Workshops, Scissors, & Chair Massage Updates

by Heidi, Christine, & Sandra

Hello, here is some important information for you:

Heidi’s “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear!” workshop still has room. Students will be working on an “Off The Grid” vest and learning other techniques that will add a wow factor to their quilts, wearables, & accessories. DSC_0556


Christine’s workshop is full. DSC_0309


Sandra’s workshop is full. DSC_0323


Chair massages have been changed to all 20 minute sessions. 20 minutes for $20. Sign up at the link below so we can get an idea of how many. Payment, cash or check, done at Zephyr.  Chair massages are Wednesday only so sign up asap.   Chair Massage at the Water2To sign up for your chair massage, CLICK HERE!

Scissor sharpening is Tuesday only. Bring them to breakfast and pick them up late afternoon at the Artistic Alchemy store. Cash or check. 5 scissors per person (any size, sorry, there isn’t time to sharpen pinking shears).

Scissors2That’s it for now. The retreat will be here in 6 weeks. It wont be long and you will be enjoying those Zephyr’s that come off of Lake Tahoe.

Heidi, Sandra, & Christine, your creative correlatives!




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