I’m Over the Moon!

by Sandra Bruce

Yes, I’m over the moon, I have exciting news! But first….today’s blog will be a short-ish chit-chatty one. A recap of the latest happenings….

I had the pleasure of long-arming Trish Morris-Plise’s 80″ Matrix self-portrait very recently. She calls it “Portrait Noir”, a study in black and white. It’s a wonderful rendition of her, and she completed it in a record month. Yes, that’s 1,600 2-inch squares in one month! She can’t possibly sleep!! Here’s a few shots:

IMG_9134 IMG_9140 IMG_9141I went down to Oakhurst last weekend to do a workshop and presentation to the guild there, the Sierra Mountain Quilters, just south of the southern entrance to Yosemite. It’s very beautiful there, and the workshop was a great one.

IMG_9163I also had a good group at the Mt. Tam Guild in San Rafael. It’s always rewarding to see the Matrix pieces develop.IMG_9124So, now for my news….

I asked for, and received, permission to use a photograph of Chuck Close to interpret as a Matrix piece from the renown photographer, Gianfranco Gorgoni. Here’s his website, his work is fabulous!


He has photographed a lot of people, including Chuck Close. If you Google Chuck Close you will easily find the photo. He’s wearing a black hat and a colorful scarf, and some very fun citron-colored glasses. I am very, very excited and have already begun working on it….actually, I decided to make 2 at the same time, which is proving to be an interesting exercise. They will be 60″ by 70″ each. I have 2 design walls up. My goal is to be done by September 1st and I hope I can do it! I am such a fan of Chuck Close’s, as you probably know, and am thrilled to be able to use this wonderful photo of him. Here’s a couple of shots, and I will be posting more on my Facebook page, Sandra Bruce Creative, as it all develops.IMG_9167_2IMG_9176

Better get back to work! Thank you, thank you, Gianfranco Gorgoni!

Stay cool, everyone! We’ll be posting more details on Zephyr soon, it will be here before we know it!




9 thoughts on “I’m Over the Moon!

  1. Oh my, your student, Trish, her 80″ portrait done in ONE MONTH! Wow, it’s really a cool piece. And Gianfranco giving permission is fantastic for you Sandra. I went to his site and see that Gianfranco photographs so many of the rich and famous. You go girlfriend. Can’t wait to see how you interpret Chuck Close.

  2. WOW! Congratulations Sandra! Your creative work with each guild sounds amazing…and now your Chuck Close project is a reality…well done, my friend!

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