On the Road, On the Go

by Christine, Sandra, and Heidi

The three of us have been super busy lately, taking or teaching workshops. We thought you’d like to see where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to . . .

Christine here, back to earth after a great retreat with art quilter Sue Benner. What made it even better was the location—Zephyr! I left my camera in my friend Kari’s car, so I don’t have photos of what we did in the workshop yet, but I’ll give you a feel for what it’s like at Zephyr in November. Here’s the view on the walk to our classroom at 8:30 a.m. It snowed and rained and snowed some more. Zephyr Nov. 2015 Brrrr!The class, “Mono Printing the Quilt,” was in Dobbins Hall, and with 21 students we filled the room to the edges. It’s a wonderful old lodge, with gorgeous views, as some of you know from our first Artistic Alchemy retreat.Zephyr Nov. 2015 DobbinsThe last morning we woke up to gorgeous sun, blue skies, and hooray, snow on the mountains. We said goodbye, and I thought how much I love being there—and how much I look forward to coming back in September for OUR retreat. Save the dates, September 5–9. We’ll announce the details and start taking signups after the holidays. Zephyr Nov. 2015Hello from Heidi Emmett. Have I been having some fun! I am the Program Chair for Pine Tree Quilt Guild. I invited one of our own, Ingrid Cattaneo to speak on Collage Quilting. And the next day we had a workshop in the Susan Carlson method taught by Ingrid. Wow, did I learn a lot. Visit Ingrid’s blog: fabricandthreadpassion.blogspot.com for more of her GORGEOUS pieces. Below is Ingrid’s Juvenile Garibaldi Fish. Perfect in every way.
Ingrids Garibaldi FishRemember Trish Plisse’ from my workshop at Zephyr who finished her “Off The Grid Vest” at the retreat?  Well this is her fish, already finished!! No fair (hear that whine in my voice?) Uh oh, her fish is NOT dead (see, it’s not floating), just cruising upside down. Sometimes technology does not do what I asked it to do! Sorry Trish. fishyHere is my fish. LOVE him even though he is still on the board. I walk by him everyday while finishing other projects. What a fun process. I felt as if I were “painting with fabric.”

And finally, Sandra Bruce here to wrap up our post for today. I spent Halloween in Las Vegas with my friend Ray, we were celebrating a big new number we reached this year for our birthdays! What a blast we had! Everyone should go to Vegas for Halloween at least once in their lives. Put it on your bucket list!

Here’s a very silly picture of Ray and I, we are practicing our pirate grimaces. I look more like Lucy Ricardo, oh well! We went down to Fremont Street where it was really hopping!!


I was happy to see the logo design update I did for The Flamingo Hotel about 20 years ago still in use.


From Vegas I traveled to Redding, Mount Shasta, and then Klamath Falls to teach my Matrix workshop. My hosts in Weed, Susan and Larry, took me up for a nice shot of Mount Shasta. We were so glad it has a good layer of snow on it!


In my workshops there were several “renegade” ladies who tried a different color scheme on their cup pieces. It’s always interesting to see what students come up with!


Back home I am busy with customer quilts in my longarm studio downtown. Christmas is around the corner and I have lots to do. My longarm, Dixie, just got a tuneup and is purring like a cat, ready for the work to come!

That’s it for now, everyone. Stay tuned through the rest of the year for exciting news about Artistic Alchemy in 2016!

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