“I Dare You!”

by Heidi Emmett

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Yes, “I Dare You!” to start thinking differently about a few things in your life. Color, line, and style in what you wear is a good place to start. Wait! Don’t leave this page just yet!I know, you say that you only make quilts. I recently attended a lecture by the ever famous Kaffe Fassett with Christine. Look at the following pictures and read some of his quotes.

“I go to museums and see collections of old fabrics to get ideas for new fabric collections.”

” I like easy approaches to actual techniques by using BIG presentations of color or design.”


“If the color is wonderful, does perfection really matter?”

sign 1

“Perfection has a place, but it has room for “play.”

Me and Kaffeus

I must digress a moment, the picture above is the only one we could get that would, in a teeny, tiny, way show Kaffe, that we WERE there with him! The book cover above, is the book I bought so I could actually stand in front of Kaffe and have him see me and sign my book. And I just thought (weeks later, of course!) if ONLY I had brought forward onto the table a panel from my Whisper Blouse (that I was wearing) and asked him to sign it! Now, THAT would have been cool. Oh well, but he did look at my blouse and said to me, “Ahh, someone really likes my stripes.” Be still my beating heart.


Here is the back of Whisper Blouse and the sweet lady next to me was wearing her own dress made from Alison Glass fabrics. Christine and I were some of the few that were wearing actual Kaffe Fassett fabric. Yes, we were “groupies” and proud of it!

My Back

“Accidental happenings give wonderful serendipity.”


“Close tones and harmonies of color, that’s how I work.”Kaffe three b Kaffe quilt 5 Kaffe two b

What an eye opening lecture for me. I was happy in realizing that I do, already, many of the things he spoke to. Kaffe has been doing this for over 50 years and YIKES, I just realized so have I. I am constantly building on what I have learned over the years and I love what I do. So yeah, “I DARE YOU!” to come the Artistic Alchemy retreat and learn and have fun by creating your own piece of wearable art. Be bold and step off the well worn rut you have been in. DSC_1224

Create a Terrific Tabard.
Sandra and Heidi Sandra & Heidi Orrr….how about Off The Grid vest. Let’s make it up, make it fun, and we WILL get it done (before you leave the retreat). Hugs, Heidi DSC_0598 DSC_0594

2 thoughts on ““I Dare You!”

  1. Great post, Heidi! Didn’t we have FUN????? My idea of a field trip! I love that Kaffe noticed both of our Kaffe-fabric garments. And how interesting that we came away with some different quotes/ideas from Kaffe. It was well worth the long drive (in the rain, yet).

  2. It was indeed! Fun all the way around! And pretty cool that you and I were the only groupies in our Kaffe outfits. And yes, his responding to both our garments was the frosting on the cake!

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