Look What My Students Made! September 2015 at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat!

by  Heidi Emmett


Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2, HUGE SUCCESS! My workshop was “Art to Wear, Art on The Wall,” with all emphasis on the wearing part. All of them decided  to make my “Off The Grid Vest” (above) Please visit my past post about Off The Grid vest from 3/27/15!  Here are my students: meet Pat K. who hails from Susanville. DSC_0841

Below is Pat S. She comes all the way from the Benicia, near San Francisco.


Below, meet Sylvia, she is from Napa.Her vest is in the deep navy to the right.


Below is Trish. She is from Nevada City. This picture shows Trish well on her way into the making of her “Off The Grid Vest.”


We needed to lightly stiffen some of our fabrics first. We used Terial Magic I was able to find a place that had an o.k. view (kidding of course!) for the pieces to dry. We walked about 5 steps from our classroom. Ahhh, love this view.


We had Fabric Chicks store from Minden, Nevada come and entice us to buy luscious fabrics. Beth’s fabric selection wound way behind this shot and practically out the door. What fun.


I need to say that I had the most amazing students! Not only do they first have to create the pattern pieces themselves (created them on paper for a permanent pattern) , they were totally focused on getting their vests finished before the week at Tahoe was done. We were a synergistic group indeed, that included much laughter, and fun. At the beginning I told them it was a miracle vest in it’s sizing and after trying one of mine on, they all had to agree. I am so proud of my group and 3 of them went home with their vests 90-95% finished. I will show more pictures of finished vests next time we meet (you three ladies, you know who you are, a gentle reminder, send me pictures).

Below is Trish wearing her FINISHED, yes, FINISHED Off the Grid vest! We all love it and you look fabulous in it too! Trish’s background ombre’ fabric is the same  ombre’ fabric as my vest (shown at the beginning).I love how she used “Tahoe Sunset” colors in hers (Pat K. said Sunset, I added Tahoe, because it fits). See below.

DSC_1045Sunset shot outside of our Dining area, Thursday evening, 6:45 p.m., Sept. 10th. And below is Trish wearing “Tahoe Sunset.” DSC_1037


You go girl! A finished “Ready To Wear,” smashing vest made during our Artistic Alchemy Retreat! Not many can claim that title! And there are three others right behind you!

Newsflash!!!! My 3 other students finished theirs within 3 days of coming home. Can’t wait to show you their pics next time.

Thank you again to Pat K, Sylvia, Pat S., and Trish, for making it a most FUN and CREATIVE time here at Zephyr Point, on Lake Tahoe. Maybe some of YOU will want to join this creative endeavor next time. Hugs, Heidi




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