Who Thinks Up This Stuff?

By Mary Boalt

Who Thinks Up This Stuff???

In my wildest dreams and experimentation I would never think to put paint on top of a sheet of dried glue. Really! Who does that? What would be the purpose of that? But thank goodness the rest of the world doesn’t think like me! Some curious, gifted and spontaneous people actually try these things and I’m forever grateful to them. Because of their inquiring minds, I get to do my favorite thing: EMBELLISH! Yes, to the point of not recognizing the original item. And that can be a hobbyists greatest turning point. imageimageimage
I’m talking about painting on Steam-a-Seam. That clever product that allows quilters and crafters to bond fabric to a sheet of glue and then reapply it to another surface. Originally known as Wonder Under, the heavy, stiff glue sheets have improved greatly and now are available in a sheer lightweight product.
This will be one of the two classes included in my Zephyr class schedule.
When I was first introduced to this process I was not so sure it was something I’d embrace. But then there comes that moment when your brain has just enough information to trigger other synapses, takes off on its own, explodes with excitement and you say to yourself, “This is the greatest thing EVER! I could do this and this and this…..”imageimageimage
And then you’re hooked. You like the finished result so much you can’t wait to start another. imageimageimageWell, that’s how it affected me. It takes your work to another level with the most beautiful effects. Admirers can’t figure out how you did it. So here are some pictures of previous work. And I show them to you with the promise that you cannot make a mistake using this process. You will paint like first graders and it WILL turn out looking very sophisticated. I promise! So if you’re looking for a new tool in your box of embellishment tricks for quilts, wearables, crafts or gifts, be sure to sign up for our Zephyr retreat. I only have a few spots remaining.imageimageimage

5 thoughts on “Who Thinks Up This Stuff?

    • Carol! I cracked up when I read your comment! Who indeed thought of that?! Yes, I have played with Tyvek. I’ve painted, stamped and ironed it. Crazy results for sure. Just can’t figure a way to make it a wearable. Thanks for the comment.

  1. You only do wearables???

    Okay when you paint the fusible you just iron onto the fabric??? I’m going to experiment this morning. I’m a process person!!! Love learning new things. Do you use seta color?

    • Hi Carol,
      I’m so glad you felt enthused to try a new process. That was my goal in writing this blog. I wanted to whet everyone’s appetite to come on up to Zephyr and get their creative hands messy in this project and go home with a finished piece of their own.

      I don’t make wearables only although that is my first love.
      I use all kinds of paint but my favorites are Jacquard Lumiere paints. They’re beautiful!

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