Good Things Are Happening at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat!

Here is the first good thing:


Bring your scissors to breakfast on Monday, September 7th and Robert Emmett (Heidi’s husband) will tag ’em and have them all sharpened by dinner time. Cash or check will be fine. This is a one day opportunity. Robert has had 16 years of experience (at Heidi’s Fabric’s in Grass Valley) and the cool tool to do it with.

On Wednesday, September 9th, you will want one of the following time slots:


The sign up sheet will be available to pre-book in August. Jen Putzel from Grass Valley comes highly recommended and  brings her years of knowledge to the chair. Ahhh, don’t forget this spot right here at the base of my neck.

And a reminder that Beth will be here with her “store,” Fabric Chicks. She will come on Tuesday right after lunch and stay until about 8:00p.m.

And if Fabric Chicks isn’t enough, we will have the Artistic Alchemy store, which will be open starting Monday in the a.m.

Our “Artist in Residence,” Mary Boalt, has been creating some AMAZING pieces. She will have pieces for sale as well as some mini-kits available. Each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. You WILL want to own one! Hang it on a wall until you decide what to make.


There will be time for early morning walks or late afternoon hikes up Porcupine Trail (see below) where a whole new view awaits you up at the top of Zephyr Point. Oh, for those of you who have men coming, if they like fishing, go to  They will  pick up right at Zephyr’s pier and go out to some secret spots for a great fishing experience. And they will clean the fish too. DSC_0036

And the starry nights, this was taken just this past June 20th at 8:45p.m. from the deck of Cabin A, looking past Dobbins Hall. The moon, Venus, and Jupiter, are all together. Hmm..maybe a quilt, should it be a contemporary version, or a pictorial look? We just can’t stop thinking about quilts. It’s in the air. So breathe deeply and enjoy.


It is only the first week of July. There is still time for you to sign up! Heidi has room in “Art to Wear, Art on The Wall.” And Christine and Sandra might, some on the waiting lists have been brought forward. So email us.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!  Heidi Emmett, Sandra Bruce, & Christine Barnes from Artistic Alchemy.



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