It’s That Time of Year!

by Heidi Emmett  

This weeks post was going to be done by Sandra Bruce. She let us know early this morning that she slipped and fell last night (lots of rain and slick surfaces on hills) and shattered her Scapula aka “Shoulder Blade”. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Sandra for a very speedy recovery. She would love to hear from all of you out there in our blogosphere. She has a sling and pain meds until the Orthopedist can look at her Scapula on Monday. She will not be able to respond to your comments (one handed for awhile).


We are waiting for more snow!! Not in the forecast this weekend BUT rain is, so we’ll take that too! Christmas trees are really selling now at my neighbors. DSC_0381

It is only the 4th of December, and I still feel that there is time to get it all done! Let’s freeze time for just a little while longer.

So here is a toast to Sandra’s SPEEDY recovery!DSC_0405

Hugs, Heidi

22 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year!

  1. Sandra, your injury is my bread and butter ( I’m a nurse on a trauma floor). Scapula fractures are NOT fun! Hang in there and do your PT when the time comes! Wishing for a quick recovery…

  2. Sandra, Sorry to hear about your fall and heal fast. That’s the only bone that I broke when young and remember having my arm in a sling for awhile. Betty

  3. So sorry to hear about your fall, Sandra. I hope you’re feeling much better by Christmas. Hopefully soon you’ll be back doing everything. Take good care. Ellen

  4. My prayers and positive thoughts go out to you Sandra for your speedy healing. So sorry to hear about this. I hope that it doesn’t stop you in anyway, to create the beautiful quiliting and clay art creations you do! Much love to you! – Sheryl

  5. Sandra! So sorry to hear of your fall. Hope you are feeling a lot better by now. Take care and know positive thoughts are coming your way from Sacramento! I’d hug ya but don’t want to hurt that shoulder! Take care!!!

  6. Just saw reference to this in Chritine’s latest post. I’m so glad you are mending. What a frustrating experience! Hope you heal quickly, and that your family waits on you shamelessly.

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