On the Road Again

by Sandra Bruce

My life has gone back into “normal” speed, now that my injuries are healing. I’ve been visiting guilds and working on projects as my arm and ribs would allow! In January, when I could still not do much, my friend Trish came over and cut out some fabric for me. I’d had this adorable Alexander Henry fabric for months and wanted to make a one-block wonder quilt from it. Look at this Christmas fabric in 40’s colors! Cute little gnomes and their abodes!! Love it!!IMG_0315
So,  even if I couldn’t cut fabric I could play with these triangles on my design wall.IMG_0308
A trip to Santa Barbara and the guild there became possible with my friend Michelle’s driving and class assistance. What a beautiful place to live. Here’s a happy student from the Valley Quilters with her work in progress. Great smiling face!IMG_0374

Yeah, I could live here, no problem.

A trip to Roxanne’s in Carpenteria was definitely on the “to-do” list. Look at this collection of Kaffe’s….(oooooo…..aahhhhh)IMG_0377
With no sewing for so long I couldn’t bear to wait any longer to start on my next Matrix quilt. Even when I couldn’t cut I organized my fabrics and got the photo ready. This is “Winston”, to be.IMG_0408
Next trip: Burbank, and the Valley Quilters. I was so lucky to have a free afternoon at the Getty Museum.IMG_0422  


My favorite exhibit……tapestries. Most were centuries old, but I loved this modern one that was made for the exhibit.IMG_0424
Back at the long arm! “Chuck Close Two” is being quilted.IMG_0447


Road trip to Gualala to speak to their guild, the Pacific Piecemakers. Two trips to the ocean in one month, I’m in heaven.
Lastly, a get-together with my FTDF (Friends to Dye For) where I made polymer buttons and earrings for solid hours on end. This is one slab I created.IMG_0479
I ended up with almost 300 buttons. Can’t wait to drill them!


Here’s where I am with Winston. It’s gone fairly speedily up till now but I have eyes in the next row, that’ll slow it down. But it will be done soon!IMG_0497


I hope if you have been thinking about taking my Material Matrix class at Zephyr that you will sign up soon. Contact me for any more info. It’s been a while since I posted it, so here’s a list of where you can find images and an interview about my process. Happy creating!!

An interview with a blogger on Facebook about my work:  http://www.13woodhouseroad.com/2012/10/inspiring-quilters-sandra-bruce.html






3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Glad you’re healing and getting back to normal. I have had a cold the month of Feb. and busy working on a hexagon quilt for our guild’s exhibit at the Sister’s quilt show. I also had to get this jacket done for a friend. Betty

  2. So good to hear that you are recovering well. Will you be doing a polymer class again. I took your class in Lafayette with Nancy and would love to have a second class. Noelle

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