Back in the Land of the Living…. and Almost Sewing

by Sandra Bruce

Hello, everyone!

My title almost makes sense. What I mean is that I am back in the land of the living and I am almost back to sewing, and my old self. I haven’t written a post in ages, since my accident in December. To quickly recap, on December 3rd I fell scrambling up a slippery hill and did a faceplant in the mud, lovely! To my surprise and dismay I broke my scapula into several pieces and the healing process has been slow and long. To sit in a chair and do nothing was for me, really, really hard. I am not one to sit still. The upside was that I got to read a few books, appreciate the holidays from a different perspective, visit with good friends and watch all 66 episodes of the Spanish series, “Gran Hotel” on Netflix (loved it!). Here is a gathering of my Friends to Dye For, my buddies who came for a Christmas gathering and did all the work while I tried to hand-stitch wearing a sling.IMG_0244

Also near the end of 2015, I made this quilt which is being raffled by my son’s school, Bitney High School here in Grass Valley. I was so glad I got it done before the accident! I hope it earns lots of money for this charter high school. The students and teachers all donated fat quarters, in the theme of “rain”, in hopes it would bring it on, which it certainly seems to have done 🙂 The lucky winner will be chosen in April.Bitney Quilt

Here you can see how big it is…..


So, now it is 2016 and I have been percolating ideas and planning in my head for this new year. Christine, Heidi and I are so happy to have Mary Boalt join us for our Zephyr Retreat this September. I first met Mary in the Sierra Wearable Art Group. She would come to the meetings wearing and sharing the most incredible wearables. At the very first meeting I went to I fell in love with this piece of hers….I’ve kept this photo from 2011. She is a Steam-a-Seam Queen!IMG_1224

I’m teaching Material Matrix again this year at our Zephyr Retreat, and already have my first sign-up, yay! Being able to teach my technique in a longer class format such as we have at Zephyr is really a treat for me. I can’t wait to see what images my students will come up with.IMG_9620

In April it’s off to Meet the Teachers in Carson, CA. My teaching will take me to Southern California quite a bit this year and I hope to pick up more dates in April for 2017. Then Meet the Teachers for Northern California in July. You can always look at my website to see my list of teaching dates coming up.

As for what work is coming to fruition in my studio….I’ll be finishing “Chuck Close Two” very soon. (I will hopefully have a good story about “Chuck Close One” to report ASAP.)IMG_9461

My design wall is empty and waiting for my next Matrix project, which will be based on a wonderful photo of a Great Dane, Winston. Hopefully by my next post I’ll be working on it and will post pix in progress.

For now, it’s time to do my therapy exercises and continue to gain mobility in my left arm and shoulder. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes to me and brought food, flowers, and help. I wish you all a belated Happy New Year, and I look forward to what 2016 will bring!

6 thoughts on “Back in the Land of the Living…. and Almost Sewing

  1. So happy you are back amongst us!!! What a journey you have been on. And your raffle quilt is beautiful and brought on the rain, too!

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