Are You Ready? September 7th-11th, Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2

by Heidi Emmett

Last week my husband and I did our last volunteering for the summer at The Bear Necessities Gift Shop at Zephyr. And even though the paddle wheel boat makes three trips everyday from Zephyr Cove to Emerald Bay and back, I have to stop what I am doing and take a look. I never get tired of the views of beautiful Lake Tahoe. But, back home now and it’s time to get everything ready for Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2, on September 7th. DSC_0025

I was able to finish a new Whisper Blouse ahead of time for some shots at the waters’ edge. I am sooo excited! The tissue patterns are on the way!! No more taping all the pieces together (unless you want to). So in honor of those tissues (here’s hoping they come before the retreat), I had to make a new Whisper Blouse.


Do I dare say, it’s my wildest one yet? Oh yes it is! I can’t wait to show you all what I have done to make it extra special.

As the day at Zephyr and picture taking of new designs winds down, this is the last sunset shot you will have to look at until you too are up at Zephyr Point and can experience them for yourself!!


Sandra, Christine, and I are working hard these last days before the retreat, to make each of our workshops something special. We can’t wait to meet you all in person.No more posts until September 18th. Please visit my blog: for information on a NEW pattern. Rafiki! (it means “friend” in Swahili).

We’ll see you soon for, creativity,fun, and friendships. Hugs, Heidi

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready? September 7th-11th, Artistic Alchemy Retreat #2

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations on your Stitch project! I was reading your blog and Anatomy of a project for Stitch. You mentioned that the leaves with the peach cored fabric were Marcia Derse. I’m a former student of Christine’s and I love Marcia Derse but I also love ALISON GLASS and her Handcrafted line, that you used in the stitch project. I hope the magazine got it right. I’m going to renew my subscription to see your project ! Someday I’ll get to your Zepher Cove seminar. I love Tahoe. Now I’m in

    In the “Land of Enchantment.”


    • Hi Robin,
      What lovely comments you wrote. Thank you so much. We do hope you will be able to join us for an Artistic Alchemy retreat soon. Someday, I would love to visit the “Land of Enchantment.” That is New Mexico right? I used to do art assemblies and classes for K-8th grades.Georgia O’Keefe was one of my favorite artists to talk about. New Mexico was her absolute favorite place, she said that part of the country, “is mine, all mine.”

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