Inspiration for Zephyr

by Sandra Bruce

After a busy weekend teaching a wonderful group of quilters (including my 2 youngest students to date, 13 and 16 years old!) I’m hitting the road again today, headed for Concord and Visalia, CA.

I’ve been getting steady sign ups for Zephyr, but I do have spaces left. To inspire you to possibly come and take my Matrix workshop in September, here’s a few photos of student work that I hope will do just that!IMG_5400DSCN3645IMG_9366IMG_9353IMG_8195IMG_9692IMG_8862IMG_7347IMG_5928IMG_5901

Thanks to Trish, Kate, Jill, Pat, Janet and Robin for the great work. I am really excited to see what my Zephyr students will come up with this year. I’ll have more upcoming photos of student work as they are sent to me.

Time to pack the car, see you next time!




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