8 thoughts on “Steal Like an Artist? Yes!

  1. I love your piece and what great information on how to make color work for you (us). I have that little book and it has put my mind at rest too!

  2. Thanks, comrades!I might never have found this book if it weren’t for the class I took. You are so right Mary—it puts one’s mind ease. And Heidi, you are welcome to borrow my copy any time. You know where to find me.:-)

  3. I too love this little black book of creative secrets! None of us creates in a vacuum! and then we gain confidence in using our own voice that might echo some ideas from our inspiration. I really enjoyed your post this week. It gave me a lot to think about. Thanks Christine!

  4. Your post was terrific! Since I’m fairly new to this quilting/sewing gig, I have no choice but to attempt to replicate things I find appealing. I’m star struck with you gals at Artistic Alchemy; you’re such a talented group. Taking your one class filled me with both hope and inspiration. The quilt I’m just about finished with is ….well….Wow!!!! I can’t believe I could accomplish such a thing!!! Maybe I do have an artistic side???? No, well, maybe. I most certainly couldn’t have done it without your class and all your tips on color and choosing the right fabric. Your post relieves my guilt; I don’t have to feel bad about copying you and those I gravitate towards. I’ll never hit your artistic level, BUT….. I will eventually find my way and proudly hang my quilts, for others to enjoy…..or not.

    • Raedean, thank you so much for your lovely comment. You are the best! You made my day! (And it hasn’t been an especially easy one—internet/techie stuff.) I’m so excited that YOU are excited about what you’re creating. You were a wonderful student, and I can hardly wait to see the quilt that’s almost finished. You will send a photo, yes? (BTW, did you get my message about which month I might speak?)

      • Hi Christine
        No I received your great informative newsletters, but did not see anything else. Please please let me know; I’d be a big hit with the guild if I could have you as a guest. 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

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