandra Bruce

We are home from Zephyr, and I want to share with you a few pictures of the tremendous group of ladies I had in my workshop, and their work. Thanks to Rejeanne, Jane, Ellen, Doreen, Marti, Paula, Patti, Diane, Audrey and Tiana for being great students who worked hard and produced wonderful results! I can hardly wait to see these quilts in completion.

It was a very rewarding week for us all, with the 3 of us welcoming Mary Boalt for her first year teaching with Artistic Alchemy. Thanks to everyone who worked to make it a successful retreat, the camaraderie was evident and friends were made! Here’s just a few shots from the week in my classroom.


Here’s Ellen’s nasturtium in the works… beautiful colors!


Audrey used a photo of a cat to make into a quilt in the likeness of her own kitty. She’s thinking of putting in a butterfly at the top to be the focus of the cat’s gaze.


Paula loves ladybugs. This will be an homage to her favorite bug.


There were several faces in this workshop. Here is Doreen’s, in progress. She is definitely capturing her likeness!dsc_0572


Rejeanne worked on a face too, one that belongs to her photographer husband, Gene. He was with us and gave a wonderful presentation one evening about photography, including tips on photographing quilts.


Another face, this one is Diane’s. She approached the technique with such enthusiasm!


Jane worked on an image of her newborn grandson. The background is the perfect place to begin and grasp the technique of Matrix.


Patti did a wonderful rendition of a rooster, changing the pool in the photo to a pond. Artistic license at its best!


Marti worked from a lovely photo of a toucan, lots of opportunity for color!


Tiana’s dog Juno provided her with a perfect subject.


Every block is an accomplishment!


I have to show you this: Rosemary was my student last year, and came back this year as Mary’s student. For Show and Tell Rosemary brought her finished Matrix piece, a very gorgeous bear. I was so happy to see it! She gave it to me to quilt and I can hardly wait.img_1216

Heidi, Christine, Mary and I appreciate you being a follower and reader of our blog. We look forward to sharing with you all the fun and learning, sharing and friendship that we get from teaching our workshops. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Back From Zephyr: Snapshots from my Matrix Workshop

  1. Hi Sandra, Very productive class at Tahoe. Our Sunriver guild just got through taking a class from Janet Fogg who works in 4 1/2 squares. It was fun but not fast if you had curves. Betty

  2. This gives me the impetus I need to finish my quilt top. I now realize I need to loosen up. Each piece doesn’t need to be exact. That’s where I was getting bogged down. Seeing photos of other quilts is very useful and motivating.
    I’m glad you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Have you published Instructional leaflets or a book yet? I have been following you for years now, and am so ready to purchase instructions from you… Please 🙂

    I live on the East Coast & don’t for-see me getting over to your neck of the woods any time soon.

    • Elaine! Oh goodness. I thought I was going to be filming an online course this Fall but the deal fell through, at least for now. It may be resurrected next year! If all else fails I might just write and publish my own book. Right now, I am super busy and don’t even have enough time to work on my own quilts. Keep checking in, it will happen someway, somehow!

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