Inspirations from Nature

by Sandra Bruce

Happy Friday the 13th! I am really enjoying the last bits of Spring, and am working on finessing the photograph for my next Matrix quilt, which is an outside scene. It got me thinking about how much inspiration comes from nature….. color, shape, texture, line, pattern, form…..these design elements all have origins in what nature gives us. Today’s post is a collection of photographs in celebration of what Mother Nature gives us to inspire artwork, quilts, wearables, and our day-to-day lives. Enjoy!

Version 2IMG_1885IMG_6770




IMG_7695IMG_8030IMG_5289IMG_8700IMG_1404IMG_0656IMG_0524 copy

These are some of my favorite images from my photo library, and I strive to become a better photographer by taking lots of pictures. It’s a great way to discover new subjects and ideas for our sewing adventures! The deadline for joining us at Zephyr Cove for the Retreat in September is fast approaching, I hope you will consider taking a workshop from one of the 4 of us, there is a sprinkling of spots left to fill. Last year I had a fantastic group of ladies with a wonderful variation of photos to work into Matrix quilts!IMG_9678

Lastly, a photo of the ultimate inspirational photo, one I took last year at Zephyr. IMG_9714

1 thought on “Inspirations from Nature

  1. Absolutely love your photos. I look forward to our fall adventure at Zepher in Christine’s class. See you then.

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